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Welp what can I say? xD finally another year came to its end. Time goes too fast I'm telling you.

2017 has been an hmmmm an "okay" year xD

I had my ups and down but mostly ups. I managed to survive highschool and me graduating this year was one of my best moment of 2017.

I made lots of new friends and got rid of my enemies 😏 and made new ones apparently 😒

I got my first job, my first phone (and its replacement xD), and well I'm actually happy. I especially grateful for everyone here I met in Wattpad who have been supporting me for another year. That including with all of my shizz, drama, and the occasional table flips here and there 😂

Q: What have been the best and the worse of 2017?

The worse for me has to be Trump 😂 I'm sorry but geez I really hate the dude and had to bring him once again.

The best? 😏😏😏 well let's just say a certain person came along.

I may have lost a "few" of my cat lives this year but even that couldn't ruin it xD

I actually had fun this year and I hope each and everyone of you guys did as well and if not, I hope 2018 can be the best! 

Q: Any new year resolutions? xD

Mine are:

1. Stay alive and stop being killed by a "certain somebody" *cough cough* Seb. (-_-)

2. Less table flips. (Just for you Tara xD)

3. Make more buddies!

4. Finish and make more stories

5. Annnnnndddddddd see what else I can do with my life 😂

Thank you once again to all my buddies here in Wattpad you guys make me happy 😭😭😭😭😊😊😊

Tara676 for being BAE and my therapist and my wattoad buddy and all of that good shiz xDDDD

Lifesabish2002 for being my homie 💚 I gotchu fam

rosevalla54 daughter/bestfriend

emotionlessjerk__ yes you xD

datviolingal you too for helping me in da ship xD

And everyone else sorry if I didn't tag just I'm just sleepy and shizz xD

Happy New Year everyone and I hope for the best for everyone ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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