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I slammed my car door shut and stared out the window, Greg was running towards my car. 

It suddenly started raining. I sighed and started my car's engine. I started driving the car when I received a call from Nicky. 


"Nicky? What's wrong?"

"Adi, I'm pregnant.. And it's Greg's."

Chapter 22

My heart definitely skipped a beat. I was sweating like hell and my hands were shaking.. The phone slipped from my hand and it dropped into my lap. Suddenly, tears started flowing down my cheeks. I knew I was turning red because that's what happens when I cry. My vision was blurry and I started crying like a baby. I let out all the pain..

I wasn't sure if it was pain.. Or the fact that Nicky was pregnant. I was scared and shocked. Scared for my bestfriend. Nicky's parents were hard working and very intelligent. They had Nicky when they were both 16 and they regretted it. They worked so hard to bring her up in the right environment. They went to college and earned their degree and worked so hard to give her everything. They couldn't afford sending her to school when she turned 4 so her mom did several jobs.. It 's just so scary that it feels like de'ja' vu. Nicky was pregnant.. Just like her mom.. Except Nikcy's 17 .. I don't know how her parents will react.. But I do know it's not gonna be nice.. They're gonna be very angry with her.

I sighed.

The pain stabed me like a knife. Greg doesn't love her.. And it's all my fault. Nicky's parents didn't separate.. They took care of her despite their financial problems.But Greg just confessed his love for me and the fact that he didn't love Nicky.. I bet by now he knew about it.. I bet he was probably freaking out. He won't take care of her.. He'll tell her to give it up..

Then it hit me.

It's my fault! It's my fault this happened. This mess wasn't suppose to happen. He'd still lover her if I hadn't seduced him.

Way to go, Adi.

I started crying harder when I heard a knock on the window. I squinted my eyes and felt a wave of relief wash over me. I quickly opened the door and jumped into Nick's arms.

"Nick!" I started crying harder and buried my face in his chest. His warm smell calmed me down. He stroked my hair gently.


I wrapped my arms and legs tighter around him. His warmth seemed to do wonders and I feel protected and safe.

"What's wrong? What are you doing out here?"

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