Robery prank

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WARNING: a little bit of violence and a little bit of smut.
Grayson and you were cuddling on his bed watching Youtube videos. The time was one fifty two am. Both of you were wide awake and didn't feel like sleeping. You two had previously napped for most of the day. Ethan was in his bedroom which happened to be on the other side, pass the living room, of the apartment.
You were getting a bit bored of watching the videos so you looked up at Grayson. He was on his phone not even paying attention to the video he picked. Smirking to yourself you grabbed his phone out of his hands and gently threw it onto his side.
"Hey! I was using tha-mhh," he spoke as you pressed your lips on his to shut him up.
"You sure you prefer your phone over me?" You asked him while removing your t-shirt leaving you in just your bra.
"I prefer this over my phone any day," he smirked while flipping you two over. Looking up and him you smirked and pulled him back down for a kiss.

Grayson was already shirtless so you ran your hands up his chest and let them trail to his back

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Grayson was already shirtless so you ran your hands up his chest and let them trail to his back. Lightly digging your nails into his back you heard him let out a low moan making you smirk. Pulling away from the kiss Grayson began to press soft kisses on your neck. Tilting your head back giving him more access you both heard a loud bang on the door.
"Babe who's at the door?" You asked him while running your hands through his hair.
"Probably just Ethan getting a late night snack," he mumbled while lightly biting your sweet spot. Licking your lips you let out a low moan trying not be loud knowing that Ethan was just a few feet away.

Again you heard a loud bang but this time it was followed with a yell

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Again you heard a loud bang but this time it was followed with a yell.
"Get on the floor!" An un-familiar voice yelled.
"Shit Grayson I think someones in the house," You whispered feeling fear through your body.
"Ignore it, Ethan's probably just watching a video or something," he mumbled. Nodding your head you smiled at Grayson and kissed him on the lips.
Making out for a few minutes you again heard a loud yell and this time Grayson perked up with worry.
"Was that Ethan yelling?" Grayson asked not knowing if what he heard was right.
"I don't know. I think we should probably go check what's going on," You mumbled while getting up from the bed. Quickly the both of you threw on your clothes and walked out. Grayson walked out first while grabbing a baseball bat he kept by his nightstand. You watched as he lifted it up in the air and trailed behind him as he walked inside the living room.
"I thought you said no one else was in the house?" The man asked Ethan who was on the floor with his hands in the air.
"What do you want?" Grayson asked with a shaky voice while preparing himself to swing.
"Drop the bat," the man sternly said.
"No," Grayson spoke while raising the bat even higher. Crouching down behind the couch you tried to quietly walk towards Ethan.
"Hey you! Stand up and put your hands to where I can see it!" He yelled making you get up and do as told.
You stared at the man trying to see his face but he kept his face down the entire time. You found it a bit odd he wouldn't look up because his voice sounded like he was dominant. Normally people who were dominant would look you straight in the eyes and want to have control in that way.
Yet he didn't making you wonder what his deal was.
"Put the bat down!" He yelled while the sound of a taser rang through the apartment building.
Through the corner of your eye you could see Ethan standing up from the floor.
"I didn't tell you to stand up! Lay back down!" He yelled while walking back over to Ethan. That was when you saw it.
The big bulky camera hidden in the plant bush.
"Grayson," you whispered trying to grab his attention.
"Grayson!" You whispered a bit louder. This time you caught his attention.
"Look," you whispered while pointing at the camera trying not to let the other two see.
"I'm going to kill him," Grayson mumbled with a small chuckle.
"Let's go along with it," you shrugged. Grayson agreed and soon the two of you stood next to each other and faced the camera. Winking at the camera you walked around the bush and went over to Ethan.
"Hey I didn't tell you to move!" The man said making you shrug.
"You also didn't tell me to stay," you sassed back while walking into the kitchen. Pouring yourself a glass of water you took a few sips and smiled at Grayson who was shaking his head.
"You two know. Damn it I thought this was going to work," Ethan pouted making the two of you chuckle.
"Next time try and hide the camera better buddy," Grayson chuckled while pulling it out of the bush.
"We tried Nate," Ethan sighed while getting up. Soon Nate removed his hood and smiled at the two of you.
"It worked for a few minutes meaning I could make a good robber some day," he joked making you all laugh.
"It also looks like we interrupted something earlier," Ethan pointed out while raising an eyebrow at you. Feeling your face heat up as you remembered Grayson gave you a hickey before walking out.
"I hate you guys," you groaned. Setting the cup down on the counter you walked out the kitchen area. Grabbing Grayson's arm you began to pull him towards the bedroom.
"Get some Grayson!" Nate yelled behind you guys. You flipped them off before walking inside the bedroom. Shutting the door Grayson soon pushed you up against it with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
"So where were we Y/N?" Grayson asked you in a deep husky voice. Goosebumps rose on your arm as he slid his hand up your shirt.
"I don't remember by why don't you remind me on our bed?" You asked while pushing him back onto the bed and straddling him.
Let's just say that you two fell asleep after your night time activity due to how exhausted you two felt.

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