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I hate the dentist.

Sure I like to have my teeth clean and shiney but I hate the process. Sometimes it hurts, other times it is stressful.

First of all, It took half an hour waiting in the waiting room just so my name could be called. Finally they called me, took my x-rays, and guess what?

A complete hour sitting in a room all alone. Just me and the tv. It took them twenty minutes to realize and be like "oh yeah put the poor gurl something to watch while she waits."


They put me Elf the movie. ELF IN JANUARY! So the movie was okay but stilllll I was bored af.

Thirty minutes later the dentist finally realized I existed.

FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I come to get my teeth clean not just sit and wait. I have zero tolerance in waiting.

And then the tragedy...

"Oops Danielle, you have a cavity."


Eighteen years of my life and never have I gotten a cavity until now. It was tragic. 😭😭😭😭

So yeah I got my teeth cleaned and had to hold my breath for ten minutes. Water and spit got on my face and the hook thingy made me cringe.

The only good thing was that the dentist's assistant thought my eyes were pretty.

Okay I guess...but stillllll my mouth hurt and I was hungry and had to wait for more thirty minutes before eating again.


I'm done.

Sorry for the long rant but I was pissed off okay lol but I am chill now 😂

Omg I hate the sucker thingy. It feels weird and it makes me want to gag. 😷

Okay NOW I am done.


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