Right Now

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Welcome to my rant book where I will talk your ear off and complain life and talk random shizz and stuff.

And stuff...

So today's topic is:

America's fate.

Now I don't know you but I fear my nation as of right now. Today people are voting and one will win in just a few hours. Who will win Trump or Clinton?

I personally don't want a specific shriveled orange potato to win. Sorry if I insulted an-

Are you kidding?!

I'm not sorry AT ALL.

You have your opinion and I have MINE.

I got this brilliant idea to make a rant book from Tara so blame her. Kidding don't!😂

This is my thing so if you don't like it screw yourself because I didn't ask. I'm a pretty chill person 'kay don't be shy, I don't bite. I was kidding about the screwing.

So as right now I speak again saying Trump is an insult and my nightmare. He will destroy america and destroy families. People don't be blind! He is a monster and people are still voting for him. I fear for my country and my people.

So If I disappear....you know what happened. 😰😣😣😣


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