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Chapter 8 

Various images of Greg flooded my mind. It was all so perfect. The beach, the school, the ice cream parlor.. Everything. I was crazy, alright but only because I had feelings that were so strong and I couldn't deny them. And just when I thought that I could FINALLY LET THEM OUT, Nicole stepped in. 

But here's what:

It's all perfect.

I'll get him jealous. Guys are like elastic bands. They come running back to you when they realize how stupid they had been. Always.Irrespective how the boy might be, because boy kind was very strange. Not that I wanted to get Greg by doing something completely ridiculous ,like suciding.

I was too valuable. 

My room was messy, very untidy. I started picking up all the clothes and neatly folded and placed them in my drawers. 

I heard my phone ringing and so I left the clothes and rushed to pick it up. Yeah, I don't like making anyone wait. And this could be a VERY IMPORTANT CALL.


My heart beat increased. It was John..


"Adi. Meet me at the beach?"

It took me a moment to absorb those words.. He wanted to meet me? 

After that one call, after what he had said, I couldn't think straight. Because he thought I'd break his fragile heart. I never wanted the break-up.. It was my instinct that told me to do it. I mean, I clearly loved the relationship. It was steady and we were the best people in the school. Incredibly good-looking. But it was my instinct . 

"Um. Fine. Pick me up in 10 minutes okay?" 


I hung up.

I quickly wore my favorite pair of blue denim shorts and a simple pink tank top with my cardigan. I wore my All Star sneakers and quickly applied a little makeup and fixed my hair. 

I looked natural, pretty. My clear skin glittered due to the light of the setting sun. My eyes were an unusual blue and my hair flowed down my back, revealing my neck. I quickly grabbed my Jimmy Choos handbg and stuffed some cash and my mascara and lip gloss in it. 

I sighed. It was time, he'd be arriving any moment now. 

I went downstairs, practically running when I heard him honk. 

I took a deep breath and stepped out, clutching my bag tightly. I walked towards his car. 

When I entered, I smelt the air freasher. Roses, just the way I liked it. It was weird, for a guy's car to smell like roses, but John was different that way. I smiled ast him as I sat . His eyes somehow revealed too much hunger and passion. His body language indicated excitement that he could not hide. He bit his lip, trying to look comfortable when I bet he wanted to make out with me.

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