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** told you I️ was probably lying... smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

Jasmine POV

I️ couldn't sleep for shit. Feeling like shit for lying to JR was killing me. We just made up and here I go lying just because I️ don't want to hear a lecture. Sighing loudly and turning on my back and just looking at the ceiling. JR was snoring a little so I️ know he was out cold.

What is this new conscious I️ have? I️ don't know this conscious at all. I️ mean why does he care if I️ went to see Dante's mom. I️ don't want Dante at all... if I️ was still with him I would be living with him in his apartment with his momma. No thank you.

JR has money lots of it. That's something I'll never get used to is always having money around. But he got his money by building his own company. Which I️ know in many ways is illegal. He sells medical products to pharmacies and also to private doctor offices. He sells it for a cheaper price but also makes a profit because they buy massive quantities of it.

Landon caught on what JR was doing and got partnership in the company. Which they expanded to two other locations. These men are sheltered but they are smart when it comes to making money.

I️ felt JR move around a little he turned to me "can't sleep?".

Shaking my head "Nope I️ have to tell you something" he sat up on his arm and looked at me. "I️ did go see Dante today but only to go see his mom. Nothing else. Well Cyn saw her ex there but she curved him in so many ways".

"Why did you hide it for?" He asked.

"I️ guess I️ didn't want to hear you lecture about how you know better and how naive I️ am".

"Jasmine I️ trust you. It's the men I️ don't trust. You're very pretty... so you'll attract attention. Hence I️ rather you not leave the house, ever. But I'm not going to cage you in like an animal".

"Whew I️ feel better now" I️ joked.

"Ah, you couldn't sleep cause you felt guilty for lying to me. Isn't that cute?. You have a conscious. And all this time I️ was doubting if you actually had one" playfully smacking his arm.

"But I️ wouldn't want to be the one to tell Landon Cyn saw her ex cause well he's going to flip" he put his head on my chest and hugged me.

"I'm not snitching on nobody. Let Cyn tell him. I️ don't see the big deal she deaded him anyway".

"That New York accent is coming through more and more everyday".

"I️ can't help it it's in my blood" we both shared a whispering laugh. "Good night at least I️ can sleep now".



The next morning I awoke to Landon between my legs. And let me tell you I️ spoke in tongues for about 3 mins. So you can say I️ was rather happy this morning.

Jasmine came in looking refreshed as well. "Good morning" she said.

"Morning Prima. By the way I️ didn't snitch on you last night".

"Don't worry I️ told JR everything last night and he was cool with it. I️ had to cause I️ couldn't sleep otherwise".

"Really? Thank god. So everyone is in good terms this morning?" I️ asked only because I️ want us to be how it was back in the day.

She nodded "yup. Where's my twins?". I️ shrugged cause I didn't know. "Well let me go look for them" just as jasmine was going to walk out they walked in. "I'm hungry" they both said together.

"Juju... listen I'm sorry I️ punished you but it wasn't your job to get daddy here. He would've eventually found us anyway".

"But I️ Didn't want daddy to leave again. I️ like daddy" she said.

"Que lindo! She loves her daddy" I️ said.

"Daddy isn't going to leave us. He loves us way too much. Don't ever worry about that. We may fight but we always find out back to each other".

"We hate it when you fight" jasmine looked at them both as they nodded. "It's scary sometimes".

"I️ didn't know you guys were watching when I️ sent you to your room. Well I️ promise I️ won't right with daddy in front of you guys anymore. I️ can't promise we won't fight. Sometimes daddy and I️ disagree and daddy is too stubborn" she hugged both girls which made them happy. The whole household vibe felt positive.

"Who's ready for pancakes?!" I️ yelled flipping the last pancake on the plate. Both girls raised their hand and for a plate. Jasmine disappeared to get CJ and Cameron.

Landon came into the kitchen with no shirt on. "Umm hello can you go out on a shirt" I️ said. He smirked and went on to put on a shirt. Reappearing he smiled "well someone taste good this morning" I️ blushed knowing what he meant.

"Pancake?" I️ asked. He nodded "give me two please". Placing two pancakes on his plate he took the syrup and drizzled it on it slowly while watching me. He's so lucky we aren't by ourselves. "Down boy" he smiled and took a bite out of the pancake.

"So we go back tomorrow you ready?" Landon asked me.

"Not really. Cause then all of our problems are on the table once we get back".

"True. Once we get back I'll figure something out. I️ usually have a solution for getting out of situations".

"Well you better come up with something. Or I'll pay her a visit myself no jasmine this time around" Landon nearly choked on his food "no thank you I'll do this one myself".

"Good boy" I️ patted his shoulder.

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