1 week

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The two of you were sprawled out in bed tired out of your minds. It had been a week since you gave birth to your beautiful baby girl, Skylar Elizabeth Dolan( p.s I call dibs on this name). She was a perfect mix of the two of you. She had a beautiful sun kissed skin tone with beautiful hazel eyes just like Grayson. She had your hair and your lips. She has stolen many peoples hearts including Grayson and yours.
As much as you loved your little bundle of joy the two of you also enjoyed getting some sleep. That was found close to impossible with her crying echoing through the baby monitor in your room every three or so hours.
Currently you had gotten a total of four hours of sleep. This was the most you had gotten since you left the hospital with her. Gray was such a sweetheart that he also got up in the night to help with the baby. You would tell him to go back to sleep but he refused and told you that he felt bad if he didn't help out.
He was a really hands-on dad. Grayson helped with the dirty diapers, with changing her, keeping her entertained as you showered, and helped clean around the house. The two of you were currently enjoying the peace and quiet she has given you for the past four hours. This began to worry you because you knew she had to be fed soon. Opening your eyes you reached over to wake Grayson up but your hand was met with a pillow instead of his soft skin.
Confused you quickly got up from bed and made your way over to the nursery room. You noticed how quiet the house was, too quiet for having a baby and Grayson in the house. Pushing the slightly a-jar door door you walked in and smiled at the sight.
Gray was reclined back on the rocking chair with a protective arm on Skylar who was lying wide awake on his chest. Snapping a quick picture of the two of them with the polaroid camera in her room you waited for the picture to load before going over to them. Setting the camera down back on her dresser, you quietly walked over to them.
"Hi baby," you quietly whispered not wanting to wake up Grayson . "Daddy fell asleep didn't he. Yes he did," you smiled as you gently un-raveled his arms from around her.
Your daughter looked at you with her wide alert eyes as you picked her up from his arms and cradled her.
"Let's leave your daddy alone so he can sleep. We are going to go make some breakfast and feed you. Mhh, first lets change your dirty nappy." You said as a bad smell filled your nose making you scrunch it up.
Once you finished changing her the two of you made your way down to the kitchen. After feeding her you rested her on her bassinet to let her sleep. Pulling out the pans you would need to cook you kept a close eye on her to make sure she wouldn't wake up.
About ten minutes into cooking breakfast you heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs.
"Oh thank God both of you guys are okay. I almost had a fucking heart attack," Grayson gasped out while a hand rested on his chest. Giggling as you saw how scared he looked you walked over to him and wrapped your arm around his waist.
"Hey no cussing around the baby, and I knew how tired you were so I took her away without waking you. She was wide awake and was curiously staring at you when I walked in. I have a feeling she's going to be asking us a lot of 'why' questions when she's able to talk," you joked while resting your head on his shirtless chest as the two of you stared at the beautiful one week old daughter the two of you created together.
"How did I get so lucky to have the two of you in my life?" He whispered while resting a hand on the small of your back and the other lightly stroking Skylar's legs.
"By literally sweeping me off my feet on our first date," you teased making him groan and cringe at the thought of your first date.
You would never forget the day Grayson took you on your first date. The two of you went out for pizza first and then went out to a miniature golf course. It was around the fifth hole when grayson wasn't paying attention to where you were and swung his stick where you were standing hitting you on the bottom of your legs. Your legs went up in the air from the impact and you fell back. Your back never hit the floor as Grayson reacted quickly and caught you just in time. Even through the pain you laughed at Gray's face which turned a pure white color. He looked scared and you just couldn't help but laugh at him. He wouldn't stop rambling on and asking you if you were okay and if you needed to go to the hospital. That was a day you would never forget because well; one you have a small scar on your leg and two, well because that was the day you fell for Grayson Bailey Dolan.
"Don't remind me. I honestly have always questioned why you stayed with me after that but I'm glad you did," he laughed while wrapping both hands around your waist and pressing a kiss on your head.
"I stayed for so many reasons mainly because I knew from the first day we met you were going to be special. Plus we have a pretty great first date to tell our kids and then grandkids. It fits our goofy and crazy selfs perfectly," You smiled as you felt his chest move up and down from laughing at your comment.
"I love you," he responded in his fits of laughter.
"I love you too. Oh shit the food's going to burn!" You exclaimed while pulling away from Ethan and running over to the stove.
"Hey no cussing around the baby remember?" Grayson smirked making flip him off with a smile.
"Your mommy is such a meany," Grayson whispered to your sleeping daughter making you chuckle.
You never once dreamed that your life would turn out the way it was right now. You never imagined having an amazing husband and a beautiful baby girl.
You got the happily ever after you never thought you would have and you were so thankful.
This was your life and you would never take what you have for granted.

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