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Landon POV

We finally made it to New York and we immediately booked in a hotel for a couple of days. Knowing how this situation will pan out we will be here for a while. Exhausted from the plane ride we both agreed we would sleep in and then go look for these crazy two.

The next morning I️ got dressed as New Yorkers do. I️ really wasn't trying to be anyone's target. Imagine if I️ wore a suit... someone definitely would've tried to pick pocket me.

JR walked into my room and laughed "what are you wearing?".

"What? I'm trying to blend in. Nevermind it's pretty warm out" defending myself

"Yeah right okay if you say so" as he continued to laugh

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"Yeah right okay if you say so" as he continued to laugh. "Let's go, homie" he laughed again.

"Say what you want but I️ can guarantee no one will bother me" we stopped and got breakfast and I got Cyn something just Incase we do find them today.

We first pulled up to Cyn old place she lived before she came back with me. Sitting in the car and looking at it from a distance. You can tell no one lived here. I️ sighed a little thinking we were so close but yet not even.

"Go knock on the door and if anyone answers just ask for her" JR suggested. Getting out the car I️ took a deep breath before walking up the small steps to the front door. Once I️ was there I️ knocked once. I️ waited and waited. Looking back at the car and shrugging my shoulders. Finally someone opened the door. "Yes?".

"Oh hello I️ was looking for a woman named Cyn. Did she come by here?" I️ asked politely as I could.

"Cyn? No I️ don't know anyone by that name. I'm sorry" the woman frowned and closed the door. The disappointment hit me hard. Walking back to the car I️ slammed my fist on the hood.

"Hey, Hey... my car didn't do anything to you. You put a dent in it you paying for it" JR said.

"Jasmine has been rubbing off on you" I️ smiled.

"I️ know, I️ know... now get in we have to figure out where they could be" I️ nodded and got in JR pulled off and continued to drive around.

"Well knowing since they're from here they aren't at a hotel. They have to be at a close family members house or something and I️ don't know where that is. I️ see where we should've at listened when they spoke comes into play".

"We have to think where would they go?"I️ asked. "We have to think like them? Has jasmine ever spoken to you about anyone in her family she's close to other than Cyn?".

"No she hasn't. Even when she babbles she hasn't mentioned anything".

We sat there just thinking of ways we could find it where they once lived. This isn't going to be easy. We will need a sign or help of some kind.



Why couldn't we invite daddy to come with us. This was stupid. Mommy and titi are having fun while we are watching tv. I️ miss being home. I️ want to go home to see daddy.

"Lala come here" I️ whispered. She got up and ran over to me "What?".

"We need to get mommy's phone so I️ can call daddy and tell him where we are". Leilani didn't like this idea. She knew if her daddy wasn't here is because he did something wrong.

"I️ dunno juju... I️ don't want to get in trouble" Julissa rolled her eyes "come on do you want daddy to worry about us?".

"No, but mommy will be mad if we do this". She was right her mommy would be furious if Julissa spoiled there secret hiding place.

"So what?. It's not fair to daddy. Whatever he did maybe they should talk about it instead of us being here in nena's apartment".

Leilani was in a tough spot. Either help her sister get her mommy's phone or just walk away and maybe never seeing her daddy again.

Julissa noticed her sister was taking a long time to choose what she wanted to do. So she pinched her arm as hard as she could "go get her phone!". Leilani pouted and rubbed her arm. "Fine. But I'm telling mommy on you after".

Leilani knew where her mother always had her phone and since her mom and titi were busy doing other things... it didn't take long for her to grab the iPhone and run back to the room. Both CJ and Cameron watched as she sprinted passed them.

"Here" as Leilani shoved the phone to Julissa. "See That was easy". Julissa turned on the phone and found her daddy's name. She pressed it but nothing happened. "I️ don't think this phone works".

"Maybe she blocked him" Leilani said.

Julissa scrolled down to the end of the page and saw it said unblock caller. She pressed it and pressed the answer again. It started ringing...



We stopped he car mid way to just get out and stretch. This is ridiculous.. Landon seemed stressed out and I️ was getting annoyed. My phone rang and once I️ saw it said jasmine. When I️ tell you I️ wanted to jump and down and scream.


"Daddy?!" The little voice said. The only thing I️ couldn't tell which one his was.

"Hey princess! Can you tell daddy where you are?" I️ asked nicely.

"Mommy and titi took us to where grandma used to live. Come get us daddy we miss you" once she said that I️ knew this was Julissa.

"Juju I️ always knew you was a daddy's girl" I️ smiled into the phone

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"Juju I️ always knew you was a daddy's girl" I️ smiled into the phone. "Do you know the address to where your grandma lived?".

"Umm... I️ dunno. All I️ know it's by the train tracks and it's next to a bodega. And there's a park near that has pink swings".

"Okay... do you know the number of the train that runs on that track?" I️ asked hoping she would know.

"The four train. I️ member that cause we took that train alot".

"I'll be there soon. But don't tell mommy I'm coming it'll be a surprise okay".

"Okay daddy love you" She said.

"Love you too princess" she ended the call. I️ knew these kids has sense. Landon watched me as I️ put my phone away. "That was Julissa she told me where they are at but she doesn't know the address but she gave me some clues".

Landon smiled big "I️ take back all the things I️ said about Julissa. She's a smart girl. You have to reward her for this one".

"I️ will trust me. But they don't know we are coming I️ told her to keep it a secret". Jasmine here I come and you have some explaining to do.

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