Coffee shop

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The tree's danced along with the wind creating a soft melody with the leaves. The sky was looked grey with a small ray of light peeping through. The weather forecast for today predicated a beautiful sunny day, but instead we got a cloudy rainy one. Shows how not everything goes as planned.
You sat on the booth farthest away from the door, and watched everyone run to the nearest building as the rain began to pitter down to the ground. Soon the streets were empty and the only thing you could see were the large puddles quickly forming inside the potholes on the streets. The coffee shop you were in was a bit empty and quiet. Apart from yourself there was a family of three, the workers, and another girl who was sitting three booths away from you.
The small bell above the door rang grabbing your attention, a boy. He was wearing a black hoodie with what looked like tour dates on the back and a pair of camouflage pants. When he pulled down his hood you noticed his hair was up in a quiff. You watched him as he walked over to the barista and ordered his drink. He ordered a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. Oddly enough it was the same drink you always ordered whenever you would come here. He soon sat down near on the table near the front and sat on his phone. He looked serious and thoughtful making you wonder what he could possibly be doing on his phone.
"Grayson," yelled the barista as he set his mug down on the counter.
You thought to yourself as you, again, watched him get up to grab his drink. You knew you probably looked like a creep, but something about him intrigued you. He interested you for some unknown reason.
Suddenly your eyes met and your face flared up in embarrassment of being caught. Quickly you turned your head around and looked out the foggy window. Wrapping your hands around the still warm hot chocolate you ordered twenty minutes ago, you pulled it up to your lips hoping the mug would cover up a majority of your face from his view.
"Umm is this seat taken?" An awkward voice spoke from beside you. You looked up at him and softly shook your head no.
You again, watched as he sat down in front of you and then looked down at the half empty mug in front of you.
"My name's Grayson Dolan," he spoke shyly as he stuck his large hand for you to shake. This let you wonder how much courage it probably took for him to walk up and talk to you.
"Y/N Y/L/N," You answered equally as shyly as he did.
"Nice to meet you y/n. I couldn't help but notice you staring at me since I walked in. I was curious to know why." He asked as he wrapped his hands around his mug.
"You intrigue me. Something about you does, but I just can't quite put my finger on it just yet," you answered in a soft tone as you looked up to him.
In that moment your eyes were met with a pair of beautiful hazel eyes that carried this hint of green. You noticed a small birthmark on his chin and the small laugh lines surrounding the corner of his eye.
"Really?" He asked while raising one of his bushy eyebrows and taking a drink out of his mug. "Yes, really." You answered while tucking a piece of a hair strand behind your ear.
"Well then Y/N, how about we ask each other some questions to get to know each other better? Maybe then you can figure out why I intrigue you so much." He requested to you as he set his mug back down on the wooden table.
"Sure. I'll go first; what does the 4OU on your shirt stand for?" You asked him curiously.
"It's for the tour I went on with my twin brother. The tour dates on my back are from all the places we got to visit," he spoke with a smile on his face. You also noticed how his eyes brighten when he talked about the tour. This was something you took note of for future reference.
"What type of tour was this? Are you a singer?" You asked him while you leaned in interested in learning more about him and his career path.
"Oh goodness no. I can't sing to save my life." He chuckled before continuing, "My brother and I, we are kind of comedians I guess you could say. We post goofy videos on the internet and have a few followers."
"Interesting career choice you have their Grayson," you responded with a smile on your face. The two of you spent the rest of the evening talking to one another and getting to know each other. The two of you clicked instantly with so many common interest.
You told him about your goals and how you saw yourself in a few years and vise versa. Yet you still couldn't figure out why he intrigued you to much. Why you felt this pull towards him was a mystery to you. At first you thought it was that you two had a lot in common and would be great friends but after a while that thought went away.
"I have to head home. It was great talking to you, and thank you for sitting here with me. Also sorry if I creeped you out with my staring." You awkwardly laughed while collecting your bag getting ready to head out the door.

"It was a pleasure to sit here with you, Y/N. I didn't think you were a creep. Well maybe a little but I didn't think you were that much of a creep.  I didn't mean to  sit with you for about....." He paused as he checked his phone, "Whoa a full three hours."
"Yeah we did talk a lot. I guess I'll see you around Jersey?" You asked hoping he would say yes.
"Of course. Oh wait!" He exclaimed as he reached over to grab a napkin and a pen you had lying on the table. You watched curiously as he wrote something done. His fingers rushed to scribble down- to what looked like his phone number- on the white piece of paper.
"Call me next time you want to hang out. I know this really good place for pizza if you want to go?" He asked once again returning to his shy demeanor.
"Are you asking me on a date Grayson Dolan?" You teased while feeling a blush rise up onto your face.
"Yes I am. I mean only if you want to go on the date. It's fine if you don't. Gosh did I just ruin a what could have possibly been a great friendship? I really suck at this don't I?" He rambled on making you giggle. "Great now I embarrassed myself in front of you." 
"No you didn't. I think it's cute," You smiled while messing with your fingers as you felt excitement bubble up in your chest. The boy who you were slowly falling for just asked you out on a date. A food date to be exact. On the rare occasion you were invited out on a date it would always be the movies or some friends party. Your date would always say that he had eaten before going out and that he wasn't feeling hungry, or that he thought you wouldn't eat food in front of him.
"So would you like to go?" He asked again pulling you out of your slight trance.
"I'd love to go on a date with you. I'll shoot you a text soon. Bye Grayson it was nice meeting you."
As you left the coffee shop you pulled your phone out and sent him:
Thanks for tonight, I'll see you soon for our date xx
Little did both of you know that you two meeting at that coffee shop would change your life completely.

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