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Chapter 16

I kissed Greg with all the energy I had, wrapping my arms around him. I felt his hands roam all over my body. He pushed me against some kind of a wall. I smiled as he kissed my neck. He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. His hands were holding me, while I kissed him with all the force I could apply. It felt like heaven. We entered  a room, which had a sofa at the center. There was a round table and there were few empty beer bottles. He threw the beer bottles down and placed me on the table. I moaned. Was this actually happening? 

I was so excited. I felt like I had finally achieved what I desired. It felt so good to know that I was the winner, and that no one could take this away from me. I lay there, quiet, waiting for Greg to do what I wanted him to. A smile formed over my lips when I felt his hands trying to find the zip of my dress. 

I decided to lay back and enjoy this moment. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his touch. I raised both my arms above my head, moaning and smiling. This moment was truly amazing. I didn't know what I would after the moment ended but I was sure I wanted to enjoy this. I just wished this lasted forever.

Suddenly, I couldn't feel his arms around me anymore. I opened my eyes and screamed when I saw Greg lying on the floor. What shocked me more was that Nick was standing right there, staring at me. I got up, and fell on the floor, next to Greg, who was unconscious. I started panicking, looking up at Nick who had a surprised look oh his face. I didn't care. He hurt Greg. Tears spilled on my dress as I tried to wake up Greg.

"What the hell!" I yelled, finally breaking the awkward silence.

"Adi? Are you alright?" Nick asked me. I stared at him in bewilderment.

"What did you do that for?" 

"What do you mean? He was forcing you!"

I gasped and felt the tears flow down my cheeks. I covered my face with my hands, crying loudly. 

He stood there, like a marble statue. He didn't move or say anything.

"He wasn't .... forcing.." I looked up at Nick who was staring at me. "Fuck!" he yelled. I cried harder. This sucked.

"Why Adi?? Why??Why did you lie to me? You-YOU BROKE MY HEART NOW. YOU!" He yelled. 

I cried harder, the tears spilled all over. That's it. It was over. I knew I was going to hurt Nick and I did. I was horrible and mean and I deserved to die. I broke his heart. I always felt like he would betray me again and here I was, crying because Greg wouldn't wake up and because I had broken Nick's heart. I felt like someone had punched the life out of me. I felt so out of breath and shocked. I just couldn't bear the pain any longer.

But in reality, it was Nick who couldn't bear the pain. He muttered something and got out of the room, leaving me. I had never felt so weak and heartbroken in my entire life. I had to react. I had to stop this from happening.

I wiped my tears, taking in a deep breath. Breath, Adi. I quickly took my phone and dialed Karen's number. 

Karen's voice interrupted my thoughts.


"Karen! I need you! Just come to the room next to the toilets. Please!"

"What? Adi! Is everything okay? Where are-"

"Just come. NOW!!"

"Okay! I'm coming. Don't worry!"

Karen hung up, and I was freaking out. God, what had I done? I never knew this could happen. I had no idea this would happen. I had no idea that seducing Greg would lead to this. I didn't care about the after shocks. The only thing I actually cared about right now was the present. 

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