Gray, STOP

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Your mother has been bothering you all day to help her get the house ready for a special dinner tonight with her friend's family. Being stressed, you go out for a run and try to relieve your stress. You start your run across the street seeing that no one is coming.

His P.O.V

Cam finally let me drive today, since I've been bugging her to let me. The top and windows were down in the Jeep and music was blasting. Cam sat next to me in the front and Ethan dancing in the back. I was too busy singing.

"Gray, stop!" Cam shouts at me as I look forward and step on the brakes. A girl stood there mortified like a deer caught in headlights. "Grayson, there's a stop sign there!"

"What the hell?" The girl finally snapped out.

"Didn't you see me crossing?"

"No, sorry," I apologized feeling bad I almost ran over a pretty girl.

"Pay attention next time," She shook her head and continued to run across the street.

Your P.O.V

You didn't mean to sound like such a bitch. Now he'll probably think you are one. Dammit. You went back home and slammed the door.

"How was your run, (y/n)?" You went in the kitchen to get yourself water and see it in full swing.

"Fine, but this idiot almost ran me over." You roll your eyes.

Your mother looked at you concerned. "Are you alright? Did you get hurt? Who is it?"

"I'm fine. He's just another stupid teenager like you say," you roll your eyes and walk to your room.

"Get ready, hun," your mother calls.

You showered the sweat off and got ready in the new outfit you bought for this occasion. You did your hair and put on light make up and finally went out to help. The doorbell rung, so you went over and opened the door. You welcomed the parents in and gasped as you saw him. "You,"

He looked as surprised as you. "You. I'm still sorry about the whole thing." He whispers walking in with his two siblings.

"Whatever. Just forget about it." You walk towards the kitchen, but not before you were pulled on by your elbow. You spun around and was now pinned to the wall.

"Hey, I am sorry. Can you just say you'll forgive me?" He asks looking down at you.

You sighed and crossed your arms, the only thing separating both your bodies."Okay, fine. Let's start over then. I'm (y/n),"

He stepped back and had the biggest smile. "I'm Grayson,"

"(Y/n)!" Your mom called. "We're waiting on you and Grayson, honey,"

You're lips parted into a huge grin as Grayson leaned down to you. "Hold on. I'm showing him the restroom," 😉

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