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After my rendezvous with Landon I went back to pick up Cameron and didn't answer any of jasmine questions. All I did was smile and walk back home. Placing Cameron down so he could sleep and I went to shower to get the sex smell off of me. Landon did tell me he would be later coming home. I couldn't argue with him so I just agreed.

Laying in this big bed by myself... turning on the TV and catching up on some shows. At least this way I don't have to constantly think of Landon and that thirsty ass hoe.

Around 2 am I woke up again in an empty bed. Little confused because I didn't realize I fell asleep. He's still not home... Hmm. Getting out of bed and roaming the house to see if Landon was actually home. But I knew better... this man is fucking with me. I know he is. Landon is asking for the other Cyn to come out.

Standing at the top of the stairs I hear the door shut silently. Looking at the time it was nearly 3 am. Landon came up the stairs slowly when he noticed me standing there.

"What are you doing up?" He asked me. Walking past me into our room.

"The real question is why are you just walking into this house at 3am?" I crossed my arms over my chest waiting for an excuse.

"I told you work right now is crazy. And tonight was one of the busiest nights". He took off his suit and went into the shower.

"Amazing because how is it JR is home at a reasonable hour and you both work at the same damn place!!!!".

"Because he leaves all the heavy work for me. He doesn't want to hear Jasmine's mouth like how I'm hearing yours".

No he didn't.

"You know what... I'm too young to be stressing over this whole bullshit. I'm too pretty to get wrinkles because you feel the need to lie to me about why you are staying out more".

He didn't answer me. I heard the shower come on and knew it would be pointless to even talk. Plopping down in the bed and burying myself in the covers. Hearing him come out and get in the bed as well. I turned to my side away from him. I'm so confused and hurt.

The next day... of course Landon was out before I woke up. No surprise!. 

"Jasmine I need you ASAP! Where are you?" I yelled walking through their home. "I'm going to eat your kids snacks if you don't show yourself!" I threatened.

"Bitch you better not even touch those snacks" Jasmine came from the laundry room.

"We have to do something before I fucking snap at Landon. I'm at the point of leaving his lying ass".

"Cyn... JR doesn't want me to meddle in your relationship. And I told him I wouldn't".

"Bitch I don't care what he says. This is a matter of life or death here".

"Dammit... helping you will cause issues in mine" she whined.

"Prima?. Relax okay. I just need you to help me catch Landon lying about working late cause it's busy" rolling my eyes at the stupid excuse. "Trust me when I know something else is going on".

Jasmine just stood there staring at me like she was in deep thought. Yes, I know JR will be upset knowing she's helping me but I don't care. If it was the other way around and it was Landon he would have no problem helping him.

"So are we doing this or nah?" I asked. She hesitated to nod but she did. "Please don't tell JR or have him catch us or it's my ass... literally".

"I'm not going to say anything and we won't get caught. I've been thinking about this for a while now".

"What's the plan?" Jasmine asked. This girl can never just go with the flow she always needs a blue sheet before doing anything.

"Well for one I found thirsty on Facebook which she's an idiot for putting all of her info on there. So that was easy. Then we stake out the building at night when he says they're working. But we will be sneaking into the building and watching".

"You need to stop watching those criminal shows. It's getting to your head. And we don't have any supplies to stake out anything".

"That's where you're wrong. I went on amazon and purchased a couple of things for us".

Jasmine shook her head while face palming herself. "Why did I ask... why?".

"You should know out of all people I'm always ahead of the game when it come to spying on someone".

"So when do we start this spying on Landon that won't reveal nothing".

"See with that type of attitude it won't get you anywhere and we start on Thursday".

"Now I have to find a way to get out of this house without JR suspecting me of anything. This is going to be hard".

"No it won't. I got you Prima. We got this. And when we find Landon cheating we will beat his ass". Jasmine nodded smiling. Great minds think alike.

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