Happy birthday

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This was so cringy for me to write 😬😬😬😬


Today was a very special day.
The reason being was that today was the day you were welcomed into the world. You were pretty pumped for today because your boyfriend told you that he had many things planned out. As much as you begged for him to tell you he wouldn't say a thing.
Currently you were curling your hair while moving your hips along to the beat of the song playing in the background. Grayson would be there at any minute to pick you up. He texted you fifteen minutes ago saying he was on his way and he only lived seventeen minutes away. That meant that he should be getting there in a few minutes to begin your birthday festivities. Shaking your hairspray you quickly shook the can before spraying it in your hair while running your fingers through it.
Once you were happy with the finishing look you sprayed on your favorite perfume. Hearing a knock you walked over to the door barefoot. Opening the door you were greeted with a large teddy bear and a bouquet of your favorite flowers. "Happy birthday babe!" Grayson yelled from behind the gifts making you giggle.
"Thank you so much Gray. This is so sweet," you gushed while taking the flowers from him and setting them on a small table next to the door. Grayson soon stepped inside the house and set the giant teddy bear on the wall. Feeling his arms around your waist you smiled and wrapped your own around his neck.
Connecting your lips in a sweet kiss you giggled when you felt Grayson's hands travel down to your ass.
"Babe, if you keep this up we might not even make it out the door," you smiled while playing with the back of his hair as you stared into his loving hazel eyes.
"You just look so hot in this dress," he smirked while leaning back down to kiss you. Pulling away you took a step back and smiled at him.
" I need to get my shoes on and then we can leave. Maybe later you can see me without the dress," you teased him as your turned around swaying your hips more than normal as you walked away.
Smirking to yourself when you heard Grayson groan you knew you had that boy wrapped around your finger. You never planned on taking advantage of that but you loved the fact that he would do anything for you. It was the same way with you. If he called you at three in the morning because Ethan and him were filming you would get up and help him. If he needed help with anything or hinted to you that he wanted something you would more than likely end up doing it.
He also had you wrapped around his finger and you didn't mind that at all. Sliding on your shoes you grabbed your purse with your phone and wallet inside. Walking back over to your boyfriend you checked yourself out once more in the mirror before making your presence known.
"Lets get going baby you," told him while rummaging through your purse to make sure that you had everything you need inside.
"Ooo guys look at how beautiful my girlfriend is!" Grayson exclaimed as he pointed his camera up to you catching you attention. Smiling shyly at the camera you covered your face with your hands and started giggling. You weren't used to being on camera much and would always grow shy whenever Grayson would record you. Once he was done and posted the cute little video on his snapchat story the two of you headed out the door to the first destination.
"Okay babe so I'm going to need you to put this on," Grayson smiled as he kept one hand on the steering wheel and the other one handing you a blindfold.
"Why can't I see where we are going?"You asked while grabbing the black blindfold from him and setting it on your eyes.
"Because I want the location to be a complete surprise," he responded. Tying the blindfold you adjusted it in the front and made sure that you couldn't see.
Once you were sure you couldn't see a thing from the blindfold you began to grow even more excited. Grayson was known to be romantic and everything he did always held a special meaning to him and you. It either represented something in your relationship or it was a small thing he remembered from weeks ago that you mentioned. You knew he probably worked hard on whatever the surprise was and was more than likely just as nervous as you were right now. Feeling the car come to a stop you waited in your seat patiently for Grayson to get you.
"Come here babe," Grayson mumbled as he grabbed your hand and helped you out the car. Setting your foot on the floor you felt your shoe sink down in what you assumed was sand. Furrowing your eyebrows you opened your mouth to say something but instead you let out a loud gasp as Grayson swept you off your feet. Wrapping your arms around Grayson neck you buried your face in the crook of his neck. Your lips lightly brushed against his skin and when you heard his breath hitch you smirked. Teasingly you began to lightly run your lips on his sweet spot causing his arms to tighten around you.
"Y/N, you better stop that," he growled into your ear as his hand on your thighs began to trail up your dress. You felt your body grow hot at his simple touch and your heart began to beat faster than normal.
"Stop doing what?" You asked trying to sound as innocent as you could while messing with the back of his hair trying your best to ignore his trailing hand.
"If you don't stop I swear," he mumbled as he continued to walk to the secret location he was taking you too Instead of responding back to him you pressed your lips back on his neck and started nibbling on his sensitive skin. Hearing a low moan escape his plump lips you smirked and wrapped your lips around the spot sucking just hard enough to leave a purple bruise.
"Fuck, we are here," Grayson breathed out as he gently set you down on the floor. Feeling his arms on your waist you waited for him to take the blindfold off to show you where you two were at.
"Can I take the blindfold off?" You asked him while reaching up to grab your blindfold.
"Yeah, here let me." He said while untying the knot you made earlier. Feeling the piece of cloth removed from your eyes you blinked a few times to regain perfect vision. Once you no longer saw little yellow spots you took in your surroundings and turned to look at Grayson with teary eyes.
He had brought you to the place you two came on your first date, where he asked you to be his girlfriend, and where the two of your said "I love you" for the first time. It was such a special place to the both of you and this warmed your heart up. He had set up a small table and two chairs. On the table was a large picnic basket and small little bags surrounding it.
"Grayson, you are the best boyfriend ever. I don't know what I did to deserve someone like you." You smiled while walking over to him. Grabbing his face in-between your hands you pressed a kiss on his soft lips. The kiss was short and sweet.
Grayson was the first to pull away as he pushed a strand of hair behind your ear with a loving smile on his face.&nbsp. You deserve everything and more he whispered to you making your heart swell up with love. Soon he guided you over to the table and helped you sit down. Thanking him you watched him do every little task. This made him grow shy and his cheeks turn a light pink color.
He would glance up at you every once in a while sheepishly as you smiled at him. You loved how shy and awkward he got whenever he would catch you staring at him. "I love you," you spoke out as he set the plate of food in-front of you
"I love you too," he shyly said with a large smile on his face showing off his pearly whites. The two of you spent two hours eating, talking, and just enjoying each others company.
The sun was beginning to set and hide away for the day. The moon was beginning to grow more visible as the two of you began to pick everything up. "I have another surprise back at my apartment," Grayson told you as you two walked back to the car hand in hand. "Gray, you really don't need to do anything else for me." You said feeling a bit guilty that he was doing so much for your birthday. "You deserve it. Don't feel guilty over the fact that I love to spoil my queen." He smirked making your face turn a bright pink.
When you two got to his shared apartment with Ethan he made you wait outside the apartment door for a few minutes. He quickly set up the balloons and the small cupcake he bought for you two blow out a candle.
He also set two other gift bags next to it. Once he was happy with the way it looked he walked back out and brought you inside while covering your eyes with his large hands. Once he removed his hands from your face your smile grew larger. "Make a wish babe," he smiled while wrapping his arms around your waist and his chin rested on the top of your head.
"Why make a wish when I already have everything I want," you spoke honestly earning a soft kiss on the cheek from your boyfriend.
"I love you y/n," he whispered into your ear making you smile.
"Love you too."
Closing your eyes you made a wish for everything to stay the way it was now before blowing it out. That earned a cheer from Grayson making you giggle.
"Open this," he said excitedly while handing you a gray bag. Taking it from his hands  you took out the tulle paper and reached down to grab the small box. Opening it you saw a beautiful ring that had a many small diamonds adorning the band with a semi-large on in the middle of it. You picked your head up to look at Grayson but when you did you saw him on one knee in front of you.
"Grayson..." you gasped out feeling shocked and nervous that he was going to propose to you. That was something you weren't ready for at the moment considering you two were still very young.
"I'm not proposing! At least not yet. I'm making you a promise," he quickly explained as he saw your wide eyed expression.
Relaxing your tense body you nodded your head and let him speak.
"This is a promise ring I picked out a few weeks ago. I was walking through the mall buying you a few gifts and I stumbled upon a jewelry store. As I was looking for a necklace to buy for you I saw the rings and remembered the fake plastic ring I gave you on your fourth date at the carnival. This ring reminded me of it and I couldn't help but buy it. So here I am on my knee promising you the following things. I, Grayson Bailey Dolan, promise to always love, care, and protect you to the best of my abilities. I promise to always talk out our issues and never let you go to bed angry. I promise that I will support you with your dreams and aspirations. I promise that one day I will exchange this ring for an engagement ring sometime in the far future. I promise to one day make you Mrs. Y/N Y/M/N Dolan and create a beautiful family together. I promise to annoy you and hype you up. I promise to treat you like a queen for the rest of my life. I promise to love you for eternity," he spoke out as tears cascaded down both your faces. Reaching down you wiped away the tears that rolled down Grayson's face with the pad of your thumb.
"I love you Grayson Bailey Dolan," you sniffled as he slide on the ring on your ring finger.
"I love you too Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N," He smiled while grabbing your face in-between his hands and pressing a soft tender kiss on your red lips.
"I have one last present for you," Grayson smiled as he stood up from his leaning position. "But you are going to have to wear this again." He said while holding up the blindfold you had on earlier.
"Babe I think you've done enough for today," you said feeling a bit guilty that he was doing so much for your birthday.
"As I said before, I will forever treat you like a queen." He said while walking behind you and putting the blindfold on your face.
"Fine," you gave in as he helped you up and began to guide you to his bedroom.
"Ouch Grayson! You are truly a horrible guide," you laughed out in pain while rubbing your elbow that hit the edge of the wall for the third time on the short journey to his room. "Sorry babe," he chuckled while lightly rubbing your red elbow.
Finally the two of you got to his bedroom and Grayson removed the blindfold from your face. The bed was covered in red roses with LED candles scattered around the floor (he didn't want to come back to a burned down apartment), and a bag sitting in the middle of the bed. Grayson walked over to the bed and grabbed the medium sized back.
"Oh my gosh," you laughed as you saw the familiar pink and black bag in his left hand and the smirk on his face.
"I hope I got your correct size," he smirked while handing you the bag.
Thanking him you opened the back and took out the red lace material inside of it.
"Do you like it?" Grayson asked with a nervous expression on his face as he watched you study the lingerie he bought you.
"I love it Gray thank you," you smiled while pressing yet another kiss on his lips.
"Good, now how about you show me how it looks on you," he teased while running his fingers down your back and messing with the zipper.
"Why not," you smirked as he squeezed your ass. 
Trying on the first pair, which was a black bra and a cross matching underwear, you fluffed up your hair before walking back out again. 
You went back into the room to find Grayson sitting on the edge of the bed scrolling through his phone.
"That looks good baby." He says before turning his attention back to his phone.
"I'm guessing you don't like it?" I ask while turning around to look at myself in his bedroom mirror
"No, I do. It just wouldn't be my first choice." He honestly answered while glancing back up at you.
Taking his words into consideration your lips curve into a smirk. Going back into the bathroom you pulled out the other set that he had bought for you. This one was a bright red that contrasted against your skin perfectly. It was a lace bra with detail going along the edges and a lacy thong that made your ass look bigger. It also came along with a red lace cardigan that barely covered anything.
Walking back out you noticed Grayson look up at you and do a huge double-take. Smirking you spun around in front of him to show him your entire look. This caused him to wolf-whistle at you as he eyed you up and down with feverish eyes.
"You like it?" You ask while walking up to him, swaying your lips more than usual as you did.
"Ugh you are going to be the death of me." He groaned while reaching over for you and resting his hands on your waist. Looking down at his lap you smirked as you saw the outline of his dick through his thick jeans.
Bringing your bottom lip in between your teeth, you push him back and straddle his thighs. Staring down into his lust filled eyes you pressed your lips hotly on his.
Kissing him, he slides his tongue into your mouth while his hands begin to explore your body. His hands soon rested on your ass, giving them a harsh squeeze before flipping the two of you over.
He parts away, and begins to kiss down your neck. Sucking on your sweet spot, you moan lightly as he continues to assault your neck with his plump lips.
His hands then travel back up to your boobs and every now and then he would squeeze them gently.
"Fuck Y/N, I need this off. Now." He growled while tugging at the lace bra.
"Do something about it then," you smirked not giving in to what he wanted as easily as he wanted you too.
Gasping when he reached back and unclipped your bra with one finger. You looked down and saw his proud smirk. Giggling you let the material run down your arm and let Grayson fling it on the bedroom floor.
Soon your giggles were cut short as Grayson had now flipped you over.
"Not so funny now is it?" He smirked while gripping both your hands up over your head.
Furrowing your eyebrows at his comment you let out a pleasurable sigh as his mouth soon began to tease your nipple.
"Fuck Grayson do something," you moaned out wanting him to stop teasing you.
Smirking he begins to sucks on one boob, while squeezing the other in a gentle but rough manner.
Sighing, you start to grind onto his thigh slowly but roughly, getting that friction that you wanted. Moaning you began to grind a little farther down his leg.
"Fuck, that's so hot." He groans while watching you grind onto him.
Moaning out loudly, your eyes roll back a little as you feel yourself getting closer and closer.
"You gonna cum on my thigh Y/N?" He says seductively while kissing your neck.
"Mhm." you hum out not being able to form proper words.
"Fuck Gray!" you moan out cumming hard onto his thigh.
Riding out your high, Grayson lets go of your hands to slide off the thong you had on.
"Cumming for me without me even touching you," he smirks as he stares down at your wet core.
Using him being distracted to your advantage you push him to the side and straddle his knees while sitting up.
You unbutton his pants and slide his boxers down. His erection slaps onto his stomach, already leaking with precum. Grabbing his dick in you hands, you lick all the way up to the tip, before giving it little kisses, purposely teasing him.
"Don't tease me, Y/N." he warns.
"Sucks when it's you doesn't it?" You asked as your voice dripped with sweetness.
"Fuck do something or I'll do it myself," Grayson groaned while reaching down to his erection. Roughly gripping his hands you set it down and gave him a strong glare.
Taking him all the way in mouth, you began to bob your head back and forth.
You wouldn't stop until he hits the back of your throat. Gagging a little, you wrap your arm around the rest of the skin that wouldn't go inside you. Pulling away from him with a loud 'pop' you look up at your glistening boyfriend.
"You can mouth fuck me if you want." you state while looking up at him through your lashes
Like a kid in a candy store, his eyes go wide as he nods his head frantically.
Going back down on him he waits for you to take him in before grabbing your hair and gently tugging it. He soon begins to thrust himself in and out of your mouth making small moans erupt from his throat.
Your eyes start to water and you can tell he's gonna cum soon because of how sloppy he's starting to get.
Instead of releasing in your mouth he pulls out of your mouth and pulls you up to him. Flipping you back down again he reaches over to the nightstand and grabs a condom. You watched him impatiently as he ripped open the plastic wrap. Groaning as he was taking his sweet time you took it from his hand and expertly rolled it up on his dick.
"There sheesh Grayson," you said in an annoyed tone while rolling your eyes.
"Better watch that tone Y/N." He growled as he glared down at you.
He soon puts his hands next to your face as he aligns himself with your entrance.
"Don't tease gray."  you whine as you feel his tip lightly graze your clit.
"Fuck," you gasp out as he roughly begins to thrust himself into you.
"Shit, oh my god." he moans while gripping the sheets next to your face. His face soon finds its way to your shoulder and his teeth begin to graze the skin.
His hands soon grip onto your hips, giving him more leverage to fuck you into oblivion.
"You're so tight." He mumbles thrusting faster and faster by the second. He pulls out and turns me around on your back. Getting in between your legs, he thrusts inside of you, hands still gripping your hips. Curse words and groans leave both of your lips, as Grayson stops going fast, but slow and hard. Thrusting out, thrusting back in hard and deep, hitting your g-spot every time.
"Fuck! Grayson right there." you moan out loudly.
Grayson is focused on your wetness slicking his cock and he thrusts in and out loving the feeling around him.
That familiar pit forms in your stomach, signaling your second orgasm of the night.
"I'm gonna cum Gray." you whine out to him as your fist the sheets beneath you.
His hands meet yours, squeezing your hands together. His lips yet again attack your neck once more as you feel him twitch inside you.
"Grayson," you moan out in a low tone as you feel the familiar bundle in the pit of your stomach disappear.
"Fuck!" He groans as he released into the condom before pulling out of you.
The two of you stared up at the ceiling with panting breathes as the two of you tried to get off your high.
"Best birthday ever." you sigh while turning your head to look at your sweaty boyfriend who had this biggest shit-eating grin on his face.
"I'm glad you loved it baby. Now let me get you cleaned up." he whispered while getting up from the bed and walking over to the bathroom.
Staring at his nude body as he walked back from the bathroom you bit your lip at the beautiful sight.
Soon his gently hands cleaned you up with a wet towel before cuddling back in bed with you.
Wrapping your legs around his waist you snuggled into him. Pressing a kiss to the bottom of his jaw you let out a content sigh.
You honestly had the best boyfriend in the entire world.
I made my cheer squad I would've made varsity but you have to be a senior but I'm a sophomore so junior varsity it is.

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