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I love random letters :)

But that's not important anywayssss today's rant is dog pooping.



I happened to be at the wrong time and place kind of situation. So I was just you know minding my own business and walking my sister's dog, Jack around when I just happened to look.


APPARENTLY seeing a dog shitting is bad.

Now in conclusion I have a swollen left eye :)       😖😞😟😩😢😧😭

And that's why I'm a cat  🙄

The end.


Q: Do you believe in myths and shizz sort of things?

Ay its been so long since I've been on here 😂

Ew I just realized valentines is coming up next *sighs* at least I'm not in highschool to see that shizz anymore because that was cringingly bad. I'm actually okay with it now xD

Stupid idiots wasting money on just that one day ugh.

Anyways toodles everyone! 😂👋


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