My Vida

18 7 24

Hey guys I miss you all and I miss ranting but lately its been a very hectic and when I mean hectic I mean HECTIC week.

I miss updating 😭😭😭

And since I have no friends to talk about it, then today you will be my victims.

So yeah school is over for me due to christmas break *fist pump* But then I realize I miss school. For my friends and to be honest I like learning its just.....

My school is crap. Like literally 💩

The learning environment is poorly developed for students like me who love to learn. I would actually love school if it weren't for those imbeciles who had to move to my pathetic town. Now my school and town are overpopulated making me want to move to the next town or even better to Canada. For some reason I feel attached to that country which I know nothing about.

Point is I hate school because of the people in there. They all act like richy snobs when really they are poor bozos like me. (Except the bozo part)

I HATE IT. 🔥🔥🔥


To my poor life yeah.

So my house almost got flooded.


Then I'm literally in a freezer.


And I am surrounded by crickets.
*face palm*

So anyways I will be back at my normal pace starting the first week of next year. Yay! 🎉🎉🎉

Q: What holiday you celebrate? And what is one thing you wish for?

I don't celebrate really but Christmas is when I go to all my family and well eat!

I wish for a house.



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