Te amo

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Being with Grayson consisted of the use of tons of pet names. He'd call you babe, baby, baby girl, and sometimes princess, but only when you were feeling upset because he knew that was your favorite and it always cheered you up to hear him call you that. You called him the usual, babe, baby, baby boy, honey bun, and a ton of other things that you just made up. Also, with you being a native Spanish speaker, you called him a few Spanish pet names as well, like mi amor, bebe, and your personal favorite, Graysito. The first time you called him Graysito was one of your funniest memories with him. He was at home with Ethan one night, and you'd been texting back and forth all night, but all of a sudden he just stopped replying to you. You started texting Ethan, asking where Grayson was, but he didn't know. He just kept saying that he left without telling him where he went. The next thing you knew, there was a knock on the door, and Grayson was standing on your porch, a wide smile on his face. "Ay, Graysito! Where have you been? I've been trying to get ahold of you, and Ethan wouldn't tell me where you were." You said as you fell into his arms. "Oh, babe, I'm so sorry. I was driving, so I couldn't text you back, and I told Ethan not to tell you anything because I wanted it to be a surprise when I got here." He laughed. "You know I hate surprises." You sighed. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again." He laughed, kissing you. You brought him inside and you sat down on the sofa with him. "So, let's talk about what you called me when you answered the door." He said, smiling at you. "Oh, Graysito? Yeah, it just kinda happened." You laughed awkwardly. "What's it mean?" He asked. "It's just your name with -ito at the end." You laughed. "It's technically used when something is small, but in that case, when you add it to a name or something, it can indicate a sense of affection.""Mmm, I love it." He smiled, kissing you. Ever since that night, he became obsessed with you calling him Spanish nicknames. He always told you that he thought they were cuter than English nicknames and he loved to hear your accent whenever you said them. He even became obsessed with you just speaking Spanish in general. You'd start talking to a family member on the phone in Spanish and he would just watch you and listen, mesmerized by the way the words sounded and how they just flowed together. You were spending a weekend with him, him wanting to get out of the house and spend a few days away from filming and thinking about other Youtube things. As you were getting ready for bed, you noticed a tired look on his face and your heart sank. "Ay, mi amor, ven paca." You said, holding out your arms. "I'm guessing that means something along the lines of come here." He laughed as he rolled into bed next to you, wrapping himself in your arms. "Yes, my love." You said, kissing the top of his head. You both lied there as you held him. You felt his muscles begin to relax under your touch and knew that he was falling asleep."Buenas noches, mi amor. Duerme bien." You whispered, hugging him tight. "Te amo." He whispered, nuzzling further into his chest. "Te amo tambien." You said with a smile, as you yourself began to fall asleep.

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