Chapstick challenge

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"Hello guys and welcome to my lovely channel! For today's video, which was highly requested by a bunch of you guys, I will be doing the chapstick challenge. Now in order to do this I can't just you know kiss my own hand. No, instead I asked my amazing boyfriend who you guys know and love," you paused with a smile while turning your focus off the camera to look at you boyfriend who was standing by it waiting to be introduced.
",Grayson Bailey Dolan!" You exclaimed while throwing your hands up as he jumped into the frame making you fall over on the bed.
"Gray!" You laughed while he pressed a kiss on your cheek before helping you up. "Now my hair's messed up," you laughed while trying to flatten it out once again.
"Sorry babe couldn't help myself," he cheekily smiled before turning to face the camera. Shaking your head you did the same and continued with the video.
"So today here with us in this small box we have a mixture of many different chapstick flavors." You stated while picking up a box you had set in front of you as Grayson picked them up and dropped them back slowly into the box to show them the chapsticks.
"The chapstick challenge is basically us kissing and guessing the flavor on our lips. Which I think I'm going to win," Grayson smirked feeling confident in his skills.
"Oh by the way this is a video on my channel and you guys know I love having the loser do something that neither of us want to do. Babe care to tell them what the penalty is?" I asked while turning my attention to Grayson.
"Well Y/N, the penalty is that one of us will have to drink a disgusting horrible drink made by the winner," Grayson said while clasping his hands together making you giggle.
"Yes so I can not lose and will not lose this challenge," you stated while looking back at the camera.
"Whatever you say babe. Now let's get started," he teased while pressing a kiss on your cheek.
"Here put the blindfold on," you told him while handing him one of your bandanas.
You waited for him to tighten to bandana and made sure that he couldn't see through it. Once you were sure he couldn't see anything you grabbed a random chapstick and showed it to the camera.
Putting on the Root Beer flavored chapstick you smacked your lips together before setting it on your nightstand.
"Okay babe, ready?" You asked Grayson who was patiently waiting for your lips to meet his.
"I'm always ready for kisses," he stated making you giggle before pressing your lips on his. Giving him a quick kiss you pulled away and waited for him to respond. You watched as he licked his lips and his shoulders slumped down in confusion.
"Wait let me have another taste," he said making you press your lips back on his letting them linger on a bit more than the first time.
"You only get two kisses now Grayson," you laughed as he tried pulling you back down for another kiss.
"Aww man," he mumbled while jutting his lips out in a pout.
"Guess the flavor you goof," you laughed while running your hands through your messy hair.
"Well I'm getting this licorice flavor but it could also be root beer," he hummed while trying to figure out which one he would say as his answer.
"Well I need one answer not two," you said hoping he would get it wrong and say licorice.
"Root beer?" He said with very little confidence in his voice.
"Are you asking me or telling me?" you teased making him chuckle.
"It's root beer," he said this time with a shrug.
"Damn it your right," you laughed while he took off his blindfold with a cheer. "Yes! See I'm good at this game. One Grayson and zero Y/N," he smiled while handing you the blindfold.
"We just started don't get ahead of yourself honey," you sassed while putting the blindfold on. Adjusting it properly on the bridge of your nose Grayson made sure you weren't peeping through before grabbing a chapstick.
You bit your lip nervously while waiting for him to tell you he had applied the chapstick. You couldn't see anything so the moment you felt a pair of lips on yours you kind of jerked back in surprise.
"Babe do you not want to kiss me," Grayson chuckled making you blush.
"No of course I do you just surprised me it's all. We are supposed to warn each other," you pouted before sitting straight and reaching out for Grayson. "Come give me kisses," you smiled while making grabby hands to where you a with the promise ring Grayson gave you on your anniversary.
"It's def fruit punch," you stated while taking the blindfold off your face.
"Well Y/N, you are wrong! It's cherry," he smirked making you gasp.
"No way! That did not taste like cherry at all," you pouted while inspecting the chapstick tube and indeed seeing that it was Cherry flavored.
"See babe, don't get to cocky." He winked while leaning down and pressing a sweet kiss on your lips.
"So this is the last flavor and we are currently tied. Grayson didn't get the last one right so that means if I get this one I win the game," you explained while your eyes were covered by the blindfold.
"Yup, I know for a fact you won't guess this." Grayson chuckled as he showed it to the camera. Hearing him unscrew the cap you waited nervously for him to press his lips on yours.
Puckering your lips out when your felt his face close to yours. You gently kissed him while lightly bitting his bottom lip making a soft groan escape Grayson's lips. Smirking you pulled away and licked your lips trying to figure out what the flavor was.
"Hmm, well it taste kind of fruity..." you mumbled before raising a finger up and bending it in a 'come here' motion.
Grayson did as told and pressed his lips back on yours.
"That's the last kiss," he smiled while putting the chapstick in the plastic bag next to him.
"Well I think this is Fruity Pebbles. I have no idea why and I don't remember if we even got such a flavor but fuck it thats my answer," you sighed while throwing your hand up in defeat with yourself.
You thought you were wrong but the moment you heard a groan from Grayson you broke out in a smile.
You had just won!
Taking the blindfold off you stared at your sad looking boyfriend which made you wrap your arms around him.
"I love you babe, but I'll be right back with your disgusting drink!" You spoke in a sing-song voice while winking at the camera.
Grabbing your phone you turned your camera on and began to film yourself making the drink.
"So guys I think I'll add some tuna, mayonnaise, hmmm what else........" you trailed off while staring inside the fridge for something disgusting. "Ahhh olives and this piece of cake. Gotta throw something good in their." you laughed while setting them all on the counter.
Putting them all in the blender you poured water inside of it before closing it. Hitting blend you waited a minute before turning it off and pouring the disgusting drink inside a clear glass.
"I feel so bad for this," you laughed into the camera while walking back inside his room.
"Oh my gosh. That looks disgusting!" Grayson exclaimed with a look of horror in his eyes. Smiling you gave him the cup and he immediately sniffed it.
"What the fuck is in this? Y/N!" He asked while looking at you with disgust in his voice.
"Cake, olives, mustard, mayo, and tuna. Oh and I had to add water to is to make it actually blend able," you smiled innocently while batting your lashes at your annoyed boyfriend.
You watched as Grayson shook his head before going right for it and taking a huge chug out of it.
"Grayson!" You exclaimed with a gasp as you tried so hard not to laugh at him. He had his mouth open while looking for something to spit it out in. Grabbing the glass that he was shaking in-front of your face you watched as he grabbed the plastic bag filled with the used chapsticks and quickly spit it out.
"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever had," he groaned while spitting back inside the back.
"That's it for today guys! Please give this video a big thumbs up because well I have this hunk of my boyfriend in it and still give it a like if you think he's ugly!" You joked making your boyfriend flip you off.
"I'm joking babe, you are a sexy human!" You yelled obnoxiously into his ear making him groan.
"Anyways all my social media llinks are down below and I will add his down below too. Don't forget to hit that red subscribe button for more videos like these! Love you guys, byeeeee!" You waved before reaching over to turn the camera off.
The moment you turned the camera off you felt a pair of arms pull you back down on the bed. Gasping you looked to your side as Grayson cuddled up to you.
"I'm so getting payback later," he smiled as he pressed a quick kiss on your cheek.
"We will see about that Dolan." You laughed while snuggling closer to your boyfriend.
Pressing a kiss under his jaw you began to trace random objects on his arm. Grayson pulled you in closer to him while he pressing a soft kiss on your head. Shutting your eyes you buried your face in his chest inhaling his strong smelling cologne that you have grown to love. Letting out a content sigh you let your eyes shutter close and sleep overtake your body while a smile rested on your face.

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