Leaving (prank)

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Leaving [prank]

"Hey, guys! i'm back." You smirked mischievously. "and I have a prank for Grayson. Well, i'm pranking him." You giggled. "As you guys know, I moved to LA six months ago. I transferred from my old college to here, for a better education and no longer do long distance with him... at least for now." You chuckled softly. "and today I will tell him I'm transferring back to a local college in my hometown." You explained. "Let's just hope that I don't end up single after this video." You chuckled nervously.
You made sure to hid the camera really well so he wouldn't see it. Grayson was out with Ethan filming a video for their channel and you waited for him to come back home. You sat on his bed, scrolling through your phone. You heard the door open and laughter filling up the house. You locked your phone and waited for Gray to come into the door.
The door opened and heard his footsteps getting closer and made contact with him. You smiled softly, "hi, how was filming?" You asked.
He greeted you with a kiss on your cheek and smiled. "Awesome, I think this is my favorite video." he said while he still smiled.
You chuckled. "That's what you always say." You said. "Listen, there's something I have to talk to you about." You criss-crossed your legs as you looked at him. He sat down next to you, "what's up? is it bad?"
You sighed and swallowed. "um, this was gonna very... I don't even know the word." you let out a shaky breath. "My second choice of college, called me saying that they were keeping track of my performance and that they would like for me to enroll next semester." You explained.
"So, you're leaving for next semester?" he asked and you nodded. "Okay, It's not something I want, but it's your future and I don't want to hold you back. We can do long distance for as long it's needed." He held my hand and smiled lightly.
You sniffled and took a deep breath. "That's the thing, gray." you said quietly and looked at him, your eyes watering. "I can't do long distance, anymore."
He tilted his head, confused. "what? Y/N-" you cut him off.
"We've been doing long distance for two and half years, and I can't do it anymore. it was hard for me." You said. "It's much for me."
"and you think it wasn't for me?" He asked, getting pissed. "Y/N, I would cry almost every night because I hated it, so much. But i stayed there because I love you. I didn't want to give up on us. After seeing that we were progressing, it gave me hope." He said getting up and putting his hands on his hips, shaking his head. "and I can't believe you're just saying we're done, just like that." He snapped his fingers.
You swallowed hard. "We can take a break, and see how things go-" he cut me off. "You know that most of the time when people take a break, they don't come back. In fact, they drift apart even more."
"We're not like other people." You said softly.
"well, we're acting like it. You are acting like it." He pointed at me, and then ran his fingers through his hair.
There was an awkward silence and then you decided to break that silence. "Maybe this a sign that we need to drift apart from ourselves for a while and find out what we truly want." You said. "We are way too young to settle down, Grayson."
He turned to me. "From where did you come up with this bullshit? We've had this conversation before, Y/N. I told you I was the kind of guy that I've had this idea of finding someone at a young age so I could share my experiences with them as well. That's when you came along and I don't want someone else! I want you!" He said.
Seeing him like this was breaking your heart, and you didn't know if to stop now or take it a little bit further.
He sat between your legs and held your hands. "Look at me baby." he said as you closed your eyes, tears streaming down your cheeks. "Looks at me." he whispered and you opened your eyes and saw his eyes watering. He held your left hand, where you were wearing your promise ring.
"I gave you this ring, because I love you." He started. "Because, I want to give you everything and more." he sniffled. "because I promise you to give you all the love and care for you and that i'm gonna be faithful for the rest of your life. Because I promise i'm gonna share everything with you one day and that I promise to wait for you at the altar." he whispered and you sniffled.
"baby, stop." you whispered, you pulled him up and whispered. "it's a prank, i'm so sorry. i didn't want to take it this far." you said quickly. "I didn't know what was gonna happen."
"what?" he asked confused and you pointed at the camera where it was hidden. "oh my god." he said covering his face, followed by a laugh afterwards. You hugged him tightly. "I would never leave you. I'm good here." You nodded and he held you close. "I'm so happy it's a prank and not real." He sighed in relief.
You turned off the camera and had a talk with him, basically asking him to forgive you and he was so chill about it.
After that conversation, you turned on the camera. "Well, that took a turn. Kind of. I'm never pulling a sad prank on him ever again, I pranked myself." You chuckled.
"Clown thingz." he batted his eyelash and twirled his hair and you pushed him playfully which made him laugh.
"I hope you enjoyed this video?" You laughed. "I guess." You said and turned to Grayson. "I'll get back at her one day, don't worry." he winked and you rolled your eyes smiling. "bye guys."

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