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The sun was set up high as your clock showed two in the afternoon. You were lying in bed in your pajamas not planning on going out. Your hair was tossed up in a lost bun while your face was fresh with no make-up. The tv was on loud as your favorite tv show played. The apartment you lived in was quiet from your roommate being out with her boyfriend.
Your boyfriend was currently at meetings so you didn't bother to make plans with him. The meetings could take from an hour to two hours tops depending on what they were discussing. You didn't bother to make any plans because he had over three meetings this morning.
Hearing your phone ring you picked it up and smiled when you saw Grayson's face appear on your screen.
Sliding the screen you pressed the phone to your ear, "Hey babe! How are the meetings going?"
"Hey baby, I'm now just now leaving the last meeting. I was calling to tell you to change into a bathing suit and bring a change of clothes. We are going on an adventure," he said into the phone making you smile and get up from your bed.
"See you in a bit then babe," you spoke while grabbing the first bathing suit you found. Saying your goodbye's the two of you hanged up. Nodding at your appearance in the mirror you slide on a pair of high waisted shorts and a blue v-neck shirt you got on sale at your local Wal-Mart.
Receiving a text from Grayson a few minutes later you grabbed your bag of clothes and quickly ran out your apartment.
Walking up to his car you smiled and got inside.
"Hey Gray," you smiled while leaning over to press a kiss on his soft lips.
"Hey Y/N, prepare for the most fun day of your life!" He exclaimed making you giggle.
The two of you were walking through the forest. You had no idea as to where Grayson was taking you but he looked confident on knowing where whatever he was looking for was. Finally after fifteen more minutes of walking you two heard a loud noise; a waterfall.
Gasping as you saw the beautiful waterfall surrounded by large rocks and flowers adorning the crevices.
"Babe, how'd you find this place?" You asked him while setting your bag down on a log.
"Ethan and I were walking here a few days ago and stumbled up on it. I knew you would like it so I decided to bring you over here and show it to you. Plus I brought us a little picnic that we can have here once we get hungry." He pointed out making you turn your attention to a perfectly set picnic blanket on the floor with food and flowers sitting on it.
"Aww, you are the best boyfriend ever." You gushed while pressing a quick kiss on his cheek. Grayson's cheeks turned a bright pink as you complimented him. Reaching over to your shirt you quickly took it off and then continued to unbutton your shorts. Once you were done undressing you set your clothes in the bag and fixed your bikini bottoms making sure nothing was too overly exposed.
Turning to look at your boyfriend who had a smirk on his face you lightly pushed him and walked towards the edge of the water.
Diving inside the water you felt a cool sensation crawl all over your skin. Swimming up to the surface you smiled while removing the wet hair from your face.
"Come on babe, the water feels great!" You exclaimed as you watched your boyfriend take his shirt off. Soon he cannonballed inside the water making you giggle. As soon as he resurfaced he was swimming next to you and pressed a sweet kiss on your lips.
"Race ya to the waterfall," you whispered against his lips before quickly taking off.
"Hey you cheater!" Grayson teasingly yelled before swimming after you.
As you were reaching the waterfall you felt his arm wrap around your leg making you swim back up. Watching his head resurface back up once he was ahead of you, being the mature 17 year old you poked your tongue out at him.
Taking in a deep breath you went back inside the water and swam directly to the waterfall. Once the two of you were on the other side of the beautiful waterfall Grayson wrapped his arms around your waist and began to sweetly press soft kisses on your neck.
"I love you," he whispered as the two of you watched the waterfall.
"I love you too," you responded back while turning around to kiss him.
The two of you stayed in the water for another two hours playing marco pollo at one point.
Once you were both tired of swimming you two got out and laid down on the picnic blanket Grayson had laid out earlier.
"How were the meetings? I asked you earlier today but instead of responding you told me to change," you giggled while taking a bite out of the sandwiches Grayson made.
"Sorry about that. It was the same old thing. Figuring out shoots and interviews. We won't get a solid for sure schedule until next week. We also talked about going on tour again but that's on the maybe section of work right now," he explained. Nodding your head you got back up from your spot and went to lie down next to him.
The sun was now slowly starting to go down causing the weather to get chiller. The trees leaves rustled against one another as you rested your head on Grayson's lap. The two of you sat in silence enjoying one another's company. Grayson began to run his fingers through your hair taking out the knots. Closing your eyes you felt your body relax as his fingers massaged your scalp.
"You wanna go for a ride?" He asked quietly. Humming in response you opened an eye and was met with his gorgeous hazel ones.
"I'd love too," you said.
Getting up from the floor the two of you began to collect your things. Once everything was packed the two of you began your journey to his car.
The scenic view on your semi long walk was beautiful. Flowers, bushes, and trees surround the two of you. Not another human was in sight of the two of you giving you the privacy you both craved whenever you would go out together.
Don't get it wrong. You love the fact that Grayson has so many supportive fans who want to meet him when they see him. You know Grayson loves to meet his fans all the time and would never deny them a picture.
Getting to the car you set everything in the trunk of his car before going to sit in the passenger seat. Turning the radio up on blast you began to belt out lyrics as he began to drive around the deserted area.
"YOUR BODY A BLESSING GIRL. I AIN'T TRYING TO PRESSURE HER!" You screamed out completely off tune making Grayson's beautiful loud laugh ring inside the car.
"SHE MESSED WITH THE TEMPERATURE, come on babe join me!" You teased while the wind from the open windows blew your long hair back.
"HEART WROTE THE SONG BUT I AM THE MESSENGER!" The two of you happily belted out the lyrics not caring that neither of you could sing.
Halfway down the long drive you rested your head on his shoulder and sighed contently. You loved how carefree and happy you were around him. You loved the fact that he would call you and just ask you to go on small adventures with him to help him clear his head after a long stressful day of work.

The sun was long gone giving light to the other half of the world

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The sun was long gone giving light to the other half of the world. The moon illuminated the city as a few rare stars surrounded it. You were currently lying in the back of Grayson's car cuddled up to him tired from how busy the day was.
The windows were all rolled down as the car was parked away from people's view. Your eyes were growing heavy from how exhausted you felt.
"You feel sleepy?" Grayson asked you while rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb gently.
"Yeah, a little bit." you mumbled while snuggling into his chest breathing in his natural scent.
"Go to sleep. I'll wake you up in a few," he mumbled before pressing a kiss on your head. Finally you allowed to sleep to overtake your body but before you fell asleep you heard Grayson mumble something that made your heart skip one to many beats.
"Gosh one day I'm going to make you my wife."
"I love you," you softly mumbled before finally going to sleep.

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