Study break (smut)

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Don't read if you are under 13 it's PG13+

Your first exam of the semester is coming up and stress is building up. Worst feeling ever. So your boyfriend, Grayson suggests you to take a break.
"Making a study review consumes SO MUCH time." You let a sigh out of frustration. "but it's the only way i'll be able to learn all of this." you muttered.
You hear a knock on your door, you turn around on your chair and see Grayson leaning against the door frame. "How's studying going?" he asked as he approached to you and pressed a gentle kiss on your forehead.
You sighed. "I guess somewhere. I'm so stressed out. I hate thing feeling, I thought I had everything under control." You crossed your arms.
"You do, you just need to take a break." He said softly as he stroked your hair.
"I already took one, and I still can't concentrate. Maybe I should just skip this part that I can memorize yet, and continue with the other parts." You said sighing as you went through the papers.
Grayson took a few steps back and closed the door, locking it afterwards. He walked back to you. "or, take another efficient break." He said as he turned your chair so you could face him.
"I can't Gray. As much I want to take a break I can't." You said. "Maybe after i'm done studying the most I'll take a break and we can eat ice cream or something." You shrugged smiling.
He chuckled and picked you up throwing you on the bed. "And I said," He spread your legs and his face was closer to yours, "take a break now, babygirl. I have something in mind that I'm sure it's gonna help you concentrate afterwards." He bit your bottom lip.
You knew what was coming, and you didn't want it to stop.
He ran his fingers up your skirt, feeling your underwear and coping your heat. You gasped lightly once you felt his touch. "Already wet for me babygirl?" he smirked. "Lay down, and let daddy do the work, okay?" He kissed your lips passionately and hungrily, before pushing you down on the bed.
You ran your fingers through his hair. He just got it done, god he looked so hot.
He lifted up your skirt and pulled down your underwear, throwing it on the floor. He spread your legs a bit more to get a better view. He let out a groan. "God, y/n all that for me? Damn." he whispered before he licked your folds slowly. You let out a small moan.
You guys still haven't had sex, as in physical, and it was because you were yet not ready for that, but you wanted to get a taste from it to see what was like and for quite some time you guys have been doing oral sex.
He continued to lick your cunt and flicker his tongue around your clit. He knew how much you loved that.
"Oh, Grayson. Yes. Don't stop." you arched your back and held him close to your pussy. He sent vibrations which made you moan even louder. "Grayson fuck!" You groaned.
"You like that angel?" he asked as he inserted a finger and started to finger you fast and lick your clit fast as well, drawing eights.
"Ah! yes Grayson. Gosh you're fucking good. OH MY GOD." You were a moaning mess, you rode his face which he didn't mind. Once he noticed you were about to reach your peak, he rubbed your clit and ate you out, without showing mercy.
You squirted all over him and breathed heavily trying to catch your breath, few small moans following after. He licked you up clean and you looked down at him, who was smirking and placed a small kiss on your heat. "Time to study, baby."

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