Here, There, Blah blah blah.

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Trump here.
Trump there.
Trump everywhere.

(And no Tara he isn't omnipotent. Well I hope not! 😂)

I am so bored just hearing the same dang all thing.

Ew they just swore. What a bunch of politic liars.

Pence is just as bad as Trump.

What a nightmare!

Oh well 😥

Done is done and like Tara says, "At Least Let Trump Shine!"

I don't have a choice anyways! 😂

Maybe Chapo can be our 46th president once orange potato face is done with his reign.

( Yes mija Rose I am quite aware you kind of mentioned that ¬-¬ ....stupid child. 😂)

Yuck I mean look at Trump's face. ⬇


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I have a headache just looking at him.

Poor America.

He sounds so sincere, so real in his inauguration speech.

Too bad he is a RACIST man! 😡😡😡

#prayforAmerica 🙏🙏🙏🙏

And may the lying man actually be a person for good for everyone and for America itself :(


Lets let him shine and hope for the best out of everything. Maybe he can change to good after all.


Hope... 😬 😥


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