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Today was the dreadful day of meeting with this heffa. I️ was suppose to meet up with jasmine but I️ was already running late. What else is new?. Grabbing my things and rushing out the door.

"Oh my goddd how did you know to come dressed like this..." jasmine and I️ looked at each other and laughed. We both had our hair up in a tight bun with no makeup and no jewelry.

"I'm ready for a fight. You never know she might get to loose with the mouth and bam punch in the mouth".

"Shiittt I️ know that's right. I️ warned JR about this meeting it might not go well". We continued to walk to wherever we had to meet this annoyance.

"How's things with JR?" I️ asked since the last time things didn't go well.

She shrugged "he continuously apologized but I️ saw him a different light that night".

"I️ don't think he's racist of any kind. He just didn't think before he spoke. You know how men are these days. Just stupid" jasmine side eyed me like she didn't believe anything I️ just said.

Talk about stupid I see her standing there looking at her watch with such a disgusted facial expression.

"Lord, please give me patience not to kick this woman's ass. Amen" jasmine did the sign of the cross and we both approached her.

"About time you both hood demons get here" she said

You know how crazy people laugh before they snap?. I️ actually did that "I'll let that slide only because we just got here but say anything stupid again I️ won't hesitate to kick your ass, comprende?".

She rolled her eyes and didn't respond. Jasmine smirked and followed right behind me. We took a seat right at an empty table at a outside restaurant.

"Hungry?" She asked. We both shook our heads and watched her order from the menu.

"Can we get this over with?. I️ didn't come here to be your companion" jasmine said.

"Well since you two bitches have things to do. Just apologize and you can leave".

"Over my dead body" I️ said. She must think we are that stupid.

"Really?. Well that was the dealbreaker I️ made with Landon. And that's what I'm expecting".

"That deal won't happen so you better have a new plan. Or I'm out" I️ said. Jasmine giggled a little but got serious quickly.

"Who do you two think you are?"She asked with such a disgusting tone of voice.

Jasmine leaned in closely "we could be your worst nightmare. Don't think I️ haven't noticed how you're looking down on us like we're beneath you".

"Well sweetie it's because you are beneath me. I️ don't get what those two gorgeous men see in either of you. They should be with someone like myself or someone in their league" she smirked knowing she had a point.

I️ think with jasmine getting low blows twice now in one week she just snapped. Before I️ knew it she stood up and flipped the table over. Causing this heffa to fall to the ground. All the glasses shattering as it hit the floor. For the first time I️ was in shock I️ couldn't move.

Standing there watching jasmine grab this woman from under the flipped table and just pounding her over and over. I️ heard screams but I️ couldn't move. The employees from this restaurant had to hold jasmine from doing anymore damage.

"Get her before the cops come" one of the employees said. I️ grabbed jasmine pulling her with me to my car. "Are you crazy?. This didn't solve anything!".

Jasmine was panting "I'm done being disrespected. First from JR and now from her. What the fuck? What? Because we are from a low income neighborhood we aren't good enough?".

Hugging jasmine cause I️ already knew she was close to tears. And I️ mean frustration tears. "Come on let's go! Before the cops find us".


Walking into my house I️ tried to go upstairs but Landon was right there as if he was waiting for me.

"Hey honey, how did the meeting go?". Just the flash back of what went down went through my mind. "Umm.. just as I️ expected" I️ wasn't lying.

"So Everything is good?" He asked.

I️ nodded "yup, anyway I'm going to the bathroom". Smiling at him and quickly removing myself from his sight. Hopefully he didn't notice that I️ was nervous or lying.

In the bathroom I️ let my hair loose and washed my face. Feeling a tad dirty from see jasmine tear into this woman.

A knock at the door made me jump "What?".

"So how good did this meeting go?" He asked through the crack in the door. "I️ said the way I️ expected why?".

He didn't say anything I️ heard him walk away. Mentally rolling my eyes I️ dried my face off and went into my room where Landon was. He was watching the news.

Breaking News::.

A young woman was attacked earlier today at a popular outside eatery. Witnesses say two black woman were spotted with this young lady. One of the woman started beating the woman up. We don't know the full story on why this happened. This is a very safe neighborhood. We don't usually get this type of things going on here.

The victim is getting transported to the local hospital for her injuries. Story is still developing.

"Isn't That where you guys had the meeting?" Landon asked me.

"Umm... I️ don't know is it?" Playing dumb.

"Please tell me this story isn't about you guys" he looked at me which made me look away.

"Oh come on Cyn! Really? Again?. On the news?!" He face palmed himself and paced back and forth.

"In my defense I'm not the one who laid a hand on her it was all jasmine"I️ confessed.

"You didn't lay a finger on her? He asked.

"No I️ didn't even get a chance to. Jasmine did this all on her own". Landon shook his head and stormed out the room. Can't blame this one on me this time. I️ know jasmine isn't done snapping yet. Lord make sure JR doesn't go off on her today.

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