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The fudge what is this?!

-13 => 2x + 13 - 13 = 4 - 2x - 13

This is nothing though.

WHo the heck expect me to use this in the real world?

Like for real I don't see me as a artist using this crap. 😑

Why did math had to be so complicated?! Even the math jokes don't help 😑.

Q: What did one math book say to the other?

A: I got my own problems...

Well guess what? I have a problem with you punk! Goodness how am I to pass highschool when numbers turn to letters and letters to bizarre symbols?

This is just as bad as Trump 😑

Oh great now Math just became my next hate list. I have a freaking blister on my finger for stressing my pencil to solve my math problems for me. Poor pencil it cracked in two because it couldn't find the answer for me 😭😭😭

Who needs to learn this shizz when in the real world you just need to count 1-10 and you live like any normal human.

Is it just me but is this everyone's struggle in school?

I cheat during the math test.


I admit I'm a cheater when it comes to math 😂

I write the answers on my hand or sometimes write the answer on the table with my pencil and hide it under the calculator.

Always works. 😝

Okay so that was a bad advice but what can I do? 😂😂😂

Please don't be like me if you aren't already that is 😉


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