What is Love?

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_Bubble_Tea she a wife stealer

Let's all throw tomatoes at her!


Kidding kidding lol

But no for reals

Love is complicated. Where there is love there is love.  You can not and I repeat love somebody and another person at the same time. That is NOT love.

If the person says they love you and is with someone else what does that makes you if you correspond to that person? What does that makes you when you fallen in love with a person who is already taken? What does that makes to the person who says they love you back when they are with someone else in the moment?

A freaking lover.

A lover...


Just a lover 😢

You will always be second to that person's eyes.  What kind of love is that?

That is not love.

Love is when your heart accelerates at the sound of your loved one's voice. When a smile creeps up to your lips at the sight of that person. Love is when you give all your trust to that person without doubting the beauty in you. Love is not giving up. Love is there in your darkest moments. Love is...

You tell me...what is Love?

One thing that I do know for sure is... Love can hurt. It hurts when you don't know how to control your feelings. It hurts when you go to far and get nothing in return.

Lol I'm not saying this because of me. 😅 the thought just came and I wanted to rant about it. Lol me and my soap operas 😥 #novelas❤

Point is love is only one. Sure you can love many things like your family, your friends, your pets, cats, heck even your underwear 😂😅😂😅 but when it comes to the right person, the love of your life, your other half...

That should only belong to one person and to that person only deserves all the love from your heart.

So all the lovers out there...

Don't take someone else's mate away. Look further and find your true half. :)

All it takes is just some time.


And lots of love ❤❤❤

Q: what do you love?

Me: 😺

Tara676 don't even say it... 😂😂😂


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