Please, be mine

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Grayson and you have been this "thing", and by that you mean more of flirting and being touchy with one another. Neither of the two of you have admitted your feelings towards each other. You were waiting for Grayson to ask you out while Grayson was waiting for you to make the first move. He of course was a very shy and awkward guy just by being friends with him, so him asking you out just made him ten times more awkward and shy. You liked that about it but was was starting to make you go crazy.
Ethan knew that the two of you liked each other. He also knew that the two of you were waiting for either one to make the first move, and he knew that that wasn't going to happen any time soon if he didn't step in. Ethan took it upon himself to text you and ask you to come over to help him film a video. You didn't think much of it because you have always helped them with setting up and filming clips for them when they needed a certain view.
"Hey E," you smiled when you walked inside the warehouse ready to help him out.
"Hey Y/N, glad you could make it!" Ethan smiled while puling you into a hug.
"Where's Gray?" you asked him as you looked around the kitchen and outside the door to see if he was wondering out and about the warehouse.
"He's not here right now. I sent him to go out and get food." He explained while turning around and setting the camera up on the corner of the cabinet.
"Why are you hiding cameras?" You ask as you watch him grab another small go-pro and set it up by the entrance of the door facing the large table in the middle of the room.
"Because my amazing best friend Y/N, we are going to prank Grayson together." He smirked while walking out of the room with three other cameras in his hands. Confused you quickly followed him into the main area of the warehouse.
"How?" You ask while watching as he placed a camera facing the entry of the kitchen and the other facing the stairs.
"We are going to flirt, act like a couple, and make Grayson jealous." Ethan shrugged as if it weren't a big of a deal. Your face went a beat red as he admitted what he wanted for you to do.
"What?! No, I am so not doing that. Do you know how much hate I will get from your fans?" You exclaimed while throwing your hands up in the air to try and get your point across.
"The fans love you. They have been shipping Grayson and you for ages but both of you are two little fucking ass clowns who won't admit to one another that you like each other. Now we are all quiet tired of this and want for the two of you to finally date. Now you either help me make amazing content or you can go and wait forever for Grayson to ask you out. Your choice." Ethan shrugged once again before disappearing into one of the filming rooms inside the warehouse. You stood their speechless as you started thinking about all the possible outcomes of this prank.
Grayson could get jealous and finally ask you out, or Grayson could hate you for it and never forgive you for it. The cons did weight out the pros but the "what ifs" kept crawling through your mind. The "what ifs" that could be answered by doing the prank. It was a moment of your head telling you "bitch don't do this you're going to regret it." While your heart said, "sweetie go for it."
Groaning, you walk over to Ethan who was up on a ladder setting up the last of the cameras.
"I'll do it." You sigh while crossing your arms over your chest.
"What?" Ethan said as he carefully climbed down the ladder and jumped on the ground, turning to look at you with raised eyebrows. You knew he heard by the faint smirk playing at his face. He was teasing you and you knew it.
"You heard me Dolan. Now tell me what to do before I chicken out."
"So guys today we are filming a little bit of a prank video. We haven't done one of these in a while and I kind of feel weird recording this by myself. Now anyways today we have a special guest star, you guys have seen her before and have shipped her with one of us multiple times. Come on over Y/N," Ethan smiled as he waved you over. Shyly you walked over to him and sat down in-front of the camera.
"Hey guys," you awkwardly waved while turning to look at Ethan so he could talk and get the intro over with.
"Wow you are really awkward. Anyways, we are going to overly flirt with each other to get a reaction out of Grayson. They both like each other and well let's see if this gets Grayson to ask her out." Ethan laughed making you punch him on the arm.
"By the way I do not approve of this nor did I think about this. I also don't think this is going to work, but here I go doing anything my stupid best friend asks me to do for his youtube channel." You huff while rolling your eyes at Ethan as he tried hugging you. Suddenly the two of you heavy footsteps echo up the stairs and the ruffling of bags get loud.
"Fuck he's here," Ethan whispered as he got up to turn the camera off and quickly sat next to you wrapping his arms around your shoulder.
"Laugh," he mumbled Grayson turned the doorknob to the room. Looking at him with furrowed eyebrows you opened your mouth to tell him that Grayson would be able to tell you were faking a laugh, but giggles left your lips instead as Ethan lightly dug his fingers into your side.
"E stop!" You laughed as you tried catching your breath as his fingers dug deeper into your side tickling you even more.
"Nah I like that little laugh of yours to much to stop tickling you," he teased while adding a second hand making you fall back on the couch in a fit of laughter.
Grayson stood by the door with furrowed eyebrows wondering what the fuck he had just walked into.
"Umm I brought the food, but you two seem a bit occupied to I'll just leave it downstairs." The two of you heard Grayson mumble. Looking at each other Ethan got up and faced Grayson.
"Oh, I didn't hear you walk in." He laughed while walking over to his brother and taking the bag of food from him.
"Clearly," Grayson mumbled while rolling his eyes at his twin before eyeing you. Grayson gave you a gentle smile that made your whole body heat up into a crimson red.
"Hey Grayson," you smile while fixing your messy hair and putting it back up into a messy bun.
"Hey," he smiled before turning his attention back to his twin who was looking for the snack he ordered for you.
"Look Y/N, I ordered your favorite dessert." Ethan smiled while handing you the sweet.
"Aww thanks E! I've actually been craving this for a while now." You smile as you got up from the couch to grab the sweet from his hands.
"No problem sweetheart," he smiled while adding a wink at the end. Grayson turned his gaze over to you causing your cheeks to go pink. He thought they were going pink from the small compliment that Ethan gave you making this indescribable anger course through his entire body. Grayson was confused as to why the two of you were now all of a sudden so close.
He knew that he was jealous but he didn't want to show it. All he wanted to do was to leave so he could go figure out what the fuck was going on. He thought you liked him and not Ethan. He thought that you flirting and always being near him meant you liked him back, but now he was re-thinking every sign he thought he saw.
"Um, I'm going to go finish editing the video." He mumbled as Ethan and you talked and giggled about some nonsense the two of you were coming up with.
When the two of you were sure he had left Ethan gave you instructions as to what to do next and to act more natural. You nodded and soon the two of you headed downstairs.
"Jump on my back," Ethan instructed as he crouched down at the top of the stairs.
"Umm why?" You asked him feeling super confused as to why he wanted to give you a piggy back ride down the stairs when you were perfectly capable on doing it yourself.
"So you can save a few steps," Ethan sarcastically spoke while turning to look at you.
"With that attitude I'm going to walk out the damn door," you retorted back making Ethan roll his eyes.
"Just hurry up," he sighed.
"Fine," you angrily spoke as you jumped onto his back. Ethan ran down the stairs and said some stupid joke that genuinely made you laugh. You knew Grayson heard you because the moment you looked over at him through the glass mirror in the editing room he was already glaring at the two of you.
You paid no mind to him as Ethan walked up the other set up stairs that led to the foam pit.
"Ready?" Ethan smirked up at you as he crouched down a bit in a start position.
"What are you-Ethan!" You scream as he runs full speed and jumps into the mosh pit. When you fall onto the soft foam you look up at the ceiling and let out a loud laugh. That small jump made you feel so free and you knew Grayson saw the two of you.
Grayson got annoyed that the two of you kept laughing extremely loud that he took his headphones off and angrily threw them on the desk. As he got up he stared at the two of you as Ethan picked you up and tried spinning you around the mosh pit. Grayson watched as Ethan whispered something in your ear that made your cheeks blush a pink he only wanted to paint on when he was near you. The final straw was when you pressed a soft kiss on Ethan's jawline. That was when Grayson's fist clenched and his nails began to dug into his palms.
His face felt hot, in-fact his entire body felt hot and bothered, but not in a sexual way. He was jealous over the fact that his brothers arms were around your waist, whispering stupid things in your ear that made you laugh, that you were pressing kisses on his body, and blushing. He hated that he wasn't the one causing all of that for you. He really disliked his brother right now for taking you away from him when he knew damn well that he had the biggest crush on you.
Before Grayson could fully control his actions he stormed out of the editing room right as the two of you were climbing down the foam pit.
"Stop." Grayson angrily muttered out catching the two of you completely off-guard.
"Stop what?" Ethan asked as he stared at his twin brother in complete confusion.
"Stop flirting with each other right in front of me!" He angrily yelled out making you take a small step back. Your eyes grew wide as you noticed how pissed Grayson looked and felt your heart stop beating for a millisecond.
"We aren't flirting though?" Ethan laughed.
Ethan laughing made Grayson think he was mocking him making him even angrier.
"You know damn well that I like her so fucking much. You know damn well that I have had a crush on her for months now. Ethan you're my brother how could you do that to me? I also thought you liked me back Y/N. Was I just a toy you could flirt with just to get with my brother?" Was that all I was too you?" Grayson asks looking like a sad puppy breaking both Ethan and your heart.
"Gray-" you started but where cut off by Grayson as he shook his head and put his hand up silently telling you to stop talking.
"I'm out of here. I hope the two of you are fucking happy." Grayson muttered. His voice slightly cracked at the end making you heart completely shatter inside your body.
"Grayson!" Ethan yells out while running after his twin as Grayson ran up the stairs into the room you three had previously been in.
"E, let me try and talk to him." You whisper as you reach the door and all of Ethan's pleas for Grayson to open the door fail. Ethan silently nods and whispers an apology for dragging you into this. You gently shrug you shoulders before letting out a shaky breath and lightly knocking on the door praying that he would at least respond to you.
"Grayson..." you trail off waiting for a responds.
"Grayson, open the door please." You plead as you knock on the door three more times.
"Go away," Grayson's deep voice spoke. What broke your heart even more if possible was the soft sniffles heard after he spoke and how sad his voice sounded.
"Grayson if you don't open this door I'm going to knock it down," You threatened while reaching up for the spare key the twins kept on the top ledge incase either of them accidentally locked the door.
"No you won't," He responded in a monotone voice.
"Watch me," you muttered knowing he probably didn't hear you. As quietly as you could you slide the key inside the doorknob and quickly opened the door. A gasp escaped your lips as soon as you saw the mess the room had become. The small decorations that was not fan art inside the room was all shattered or bent in various ways. Grayson was lying down on the couch with his hands covering his face. Slowly you walked over to him and kneeled down beside him.
"Gray, I'm so sorry. This was all a prank. Ethan planned it all and I didn't really want to be apart of it but he somehow convinced me. I didn't know you would get this angry over it and I'm sorry I hurt you. I truly am Grayson," you softly whispered as you hesitantly rested your hand on top of his and pulled it off his face.
"This was a prank? Are my feelings towards you a joke?" Grayson asked as he got up from the couch and sat up staring down at you with anger and hurt in his eyes.
"What no! Of course not Grayson. You know me better than anyone else and know I would never mess with someone's feelings like that. I'm not that type of person. Look I know what we did probably wasn't the brightest idea, again it was Ethan's idea not mine. I truly like you Grayson. You are the one that I want to make other guys and girls jealous about because you are mine and mine only. You are the one I want to make me blush and smile and giggle all the time. You are the one I want not Ethan and not any other boy. Please believe me Grayson." You plead with tears filling your eyes as your heart begins to race against your chest in nerves. Your hands turn cold and you begin to fidget with your fingers as you nervously wait for him to answer.
"You know you really are an idiot," Grayson mumbled making you sink down and look at the ground feeling embarrassed that you were about to be turned down.
"But," Grayson sighs, "I really like you too and despite you doing this stupid prank with my idiot brother and making me extremely angry. I know you don't like my brother, or well at least I hope you don't," Grayson added.
"No, trust me I don't like him at all in that way. Sometimes he annoys me to a point that I don't like him even as a friend." You honestly said while grabbing both of his large hands in your small ones. You couldn't tell if his hands were shaking or if they were your own as you softly squeezed them waiting for him to say something to you.
"Do you promise me that?" He quietly spoke sounding like a child making a pinky promise to his mother about getting a candy bar from the store.
"I promise," you softly smiled back while rubbing the back of his hands with your thumb as you stared into his green eyes. Relief flooded through them as he got the confirmation that you didn't like his twin brother. Nerves also coursed through his veins as he realized that you had literally poured your heart out to him and admitted what he had been wanting to hear for months on end now.
"I'm sorry that I kind of over reacted about this...." Grayson awkwardly sighed as he turned his gaze down to the ground as a blush crept up his face.
"It's not like you did it on purpose. It kind helps me figure out what I'm going to do next though." You shyly smile while taking one of your hands away from Grayson's and resting it under his jaw. You gently lifted his head up and leaned forward pressing your lips on top of his. The moment your lips met his you felt completely breathless. Your mind went completely foggy and your body went in a limp state that Grayson had to hold you as the two of you slowly kissed.
His lips tasted like raspberries from the acai bowl he was previously eating before everything went down. The hand that wasn't holding you up was on the back of your neck puling you closer to him. Both of your hands found their way around to his hair. Your fingers ran through his soft hair before coming to a stop on top of his shoulder. Grayson was the first to pull away. His forehead rested on top of yours while the two of you kept your eyes closed trying to catch your breath.
"Wow," Grayson whispered causing the two of you to erupt in giggles.
"Wow." you repeated while reaching down and grabbing his hand.
"I know this isn't the move romantic way to ask you this but umm I was wondering," Grayson trailed off going into a nervous state.
"Yeah?" You asked cheering him on to ask you what you hoped he was about to ask you. Your eyes shined brightly in hope as you stared into his eyes waiting patiently for him to speak.
"Please, be mine?" He nervously asked you while biting the inside of his lip.
"Yes," you whispered out with a large smile on your face as your heart sped up in excitement.
"FUCKING FINALLY! Oh my gosh I thought he was never going to ask you out." Ethan suddenly exclaimed catching the two of your completely off guard.
"Were you standing outside the whole time?" You ask him as you stood up to face him.
"Not the whole time just up to when you were saying that I was stupid and that you sometimes didn't like me as a friend. Which by the way hurt my feelings. I'm human too!" Ethan pouted. Grayson and you laughed at his reaction. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him letting him know that you loved him very much as a friend and that he was stupid sometimes but that it was okay. Grayson slapped the back of Ethan's head and cussed at him  before pulling him into a hug and whispering a small thank you in his ear. Ethan smiled and sent his twin a wink which made Grayson clench his jaw.
"Also never wink at my girlfriend again you freak."
The two of you laughed and you wrapped your arms around your boyfriends torso and leaning up to press a quick kiss onto his lips. His body soon relaxed and he looked down at you with his famous smile. Soon the twins stood in front of the camera and prepared to do the outro together.
"So guys there you have it. Here is it ending of the video." Ethan smiled at the camera.
"I hated this prank and Ethan is going to get something horrible coming at him soon. It's going to come when he least expects it." Grayson glared at his brother who gave him a sarcastic smile.
"Big thanks to Y/N, for helping out with this. If it weren't for her Grayson wouldn't be as happy as he is right now." Ethan smiled while waving you over to him.
"The only good thing out of this entire prank is her." Grayson smiled while wrapping his arm around your shoulder.
"So there you have it guys. That's it for todays video. We will see you guys next week on..." Ethan trailed off while looking at the tow of us.
"Tuesday! Peace!"  The three of you screamed while Ethan jumped to the front of the camera to turn it off.
That evening Grayson and you left Ethan at the warehouse alone to finish editing this weeks video to go to the apartment. The two of you cuddled up on his bed while watching a tv series the two of you had started a while ago. Your legs were intertwined with his as your head rested on his chest hearing the beating sound of his heart. His arm was wrapped around your frame while his chin rested on top of yours. The two of you felt at home with one another.
Two hearts had finally come together as one after months of chasing one another.

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