Dani's Isolation Program

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Welcome to Dani's isolation program. Here you will learn to do things to isolate yourself from the world.

Step one:

Eat up! Yes just simply eat junk food when nobody is watching you.

Step two:

Sit down. Simply pick a comfy spot and chillax.

Step three:

Grab a phone or turn the tv on. Everybody loves that right?

Step four:

You either read something or burn your eyes out by watching tv ten hours of soap operas and other shizz in a row without moving from your seat.


Great now you are a couch potato but everybody likes potatoes! Fries count too you smart aleck!

Anyways just find a time when you are literally by yourself and enjoy isolation for free plus shipping and handling for instructions for the dumb nuts.

I can already count three of you who need that instruction in hand. 😑

This is basically the life of introvert person but only much dumber and lazier. 😝


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