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There you stood on in the master bathroom staring down at the four small sticks that just changed your entire life. All four had a very prominent plus sign leaving you speechless. Grayson and you had always discussed having kids and had started trying half a year ago.
You had wanted so long to have the pregnancy test show the positive sign, and now that you did you didn't know what to do.
"Oh my gosh," you whispered out to yourself as you shakily pulled out your phone to take a picture of the pregnancy test that were lying on the sink counter.
Grayson wasn't home, and wouldn't be home for another day. He was currently in New York working at TRL while you stayed in your home in Jersey. You looked down at the test one more time and decided not to send Grayson the pictures. Instead you wanted to surprise him when he got home and make it special for the both of you. Grabbing all four of the test you walked over to your bedroom and set them on the nightstand. You quickly threw on a pair of shoes and grabbed your bag. You knew exactly how to tell Grayson about him being a father and you couldn't wait.
"Babe! I'm home!" Grayson yelled through the house as he walked inside looking for you.
"I'm in the dining room!" You yelled back as you frantically tried to set everything down on the table to perfection. As Grayson's footsteps grew closer to the dinning room you turned around and smoothed out the red dress you had on.
"Wow, you look amazing." Grayson gasped out making you blush. "Thanks baby," you smiled as he wrapped his arms around your waist while you wrapped your own around his neck. Nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck you softly inhaled the sweet smell of his cologne that you loved. Grayson gave you a small squeeze before pulling away from your embrace. Pouting slightly you looked over at the small box that was waiting for Grayson to open; this brought another smile onto your face.
"Oh how could I forget," you heard Grayson mumble beside you. Turning your head to look at him you suddenly felt his warm lips on yours. Smiling into the kiss you quickly pecked his chapped lips.
"I hope you're hungry because I made your favorite," you smile while stepping aside from the table to show him the homemade pizza you took the time to make from scratch.
"Wow, babe you didn't have to do all this but thank you." He smiled while leaning down and pressing another kiss on your lips.
"You deserve this. I know how hard work is getting right now and I felt like spoiling you today." You shrug while walking around the table to sit down on your chair next to Grayson. The two of you sat down and chatted about your week. Grayson told you about what they planned to do for there next big entrance on TRL and all the meetings he was going to have all week long. You told him about how work was getting hectic and how his mom came over two days ago to help you move in the new couch you bought. The two of you finished eating, the dishes were now in the sink and dessert was now resting on the table.
"Oh I almost forgot." You laugh to yourself as you get up from the table leaving a confused Grayson. You grabbed the medium sized white box and quickly walked over to Grayson who stared at the box with curiosity. 
"Babe, you didn't have to. I didn't get you anything and now I feel really bad," Grayson frowned as you set the box in front of him.
"I don't care Grayson. Really, now please open it." You smiled while standing next to him nervously bouncing on your heels wondering how he would react to the news. You knew the both of you wanted this, but the last time the two of you talked about having a baby was months ago. You weren't sure if he had changed his mind but you were surly about to find out right now.
You watched as he undid the yellow ribbon and carefully tore open the wrapping paper. You bit your lip as he removes the lid from the box and sticks his hand into the box grabbing the card you set on top of everything else.
"Can't wait to meet you in 8 months! We are about to have the best adventures ever!" Grayson read off looking at you with a confused expression on his face.
"Look in the box you idiot," you laugh while he set the card on the side of the table.
"Who's meeting me in nine months?" Grayson asked you while still leaving his attention on the little card you made for him. Annoyed you rolled your eyes and told him again to look inside the box. Grayson did as told and moved the pieces of gift paper you stuffed the box with. He soon pulled out a cute little brown bear onesie and when he saw it he finally started connecting the gifts together.
"Are you serious?" Grayson asked you with glassy eyes as he looked up at you hoping that he was thinking correctly.
"There's one more thing in the box," you smiled with tears filling up your eyes knowing he wanted this as much as you did.
Grayson quickly rummaged through the box and quickly pulled out your positive Clear-Blue test that said you were about four to five weeks pregnant.
"No fucking way! I'm going to be a dad?" Grayson gasped as he shot up from the chair, pregnancy test still in his hand.
"Surprise!" You laugh with teary eyes. Grayson wraps his arms around you and picks you up spinning you around.
"Grayson put me down," you giggle feeling a bit nauseous from the sudden spin. "I'm sorry, but oh my gosh I'm going to be a father. We created a little human being," Grayson gasped out while looking down at your flat stomach that would soon bloat over and look like you swallowed a watermelon.
"I know. I found out yesterday morning. I thought it was just the flu but well I couldn't help myself so I took a test. It came out positive and so did the other four I took. I didn't want to tell you over the phone so I planned this out. Oh my gosh I can't wait to get our first ultrasound and tell our family!" You smile while resting a hand on your stomach that was growing a human both Grayson and you created.
"I love you, thank you so much." Grayson smiled while grabbing your face and pulling you into a passionate kiss. Both of your lips moved in perfect sync. Salty tears mixed between your cherry chapstick and Grayson's chapped lips. Your hands rested on Grayson's neck slightly playing with the hairs in the back as his thumb rubbed your jaw softly. Pulling away from the kiss the both of you rested your foreheads on one another, breathless from the kiss.
You two stared lovingly into one another's eyes basking in the love that was radiating off of the both of you.
A love that created another life that would soon be a proof of that love.

 A love that created another life that would soon be a proof of that love

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