Killer clown prank (G.D &E.D)

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Graysons POV

"Is it working?" Grayson asked, a few inches away from the camera. Behind him stood Ethan who looked already done with his brother's shit.
"It's not focused!" Ethan said, moving slightly and looking into the camera. Grayson took the camera again, focusing on Ethan. "What are you doing?" He asked before Grayson hit his forehead with the camera. "Stop it!" He tried to stay as far as possible but Grayson laughed and hit him again in the face. "Grayson, listen here you little-"
"WE'RE BACK!" The boys shouted simultanously, looking direclty into the camera and smiling. "So, as you all know, (Y/N) pranked me last week and I must admit she got me pretty good.." Grayson started, narrowing his eyes, remembering what he went through.
"But now is time for some revenge." Grayson continued, a devilish look in his eyes. "This is evil, this is truly evil." He admitted, trying to contain his laugh. "So those of you they don't know there's these killer clowns going around," He explained, doing some air quotation marks with his hands at the 'killer clowns' part.
"And (Y/N) is deathly afraid of them." Ethan ended his brother's sentence with a laugh. "In the last prank on this channel, (Y/N) not only taped us to a chair but she covered us in the most disgusting things I've ever seen and left us there for hours in the dark." Ethan started to explain again, gesticulating with his hands and a straight expression on his face. Grayson looked at him before turning again to the camera.
"So we figured why not step that a notch and capture her in this net." Grayson said while pointing to the net beside them. They both looked at it and then they looked at each other with a grin.
"Once we get her in this net, we're going to say '(Y/N), have a great night, you're sleeping out here'." Ethan said while looking into a certain direction, thinking. "Hopefully that will freak her out because she's afraid of the dark and then when you leasts expect it, me or Grayson will come out of the woods in this evil clown outfit." He raised his arm in the direction of the woods and then he pointed to the box next to the net in which was the outfit.
"Hopefully, we'll scare the living shit out of her. I think it's gonna work." Grayson said, a hint of hope on his face and then he turned to Ethan who was analyzing the objects.
"All right, so now we're gonna go set the apparatus up in the tree so we can trap her." Ethan finished and they both took something off the ground, going in different directions beside the camera.
"So we decided that we're gonna fake a photoshoot and that's how we'll get easy to sit down on top of a pile of leaves." Grayson said amused, using again the air quotation marks and he turned to Ethan. "There's gonna be this giant net under the leaves and it will hopefully scoop her up and we'll be able to hang her up in this tree and then leave her there." he pointed to the tree beside them before turning again to the camera and shrugging with a way too innocent face. "Because that's how we do it." He continued before laughing and running away from the camera.
They both began to set up the scene, putting the net under the tree and beginning to sweep lots of leaves above it to hide it. By the time they finished, outside it was dark and they told you that you need to come by because all of you need to take some photos for your new 'channel art'. They begin the photoshoot with the twins posing together so that you won't suspect anything.
"Now we should, you know, put both hands this way?" Grayson asked and the photographer approved, taking the photo. "Let (Y/N) in the middle while you stay like this." He suggested, looking at you and you conformed, letting yourself down between them. He took some more photos before looking at them. "Looks good! So let me get a few of Gray, then (Y/N), then Ethan." He said, preparing the camera to take the shoot. You and Ethan stood up, chatting a little while the photographer took the shots he needed.
"Okay, great, now a few of you, (Y/N)." Grayson stood up, letting space for you. You stood on your back, your strands of hair dancing freely onto the leaves and you looked directly at the camera. "Okay, sit up." The photographer said and you stood up, staying on your knees and posing.
"What about throwing some leaves on her, you know what I'm saying?" Grayson suggested looking at you, then at the photographer. He looked at Grayson and nodded.
"Yeah, alright, just throw some leaves. On three, okay?" You stood still while the twins stood on each side of you, preparing to throw the leaves at you. "One, two, three!"
"Now Grayson!" Ethan shouted and everything around you tightened. Ethan and Grayson catched the sides of the net and pulled fast, traping you inside. You began to stir, not knowing what happened and you heard laughs around you while the twins highfived each other.
"Oh my God, no way, oh my God, we did it!" Grayson shouted enthusiastically, keeping tight the sides of the net while Ethan grabbed the camera to catch your reaction.
"What the- What is this? Where did you get this net?" You shouted trying to find a hole in it to escape. You looked at Ethan who was standing in front of you with the camera in his hand. "Guys let me go!"
"We're gonna hang her up now so-" Grayson started but you widened your eyes.
"What do you mean? No, what do you mean? Grayson I swear to God-" You began to stir again, pulling the net. Grayson stood still and laughed.
"You're sleeping out here." He answered lightly and before you took in his words you felt your butt being crawled on the ground.
"No! No, I'm not! Imma bite through this thing before I fall asleep out here." You shouted at them and catched a string of the net trying to rip it with your teeth. "How did I get myself into this?" You asked yourself and the three of them laughed again at you.
"You stay on a pile of leaves that look so sketchy-" Ethan began, probably wanting to say that you have a comfy bed for tonight so you don't have to worry but you cut him off.
"There's not even leaves over there, I thought we'd do a leaf shoot!" You shouted again, hitting the net with your feet to gain some space. You feel like sardines in a can. The twins looked at each other before looking back at you. "We were. Kind of." Grayson answered and then he laughed looking into the camera. In just a matter of seconds you were hanging off the tree's branch and you just stood still, being so done with their shit.
"What the- I'm off the ground right now." You stated looking down and Grayson made sure you can't go out before pushing the net, making you swing with it. "No, stop it!" You tried to hit him but he took a step back before you could touch him.
"All right, we'll see you in the morning, (Y/N)." Ethan said behind the camera before starting to laugh. Grayson followed him and he pushed you again.
"I'm literally gonna chew through this thing and I'm gonna jump- Ethan!" You shouted, stirring again in the net when Ethan came too close to your face with the camera. He laughed before filming Grayson again. "Good luck with that!" He wished you still laughing. "I'm gonna get out and I'm gonna get you back!" You threatened them, feeling your cheeks heaten up. Grayson entered the frame laughing. "And Imma go eat some pizza!" He smiled, showing off his perfectly white teeth before passing Ethan.
"No!" You protested again watching as they put the camera back in its place and leaving you there. After a few attempts of escaping the net you give up completely tired. They're so gonna pay for this. The lights in the house were on and you sighed, taking your phone from your pocket. You swiped through your games and decided to play one to pass time. After you got bored, you checked your social media, not finding much but a bunch of boring things, instead, you decided to take a snap.
"Hi guys.." You started, your enthusiasm nowhere to be seen. "Hope you all good, I'm just hanging around." You say, laughing a little. "No, seriously, Ethan and Grayson catched me in a net and hanged me up here, leaving me alone for the night." You moved your hand, filming around you, catching a little of the net and the camera in front of you. "I'm gonna get them back after I get out of here." You finished, posting it to your story and then you locked your phone, putting it back into your pocket. You stood still, looking around you before your eyes landed on the camera.
"Hello camera!" You said lightly taking an awkward pause. "I have to pee really bad.." You admitted mostly to yourself and sighed.
"So succes!" They both shouted standing next to each other while Grayson kept the camera. "We got (Y/N) trapped and um, she thinks that she's sleeping there tonight," Grayson began to explain and Ethan popped his head behind him. "She's not!" He said and they both laughed before Grayson continued. "She also thinks that we're going to get pizza right now,"
"We're not." Ethan finished his sentence again, winking at the camera. "Unfotunately."
"Uuuhhhhh, I don't like this!" You say, throwing your head back onto the net. "I hear noises!" You begin to panic, looking around you, your heartbeat slightly increasing. It's almost 12am and you can still see the lights inside the house on. "I came here to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now." You talk with the camera for a moment before continuing to look around you. It's pitch black, you can't see anything.
"Faster, it's almost 12am!" Ethan rushed Grayson who began to dress up in that killer clown outfit. They highfived each other before Grayson put his mask on and Ethan kept the camera in front of him. "Time for revenge!"
"Where are them?" You shouted, looking at the house, pulling the net after. "I'm starting to freak out right now." You sighed for the hundredth time and stirred again inside the net, trying to get a better position. You stopped dead in your tracks when you heard something in the woods and you caught movement with the corner of your eyes. The thing came closer fast and the moment you saw the baggy pants, white face and strange hair, your heart dropped. You saw the news and this is all they talk about. You screamed at the top of your lungs watching as it came closer, not knowing what to do. He took small steps towards you, wawing in the creepiest way at you.
"What the- oh my Gosh.." You breathed out looking at it. "I- don't even play, don't even play!" You shouted at it watching it coming closer. "Don't even play right now- GUYS!" You screamed again as it was almost touching the net and you began to kick it, making the net swing. "GUYS!" You shouted for Ethan and Grayson how hard you could, hoping they heard you. "Don't look, don't look!" You told yourself trying to calm down but you saw it going behind you, near the tree. "No, don't, WHAT THE FUCK, NO! NO!" You screamed at the thing, pushing yourself back from it as far as the net let you. "What is this, what is this, WHAT.IS.THIS!?" You continued to scream while swinging with the net. The clown made his way toward you again, almost touching you.
"No, NO! DON'T EVEN PLAY, IMMA KICK YOU IN THE FACE I SWEAR!" You shouted feeling your throat burning and the clown touched the net. "OH, NO! GET OUT, GET OUT, NO!" You stirred inside the net trying to kick it and the clown observed the camera. "GUYS! GUYS PLEASE! CALL 911, CALL 911!" You felt some tears in the corner of your eyes. Your heart was beating so fast you thought it will fall out of your chest and your whole body was covered in sweat as if you ran an entire marathon. You went silent as you saw the clown approaching the camera and you watched his movements. He wawed that stupid and creepy form of wawe at the camera and your heart dropped again when he turned back to you.
"Ethan, Grayson!? No, don't even play, guys don't even play!" You shouted again at him as he started to jump around you, scarrying you even more than before. "GUYS, GUYS DON'T EVEN PLAY! Guys, guys, guys.." You breathed through your parted lips watching the clown leaving and going into the woods. "No,no,no, don't even play.." You kept repeating that to yourself until there was no more sounds or movements around you. Your breathing was heavy and you tried to calm down before you heard another sound. You turned around, hoping you would see the boys.
"Guys? Guys no, no, no, WHAT THE FUCK, GUYS!" Your every last trace of hope was vanished the moment you saw again that creepy clown running toward you with a fucking saw! "NO! OH MY GOD, GUYS, NO!" You screamed harder than you thought you could, you voice almost breaking and you saw that thing cutting the net above you. You kept kicking and screaming until you felt yourself falling and you looked up. The freaking monster was looking at you with the saw still in his hand and you let out a blood-curdling scream before getting up and trying to run. You heard it after you before you turned around and stopped. The clown was laughing hard and you turned completely to it, seeing shortly after Ethan coming from the woods too. Grayson took his mask of and continued to laugh along with Ethan who looked as if he was going to cry from laughing. You clenched your jaw, exhaling through your parted lips and watched them with the scariest look you got.
"Grayson, you fucking fuck!" You shouted when he let himself fall onto his knees from laughing so hard and you ran to him, jumping on him and throwing him onto the ground. You hit him a few times and Ethan just looks at you two laughing.
"" You say again letting yourself down. "Oh my God!" You put your hands on your face trying to calm down while the twins were still laughing. They're gonna pay for this so bad. "You fucking left with the car, how did you do that?" You asked, pointing in front of you to the missing car.
"We just drove around the block and got out and we crawled through the woods-" Ethan began to explain while you watched him, trying to catch your breath. "YES!" Grayson shouted, hitting your shoulder.
"Dude, I'm shaking, I'm literally shaking!" You put your hand in front of you watching as it shakes slightly. Ethan and Grayson looked at it too before chuckling. "Duuudddee, they set up a camera and drove away!" You turned to the camera, beginning to protest. "Like, I said 'don't even play, guys, don't even play!' It was either you or Ethan but the way you were moving and I just-I just didn't want to take any chances cause if it wasn't one of you I had to be ready for anything." You explained through gasps, looking at them and at the camera once in a while. Ethan came in front of the camera too, right next to you and Grayson.
"I won the Prank War-" Ethan started looking into the camera before Grayson cut him off. "We won the Prank War." He said to Ethan and you just stood there, looking anywhere but at them, still trying to catch your breath.
"It was the most challenging prank we've ever done, the setup for that took literally a week-" Grayson explained, looking at you once in a while but you just stuck out your tongue at him, earning a laugh from them. "I was so doubtful about this video and I'm so happy right now that it worked!" He said proudly over what you were trying to say and you just rolled your eyes. "I'm so happy, (Y/N)!" He shouted at you and you showed him a sign not worth of a lady. He faked being hurt and Ethan snorted looking at you two.
"Well done, guys, well done." you said sarcastically, fake clapping at them. "Thank you." they bow before you and you roll your eyes again. "Dude, I literally freaked out when I saw the clown." You admitted taking the mask in your hand. "I mean imagine this thing," You showed the camera the scary mask and the twins faked a scream following some laughs after. "Yeah, no!"
"So, if you liked this video or hate clowns, please give it a thumbs up-" They started the outro but you cut them off.
"Thumbs up, yes, I'm thumbsin' up this video." you said, referring to the 'hate clowns' part and you sighed, finally estabilishing your breath. "I'm shaking, my whole body is tingling like I need to go- I need to go eat pizza so, yeah, that's what I have to do." You say, putting your palms onto your body, looking then somewhere in the distance, allowing yourself to completely calm down.
"Yeah, we really need to get pizza cause we have to celebrate that prank. I am so excited." Ethan laughed again and you hit them both with your fists. "Catch new video every Tuesday on our channel, we post every Tuesday on our channel, subscribe to our channel for new videos every Tuesday on our channel.." You and Ethan looked at Grayson, trying to understand what he's doing before he continued. "if you want.." You all laughed at each other before Ethan started his final sentence for the video.
"As always, we'll see you guys next week." They lift their hands up for the 'peace' part as they end the video but you took the mask and put it in front of the camera with a fast motion.
"PEACE!" You shouted with a strange and creepy voice before starting to laugh.

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