WattTheFudge (LONG RANT)

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Okay since when did Wattpad became a dating sight? 😂😂😂

Last time I checked it was for reading and writing and well making friends....not looking for mates man geez.

Already I had four guys after me asking for a picture and I'm like wtf stranger danger! Ever wonder why I have a cat picture in the first place?

Geez I know I'm bae and all but no need to be begging and crap. I'm okay if you're a friend asking for one but for a person that I just met for 2.3 seconds????


😒😒😒😒 seriously what's with the men these days? They just looking for the face and the body not for personality and shizz.


UgGGGhhh! 😑😑😑

Who in the hailbutt does that?!

Wattpad is turning weird... Well the people that is 😂😂😂 I was here first so I ain't leaving!

And geez people be asking, "Do you have social media?"

I'm like ,"No I don't have any."

"What the fuccccccck you don't have social media?!?!?! What kind of person are you?!" 😱😱😱😱

Guys its not the end of the world just because I don't have social media just Wattpad and WhatsApp if that even counts 😑

Want to know what type of person I am?

I'm human 😑😑😑 /cat... but I'm still normal.

I just made a Facebook account today just to see what's all the commotion and my face is like this....😑.....

So what if I don't like social media crap?

I bet half of y'all reading this will hate me by now and think I'm crazy and run off 😂😂😂


I believe I might be the only person in the world who is non existing just because I don't have some social media and shizz.

Mother flowers! I don't need no man to make me happy and I for sure as heck don't need some social media to be a somebody.

Ew I see a bunch of my enemies in Facebook ew ew ew 😑 might delete this app or just keep it there for stalking or something...

*sighsssss* where are the good guys at??? 😢😢😢

I need a man who is going to respect me, care for me, love me just the way I AM, and a man who is going to see me beyond of who I am.

The guys in here I try to be friendly and make friends since I barely have any but some people think wrong and take my friendliness to the next level.


(Yes random letters there)

So I for fun did something stupid which I so so SO regret. I sent a picture of myself to a guy who was asking for one in the one second I barely joined in Facebook. Guy was like kcjdbdksicbbskchdbd!!!!! 😆

Yeah now my face is all the way in Europe... to a stranger 😓

I mean its not like nobody is going to know me... 😓

Man why am I so stupid 😫

Q: Any regrets in life? It can be anything really.

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