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"Jasmine please tell me your hubby isn't picking up where Landon left off. Cause if that's the case I'm out" jasmine rolled her eyes cause she knew I️ was right.

"Look I️ don't know what's going on but he told me to call you over here cause he wanted to discuss something with us".

"Right, I'm about to leave. I'm not for this shit at all. Im not apologizing for anything I️ said or did".

JR came from the den where he does his work. He smiled and took a seat across from us. "How are you girls today?".

"All of a sudden you care" I️ said. His smile almost came off his face but he kept it strong.

"Of course I️ care Cyn. Have I️ ever showed you I️ don't?" He asked.

"I️ want to know why did you want me to come out of my home to come over here and there's no food prepared or anything?".

"Well since Landon couldn't handle you two I️ guess I'll have to. He's always been the softer one out of the both of us".

"Why do I️ have to be here? This is stupid" jasmine said.

"Baby you were there with Cyn when this happened so this idiot is pressing charges against you as well".

"Can we just beat her up again?. That seems to be a solution" I️ said.

"Why do you two always seem to like fighting? It doesn't solve anything it makes it worse" JR said.

"Correction fighting is not always a solution but it is a solution. Where we come from it's been a solution to issues. So Cyn had every right to attack this woman who was trying to break up her family".

"That's right Prima you tell him!" I️ cheered her on.

"Well wake up call this isn't the Bronx. This is California where fighting isn't going to do anything but get you jail time".

"Wait? What does that mean this isn't the Bronx?" Jasmine asked. Here we go!.

"It didn't mean anything I'm just saying your logic doesn't work here in California. Maybe in the Bronx cause that's all you people do anyway" JR said.

Oh no he didn't. I️ looked at jasmine who seemed to be fuming. I️ can't lie I️ was was annoyed at his comment too.

"You people? Really? Nice to know the real side of my husband".I️ couldn't even look at JR he messed up with that one. He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper.

"Oh come on! I️ didn't mean it like that. Cyn can you explain to her what I️ meant".

"No offense but that did sound a little racist. And coming from you I'm shocked" he shook his head and didn't say anything.

"You both know I'm far from racist. Jasmine you out of everyone should know this. When I️ said you people I️ meant generally everyone. You know what this isn't the point of this meeting!".

"Whatever I'm over this! Can we go?" Jasmine asked. She wasn't even looking at JR.

"No I'm not done yet. I️ need you both to pt your big girl panties on and apologize for what you did. I️ feel like I'm talking to our daughters".

"I'm not doing shit. Especially since us people are known for what we did. And I️ know Cyn won't do it either so oh well".

"This is the problem! You both are too stubborn. Just suck it up for once and apologize. You don't have to mean it but make it sound sincere".

"My ass! I'm not saying not a damn thing to anyone and you're lucky I'm even still talking to you" jasmine said.

I️ thought this meeting would be boring but I️ wasn't expecting these two to start going at it.

"Jasmine why are you being so bitchy today?. I️ explained what I️ meant from earlier" JR was starting to get annoyed.

"What the fuck ever. I️ have children to feed so keep this quick" jasmine crossed her arms across her chest and just gave JR the most intense stare.

I️ just sat there just staring between Jasmine and JR. This fight between them was different. I️ think JR definitely hit a soft spot on jasmine. He's going to be trying to make up to her for a long ass time.

"Cyn? Any commentary?" He asked.

I️ shook my head "I️ see you have your own issues at that moment. But I️ already told Landon and I'm telling you I️ rather go to jail. I'll survive in jail".

"How about you both meet up with her and maybe discuss what happened and maybe she might take the charges off?" JR suggested.

"Oh my godddd!!! You won't stop will you. Fine you know what Cyn we will meet up with this thirsty bitch. But if she gets mouthy I'm beating her up. Point blank period" jasmine said.

I️ nodded "I'm with jasmine on this one". JR put up his hands in surrender "whatever works well ladies you may go now. Jasmine you stay".

"Go fuck yourself!" She got up and stormed out the room.

"You fucked up big time" I️ said before walking out. Well hopefully JR can do something to make her forget he made that comment. I️ wonder when he said that what he truly meant?. I️ know JR he's nit racist at least I️ don't think so. But why make a comment like that.

You know what let me stop overthinking before I️ get ideas and start going off. I️ need save all my energy for this thirsty bitch.

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