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„I like chest hair." You exclaim, throwing the dice and watching it roll on the floor. Grayson wheezes with your newest confession, barely catching his breath. „Okay, okay!" He wipes his tears away and continues. „My turn. I really girls who are unafraid to put everyone in their place." Grayson smiles widely and you cock an eyebrow in response, growling under your breath. „That's not embarrassing! You're not playing fair. Ugh, I like guys with tattoos." You tell him and watch him run a hand through his floppy hair nervously. „Okay. Fine. I'll play fair." He roles the dice before speaking again, moving his figurine further. „I really, really like girls who growl when I try to cheat." Grayson looks at you shyly, his confidence suddenly dissolving. You can feel your heart beating wildly inside your chest, certain there was a treacherous blush all over your face. „I am hopelessly into guys who wear dangle earrings." You state with a serious expression on your face and Grayson's lips twitch, holding back a smile. „I'm irrevocably in love with a girl who keeps me up playing Monopoly all night long." After his statement, both of you move in, allowing your lips to do the talking, exchanging all the built up emotions in a kiss. Clothes soon find themselves all over the floor, Grayson laid underneath you as both of you roll around and destroy any progress made in the game. Come morning light, Grayson opens his eyes first, focusing on your sleeping figure in his arms. Peppering your face with butterfly kisses, you soon wake up giggling, nuzzling into his chest shamelessly. „We should really talk, huh?" Grayson plays with your hair, leaving a kiss on top of your head every other minute. He was very affectionate, cuddly and sweet. Everything you always wanted. „We pulled an all-nighter trying to finish a game of Monopoly and I may have confessed some weird things but you did too. I hold nothing against you." You're quick to defend your weirdness and he chuckles, shaking his head lightly. „No, silly. Not that. Us. Talk about us!" He explains and you prop yourself on your elbow, your eyes meeting his gentle ones. „We're an us?" You inquire and he flashes you a smile, his cute dimple showing as well. „If you want there to be." Grayson leans in, kissing your nose lightly. „Hell yeah I do." You move your lips up and seal the deal with a kiss quickly, allowing yourself to get reacquainted with his body once more.

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