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For those who know Ana.

Yes the same one in My Lovely Mistakes and in My Lovely Corrections.....

I just had to rant here.

I swear there are people that are so !$#:$;:-&$8$62,!

They keep on insisting to hurt one thinking that will make them better but in the contrary they are poor rotten soulless that have no life.

I know Karate!

Okay I don't...

Today in English class we had to do an essay.

Write about an event in your past.

Ana is a how do you call a-despised-person.

Nobody likes her because she likes to be hated for some reason. Instead of maturing and go forward, she is an immature horrible person and a tripper. She really needs her marbles back.

So about that essay, I swear she wrote about me. She kept looking back at me and she waited for me to turn my essay for first before she went to turn in hers next.

You kinda get the idea.

Though she not the only one 😈

I may or may not told a whole story about her evil days that she did to me in my past and boy am I proud. 😂

Sorry I had to rant about this. She is worse than Trump.

#dontbeher 😉

You all too good!


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