Not Sleepy

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Do any of you be in the middle of the night and feel wide awake? Like really wide awake.

For some reason I feel not a drop of sleepiness when it was only just after having a long week of work that I should be passed out xD

Q: things that keep you awake?

I can't stop reading 0-o

I'm legit reading when I should be asleep xD oh well I guess I'm not that normal after all.

Somebody call my doc in! 😂

And with more rants:

Don't you wish your story characters be real?

If only life worked that way where one could write their own story to their life and erase mistakes when needed. Sadly life doesn't work that way. You screw once, and that will be there forever.


And to you all babies who go to school who is ready to go back to first day of school? XD

If only I could go back sighsssss. 😅

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