I want to have kids with you

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He had texted you at around two minutes till ten to tell you that he was going to hang around the warehouse with a few friends for a while. You didn't mind it much so you responded back with a quick 'be safe and make smart choices love you'. He responded back with a small love you too and a red heart. The moon was hung high up in the sky with small fairy lights dancing around it. The crescent moon shined through the apartment complex you had moved into a few months ago. Your boyfriend was out with his brother doing who knows what. He was expected to be home at ten but the clock had just stroke midnight. You knew that when the two of them were together filming a new video that things got a bit hectic after. They would either play video games or drink a little with a few friends.
The covers on your bed couldn't replace the warmth that would radiate off of your loving boyfriend of three years. You tossed and turned in bed for a few minutes before sleep really overtook your body. It scared you how attached you had gotten to a boy that you had met at the pizza parlor you worked at. It was hard when he left for business trips because you would have to go months on end without seeing him. Things were starting to die down a bit for the both of you with work, but that still didn't mean that the two of you weren't busy.
A loud noise woke you from your dreamless slumber. You groggily dragged your body out of the comfort of your bed to check out who had entered the house. The alarm system made the obnoxious noise it always did when the code to turn it off was activated. That let you know that Grayson was inside the house. Trudging your tired frame towards the living room where your boyfriend was swaying through trying to get to the bedroom.
Sighing your turned on the living room light blinding the two of you in the process. With squinted eyes you looked at Grayson who's face was scrunched up in a grimace before turning into his famous toothy smile once he realized you were standing in front of him.
"Y/N! Baby i miiiiiisssed youuuuuu so much." He slurred out as he waltzed over to you tripping on his own foot in the process. A groan escaped his lips as he fell to the ground with a loud 'thud'. Holding back the giggles that were begging to come out you leaned down and asked him if he was okay. When you got a small grunt in response you put your hand under his armpit and helped him up.
Grayson on instinct wrapped his arms around your waist once he was hoisted up and leaned his whole entire weight onto you. Groaning you dragged his tall frame into the bedroom as best you could without falling down onto the ground like he had previously done a few minutes ago.
Once the two of you were in the room you rested his tired body on his side of the bed. Running your hand through your hair you let out a tired sigh as you watched him roll onto his side. Snores erupted from his lips letting you know he was out for the night. Shaking your head you walked over to him and removed his shoes and socks. You knew he got uncomfortable when he slept in jeans so you gently unbuckled his belt and pull off his pants with a lot of struggling.
As you got into your side of the bed you covered his up and turned off the night stand lamp. You let out a sigh when you finally cuddled back up to your bed for some sleep.
"Babe?" Grayson slurred while turning around to face you.
"Go to bed Gray," you whispered back just wanting to go to sleep. You had to get up early the next morning for work and the lack of sleep was not going to make you the happiest gal tomorrow.
"I love you," he mumbled while wrapping his arms around your frame and pulling you closer to him.
"I love you too Gray. I also love you more when you let me sleep," you teased while turning to look at his hooded eyes. A faint smile made its way to his face letting you know he understood you were just teasing him.
"You know I think about our future all the time," he yawned. This comment wasn't unusual from Grayson. The two of you would discuss your relationship's future all the time with goals.
"Oh yeah what have you been thinking about?" You asked while resting your head on his chest feeling his steady heart beat under your palm.
"How I can't wait to marry you and have kids with you. I want to have a baby with you. Not just one but maybe three or four." He admitted. Now this was news to you. Grayson and you had only ever talked about marriage and how the two of you wanted to spend forever together. Not once did you guys really talk about having kids.
"You want to have kids with me?" You ask while looking up at your drunk boyfriend who softly nodded his head.
"Yeah, a little mini us. How cool would it be if we had the second set of Dolan Twins and they were boys too? If they are both girls it would be even more awesome. They can like take over our channel and continue our legacy. That would be so fucking awesome." He smiled making you giggle.
"That would be cool." You smile while he snuggled up closer to you and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead.
"I want to make you my wife first though and then we can get to the baby making." He smiled making you giggle.
"The baby making?" You ask with a laugh.
"Yeah you know the way babies are made. Just that you'd be Mrs. Dolan and we won't have to hyphen the name or anything. I mean as long as you want to have my last name or we can be like that couple with each others last names. That would be cool too." He rambled on making you smile.
"You are a goof who won't remember this conversation in the morning." You sigh while running your hands through his soft hair.
"I will remember." He fought back with a pout on his lips.
"Sure you will. Now get some rest because you are going to have a killer hungover tomorrow." You point out while pecking his lips.
"Fine," he pouted. His face was soon buried into the pillow while his arm was tightly secured around your waist. Once he was snoring and you were reassured that he was actually asleep you shut your eyes and let sleep overtake your body.
The next morning you untangled yourself from your boyfriends grip to go get ready for work. As you were stepping out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around your body you felt a pair of warm hands grab you by the waist and pull you towards them.
"Babe do you have to go to work today?" Grayson asked while pressing soft kisses on your jaw.
"Yes, I have to go give a presentation and make sure everything is well and organized." You pointed out while turning to look at him. His eyes were puffy from lack of sleep and hydration. His face looked clean and his breath smelled minty letting you know he had gone to freshen up a while ago.
"Ugh you and your job." He joked while letting you go to finish getting dressed. As you got dressed he laid in bed with his phone in his hands probably replying to his own work emails. You were slightly surprised he wasn't as hungover as you thought he was going to be this morning. He looked cheery and fine compared to other mornings after he had gone out to drink with his brother and friends.
"Babe, is your hungover not bad today?" You ask while you spray your favorite perfume on your wrist and neck.
"I took some advil half an hour ago and it helped some. It's still there but it is not as killer as it was when I first woke up." He said as he set his phone down to look over at your clothed figure. Humming back a response you added a bit of hair product to make sure your hair stayed in a sleek ballerina bun all day long, while not noticing that Grayson had not gotten up from the bed and was walking towards you. He stared at you for a few seconds, observing you add pins to your hair trying to perfect it to your liking. He smiled at the look of satisfaction that graced your face once you tucked away every stray.
"You know," Grayson started off while wrapping his arms around your waist. "I was serious about everything I said last night."
That comment took you by complete surprise. You thought for a fact that he would have not remembered what he had said to you when he got home no where near sober. He noticed your surprised expression and let out a sigh hating not knowing what was going through your mind.
"I know you probably didn't think I did, but I meant everything I said last night. I really do want to have kids with you and watch them grow up together. I want a little mini us roaming the world. I always think about when we have kids and how cool parents we would be. How much of an amazing mother you are going to be." He continued with his gaze down at you as you turn to face him. Your eyes meet and you see the sincerity running through them. Your heart melts at his comments and your cheeks turn a rosy pink. Your lips turn up into a smile and your body is filled with goosebumps as he talks about your future.
"You really want to have kids with me?" You ask sounding almost child-like as you look up at him through your eyelashes feeling shy all of a sudden from just his gaze.
"Yes I do. Yeah we'd wait a few more years though, get married, buy the home of our dreams together, settle down, and then have some little munchkins. Just imagine looking at the positive pregnancy test, the first ultrasound of our baby, hearing the baby's heart beat while they are growing inside of you, the love, and how our lives will change for the better. We will raise our kids to be the most amazing, creative, friendly, most respectful people with the correct morals. Our kids will be spoiled but not too spoiled that they get cocky about it. They will have such a beautiful mom with captivating eyes, a smile that lights up the entire universe, a laugh that is contagious, a humor that is sarcastic, and a heart that is of gold. I want for the cheesy 'we are never having kids again' as you are having the baby and then the 'we need to have ten more' once they are in your arms. I want to run out of the house to go look for your craving and help you find your comfortable lying in bed position when your bump gets big. I want get pictures of the baby and you when I'm at work to motivate me. I want to have this future with you and you only Y/N," He poured his heart out wiping away the tears that ran down your face as you listened intently to him. Your heart felt enormous and your smile was growing painful. Your eyes shined brightly of tears as you rested your hands on Grayson's jaw and pulled him down for a kiss. Your lips moved together in a perfect melody.
"I want all of that and more with you. Everything you just said are things I always think about but never really said them out loud because I didn't know how you felt about it. Gosh Grayson, if you have me a crying mess when I'm not even pregnant I can't imagine how it's going to be when I am pregnant. You are going to be the most perfect father to our future children. I know you are going to be their coach with advice, relationships, and sports even. You'd be there for them through thick and thin just as much as I'd be there. You probably will say so many dad jokes they will just look at you and silently tell you to shut up. I want to see you hold our child for the first time and see the tears of joy fill your eyes as their little tiny fingers wrap around your large finger. I want for you to just press your hand on my bump and for the baby to stop the painful kicking. I want to wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you my water broke and that we need to go to the hospital. I want all that and more Grayson. Gosh do I love you so fucking much." You cry out with a smile as you press yet another kiss onto his lips.
"I love you Y/N and I can't wait to have forever with you." He whispered softly to you while wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a warm hug. Your arms wrapped around his neck immediately as you melted into his hug. In that moment the first time you two went out came to mind and all the first time feelings swarmed back.
You felt at home with him and knew he would be your forever home. 


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