It Speaks!

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Ever had to go in a situation where the room you are currently in is dead silent except for the growls in your stomach?

It's TrAgIc! 😭😭😭

Stomach had to growl the moment everything around you goes quiet. It's awkward and embarrassing because everyone has to turn and stare at where the sound is coming from.

It begs at you for food but you happen to be in a classroom where it is no food zone. So you try to sneak chips from your backpack to feed Mr. Growls. 🐻 but then the crunching is the only thing heard so everyone's eyes like glass stare at you once more.

Mr. Growl gets desperate and speak to you once again.

😭😭😭 But everyone has realized where its coming from.

Mr. Growls turns savage and starts to eat your insides. All because you didn't feed it in the morning.

Moral of the story: Breakfast is the important meal of the day.

That or maybe your best friend happens to be the bad luck of your day... 😭

Say hi to Mr. Growl 🐻 ain't he cutttteee!

Now that I realize... Happy Saint Patrick Day! I really love green so this day is like my day.

Q: What is at the end of the rainbow?

I believe! 🌈💰




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