Dem Haters

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Here is the thing people, you mess with my fam, my friends, and my homies, or a freaking cat walking by...

Ya gonna have to go through me. 😈

Toleration non included.

The ones that know my life, know very well what happens to people who like to step on me and put me down below them.

There always have to be people out there who like to see others suffer when really they are the ones suffering for stupid things. There is no need to hurt others when things go bad. One just have to look things like this...after a storm there is always a rainbow. Gotta start looking that dang rainbow folks cuz that unicorn farting at the other end will be useful for something. ✊

Those people who watched me fall, made me stumble, dropped shizz down the stairs at me...all of them...

All of those jerks who thought that could get through me...

Not gonna get through me that easily no more. Dani here has a gun full of apples and I ain't afraid to use it


I got dem all down 😎

I would love for everyone to get along but sadly life doesn't want it to be that way. What am I saying??? HUMaNS don't want to get along because they like shitty problems and hate. Well I got news haters, I WILL NOT LET MYSELF FALL THIS TIME. Na-ah no way this time I have people. People out there who actually see the good in me. So if you want to play bad, I can play badder. 😎

So you know what that means...

My Lovely Correction will have a whole Lotta junk out there waiting to be told.

Fed up with people using you, treating you like shizz, and making you less?

I'm here at your service.

Violence doesn't solve anything but there is time when one just have to be hard in order for the cold hearted to soften. So instead of using bullets like I usually do...imma use apples instead and put some sense in biatches noggins. It's much nicer don't you think so? :)

Foodislife27forever she has tons of apples if you need some! XD she has inspire me with dem apples 😂😂😂

Point of this rant is,

Haters, bullies, meanies, jerks, and the bunch of shizzers out there...

You better watch out cuz I got myself a squad.

#spreadsomelove ❤❤❤


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