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"Jasmine can you watch Cam for me?" I yelled walking inside their home. Jasmine was cleaning up the toys off the floor she looked up "huh?".

"You heard me!. I want to surprise Landon at work with lunch I made" Cam got down from my arms and ran over to the toys. Jasmine looked at him and smiled "hi cammy! You're so cute". He giggled.

"Yeah I guess I'll watch him. And did you forget about what we talking about?" She asked.

"Yeah you're right I was thinking too much. So now I'm going to go surprise my man at work". She rolled her eyes and shook her head "just try and not get sexed up on his desk".

"How'd you know we did that already?" I joked.

"Get out of my house!" Jasmine pointed to the door.

"Cam be good Okay. Mommy will be back later" placing a kiss on his cheek. Walking out and making my way to his job. I was excited and I felt sexy as hell to. My confidence was on a all time high at the moment.

The front desk woman saw me and smiled "I'll tell landon you're here".

"No Don't I want to surprise him" I smiled and walked onto the elevator. The excitement I was feeling when I was close to reaching his floor was making me smile.

The doors opened and I stepped off walking to his office. I noticed JR and nudged him. "What's up?".

"Oh hey Cyn what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Came to surprise my man. Why else would I be here?" I asked.

"I don't even know why I asked. Where's Cameron?" He asked.

"Your boo is watching him" I flipped my hair to make sure my hair was on point.

"She loves Cameron. I think if you would let her keep him she would" he joked.

I laughed "Don't give me no ideas. Anyway let me go see my man" waving at JR I opened Landon's office door. "What the fuck is going on here?" I yelled.

Walking in I saw Landon and his personal assistant a little close. She was wiping a stain out of his shirt as he stood still.

"Hey baby! Didn't know you were coming by today?"
He grabbed the wet cloth and started wiping the stain out himself. His assistant looked at me and mugged me.

"Umm... you can leave now..." his assistant nodded and made her exit. I slammed the door shut. "What the fuck was that all about?! I come here to surprise my man and your here playing clean up with her!".

"Cyn calm down and stop yelling! It wasn't even like that Okay. She spilled some coffee on me and was trying to help get the stain out".

"Yeah didn't she spilled that on you for a reason hoping you take your shirt off! She thinks she's slick".

"Can you calm down? No need for the whole office to hear us okay?". He disposed of the cloth and sat back down at his desk.

"I knew that's why you weren't coming home anymore. She's getting her claws into you already. I should've known".

"Cyn what are you talking about? You sound crazy you know that".

"If you can't see that she's trying to get you something is wrong with you. Lord, why did we have to go through this? Is this karma for when he was married?".

He stood up and walked over to me. "Listen And Trust when I say nothing is going on between me and my assistant. I love you and only you. I wouldn't mess us up for anyone else".

"It's easy to say it but show me" I was so irritated at this point. "I came here looking sexy for you and brought you lunch and now I'm not into it anymore".

"Come on Cyn. Sit down and have lunch with me" he begged.

"Don't think you deserve me eating with you. You could always ask thirsty to eat with you". He shook his head and smiled "please". He started placing small kisses along my shoulder going up to my neck.

"And no sex. You fucked up today". I felt his hands roaming from my upper back down to my booty. He gave my booty a slight squeeze. "Eat with me".

He grabbed my waist and led me to his chair. Placing me onto his lap. "That assistant doesn't have anything on you by any means". I felt small nibbles on my back.

"Never said she did. But she's thirsty. And what happens when you're thirsty? You'll find a way to get something to drink"

His hand roamed up my thigh and right at my center. Looking at Landon I saw his eyes got dark so I already knew what was about to happen. Dammit I told jasmine we wasn't going to do this. She doesn't have to know.

"Is the door locked?" I moaned. He nodded and continued to kiss me. Didn't need anyone walking in on us having sex. I came here to give him lunch and well I am.

This still didn't solve anything... but it was a temporary fix for now.

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