Speak now or forever hold your peace

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The church bells rang loudly as the clock stroke three. The sun was high up in the sky with not a cloud to be found for miles within the city. Your red dress hugged your figure while showing off your back. It was the same red dress that you had met Grayson in years ago. The day the two of you snuck out of the party and talked all night long on the balcony that had the most beautiful view of the city.
The night he asked for your number when you excused yourself to go home. You shyly typed it into his phone before pressing a quick kiss to his cheek and walking away. That started a year long relationship. A relationship you thought was going to last forever, but boy were you wrong. Who would have thought that him going on tour and never getting to see each other would break the two of you up. It was a mutual thing, or at least that's what you made him think. In true reality you just went along with what he was saying. You tried not to break down as he said, "I love you, but this not getting to see each other all the time really sucks. I think we'd be better off as friends so that way we don't have any strings attached holding us back from doing what we love." That was when your heart felt like it was stomped on and ripped to no relief. It made you feel numb but yet somehow you managed to say, "I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we are better off as friends." He sighed and said he was thankful you were on the same page.
It wasn't long until you ended the convo making up a bullshit lie about having to go help your friend with something. The moment the dial tone was hear you set your phone on the bed and started to uncontrollably crying. You spent two whole weeks crying out your heart and spent the entire year trying to move on from him. You avoided him for months on end when you came back from tour. He looked relaxed and happy. You knew he had moved on, had the closure you so desperately wished for. The final straw for you was when he came to a party one of your mutual friends through with a new girl on his arm. She was breathtaking. You grew jealous and avoided any type of meeting with the two of them. Ethan noticed your discomfort and gave you sympathetic glances.
He knew that the two of you were hurting but didn't have the courage to go back and tell one another they regretted cutting if off. You thought Grayson wasn't a mess when the two of you broke up but in all true reality the two of you were just as equally heartbroken as the other. Grayson almost missed a show when he just couldn't bear the thought of going out and faking a happiness he had just cut off from his life. He knew that you two weren't going to be the same. He knew that the moment he uttered those words he had just lost you. In order to move on he started talking to a girl his friend once introduced him to. The two hit it off, but not quite like you two had the first time you met. Grayson kept comparing her to you, but never said it out loud to anyone. He hated that he did it. She wasn't you. She was never going to be you. He didn't even know why he proposed to her with the ring he had bought for you. He didn't know why he didn't call off the wedding when he could. Now here he was standing in front of the mirror smoothing out his tux with shaky hands.
His heart rate was at an unhealthy speed and his mother noticed. She gave him a soft smile through the mirror and caught his eye. She knew he was nervous. She also knew he didn't want to get married. She talked to him on various occasions, gave him stubble hints to call it all off before he hurt the poor girl that was just across the building cheerfully getting glamed up. Of course Grayson would just shrug it off and say that he loved her.
You had managed to sneak inside the back side of the large church. The halls were painted white with large mirrors facing out towards the large garden. As you walked down the long hall you heard loud yelling. You followed the voice curiously wanting to know what was going on. When you found the room the loud yelling was coming from you peeked in through the small crack and saw his bride standing their with a large dress that resembled a bland cupcake. Her hands were above her head as she yelled at the innocent bridesmaid over some flowers. Gasping when she threw the flowers at her you quickly backed away from the door and walked away from the door.
You wondered if she had ever shown this side of herself to Grayson or if she was planning on showing it after the wedding. Regardless you knew she wasn't the one for Grayson. The boy who would never throw anything at anyone over a silly mistake or would yell at anyone for something they didn't do.
Straightening out your dress you walked out of the hall and headed towards the church. There you glanced around and saw that it was semi-packed. You never received an invitation. You had actually stolen the information from your friend who left her invitation on the counter and you took advantage of it by snapping a picture of it before she noticed.
As you sat in the very far back pew where no one could really see you due to the large curtain falling in the middle of it. Soon everyone's attention turned to the back as the organ started playing. Grayson appeared with a blue pastel tux with his arm wrapped around his mother and father's elbows. He walked down with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. Your breath hitched as he looked around the church and looked slightly disappointed. You wondered why he did but shrugged it off.
Soon the organ started playing again with the familiar wedding march. Everyone got up from there seats and faced the back. Soon she walked out smiling brightly showing off her pearly whites. She walked down the isle as if she were a pageant queen walking down to collect her crown.
You averted your eyes and attention to Grayson who was staring at her with a smile that didn't still didn't reach his eyes. His eyes didn't water up in tears like you thought they would have when he saw her walking to him. That led you to wonder if he, just maybe, wished you were the girl walking down the isle towards him ready to say I do.
You zoned out for most of the mass. Your eyes solely focused on Grayson as he looked robotic like standing at the front of the alter. You studied the guest and noticed how big eyed and smiley they all looked. They all whispered how cute the couple looked or how happy they both looked up there.
"If anyone in these room has any reason as to why these two should not wed please speak now or forever hold your peace," the priest said as he raised both his hands to point at the two standing before him.
His future wife did a once-over through the crowd before focusing her eyes back at Grayson with a cheery smile, almost sarcastic like. Grayson looked at her with a forced smile and looked back at the preacher who stood their in an awkward silence.
This was your last chance to see if anything could happen between Grayson and you. You knew how badly this would look on the you. Your heart was telling you to go for it but your mind was telling you to keep seated and let them carry on with the celebration.
Yet you always tend to ignore your mind and follow your heart.
"Well in that case Grays-" The priest went on to say but stopped abruptly when he noticed a small figure appear from the back.
Your raised a shaky hand as you stood in the middle of the isle the guest all looked at you with horrified looks as they noticed what going on. You didn't care though. You kept your gaze on Grayson who was staring at you in disbelief.
"Y/N?" Grayson asked while turning his full attention towards you which did not go to kindly towards his fiancee.
"What is she doing here? You were not invited to our wedding!" She viciously yelled at you while staring at you with eyes so filled with venom and hatred.
"I'm not the type of girl who would be rudely barging into a white veil occasion but you're also not the type of boy to go off marrying the wrong girl. Look Grayson I know this is a really bad way of coming here to talk to you. A horrible way actually but I couldn't reach you at all. Every time I did she would answer and tell me to leave you alone. I didn't like walking up to you at any event because she was always there hanging off your arm. I know you probably love her and don't even think about me anymore but just in case there are any feelings left towards me," you paused as she scoffed at your comments.
"I still love you and I've never stopped. I just had to get that off my chest. If you feel the same way don't say a single vowel and meet me in the back of the church. It's your decision and I'm sorry for doing this to you now." You sincerely said before turning back around and walking out of the church. Your heart felt like it had gotten up to your ears as your entire body felt hot and itchy. You were anxious and nervous. You hated that you did that but now you would get the answer you had longed for.
You waited and waited and waited for Grayson to show up at the back of the church. Finally after fifteen minutes you decided that he wasn't going to come over and that he chose her. As you got up from the bench you let out a sigh. Tears cascaded down your face as you walked out of the garden. As you walked out you saw someone's shadow coming out through the small alley that was separating the church and the church's house office.
Nervously you walked over to it wondering who it could possibly be. When the person came in full view you quietly stood there not knowing what to do. Your body froze when the stranger lifted his head up. Your breath was caught in your throat and your whole body felt numb. His eyes scanned your face as he tried to figure out what he was going to say.
His mind became puddled as everything he had rehearsed a few minutes ago vanished from his mind. The words he wanted to roll of his tongue left his tongue tied. His throat dried up as he noticed your tear stained face. Mascara was running down your face and your hair had become a mess as you had ran your hands through it multiple times.
"Hey," he finally managed to blurt out as he quickly got up from the floor. He rested his back on the wall while stuffing his hands in the pockets of his dress pants. Your eyes scanned his nervous glances and how frightened his eyes looked.
"Hi," you whispered back with furrowed eyebrows wondering what the fuck happened after you left the church.
"I left," he awkwardly smiled while looking at the ground and kicking a rock with his dress shoes.
"I waited almost an hour for you to show up and you never did," you shot back feeling anger bubble up inside of you. Your face felt red and your body began to regain feeling as fire coursed through your veins.
"I know and I'm sorry but I just.....I didn't know how to approach you. I didn't know what to say or how to start things off. I just gosh this is hard. You make this hard." He sighed while running his long fingers through his styled hair.
"How am I making this hard?" You asked him feeling a bit offended. If he truly loved the girl he was marrying up at the alter it shouldn't be hard to choose. He should have chosen her the instant you stood up front in everyone and stood up for the so called love they have towards one another.
"No not like that. I mean it in a you make me really nervous. I can't look at you because you make my heart start to beat against my chest rapidly. You make me go crazy just at the thought of you. My head spins when you entire the room and your smile oh my gosh that smile of yours makes me forget about all of my problems. You make me feel like a teenager again and bring back everything I felt towards you the first time I saw you.
"You are the girl I should have chose from the beginning. I shouldn't have let distance get in between the two of us. I have always loved you and I know I'll never stop. My heart beats for you. I breath for you. You make me the happiest person ever and make me believe in myself in ways no one else can. Gosh you honestly just saved me from being in a loveless marriage. I won't deny that I didn't have feelings towards her at some point because I did but after a while they started fading out. She started being mean towards my friends and making me seclude myself from them. She wanted my attention twenty four seven. I don't even know what got in me to propose to her. Gosh I don't know why I even went through with all of this. Now I know this is a shit way of asking but will you be mine again. I promise to never let go." He admitted while looking at you with tear filled eyes.
Your lips parted as you let everything process inside your mind. Your tongue tried forming the words you wanted to say but it felt as if someone was holding it down. Instead you took one step towards him standing chest to chest to him. You could hear his nervous breathing now and noticed that he had a slight glisten of sweat on his forehead.
"I'll be yours as long as you didn't say a single vow in there." You whisper as you look at him with a nervous jitter coursing through your veins.
"Baby, I didn't say a single vow. I'm actually so glad you were there when he said 'speak now'. I love you Y/N, never will stop loving you if you allow me too." He whispered back while resting his hand on the small of your back. Your eyes scanned his honest and hopeful eyes. Your heart skipped a beat and you felt as if you were on a cloud floating down the sky.
Instead of responding you leaned in and pressed a soft passion filled kiss onto his lips. His lips tasted just as sweet as they did when you two kissed for the first time as teenagers. His lips felt soft against yours and fit oh so perfectly with yours. Your arms on instinct made its way to his hair knotting themselves in it. Your chest began to burn from the lose of air causing you to pull away from his soft lips.
"How's that for an answer?" You giggle while twirling his hair in your finger. The smile on his face spoke a million thoughts. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes looked bright green.
"I love it, but I need another one just to be sure." He teased making you giggle. You press your lips against his in a short sweet kiss. All the same feelings came rushing in and you felt so at home in his arms.
"Let's runway and never look back," he said against your lips making you smile brightly. That was what he told you on your first official date as you two stood on the edge of the cliff by the lake you two love so much.
"Let's do it," you responded with crimson cheeks.
That evening the two of you started a love story that no other had.
A rare love that could only be found in fairy tales.

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