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Jasmine and I️ both took her girls to school this morning. Knowing she had to get out of that house before she ends up hurting JR. We reached the school and she gave both girls a kiss and a hug. "Have a good day!" They smiled and ran inside.

"So where to now?" I️ asked.

"Well for one I'm not going home. I️ rather not have to see JR in my face" she said.

"Good, so let's get our nails done. Cause my nails look like I️ chewed on them" I️ joked. She nodded and we both went our way. This time we decided to walk so we can talk.

"Welcome to Pretty Nails, how can I️ help you?" The woman asked.

"Manicure" we both said. The lady nodded and pointed to the two chairs. "Go sit down". Taking our seats we waited for the nail technician to tend to us.

"So... that was a heated fight I️ witnessed between you and JR the other day" she looked at me confused.

"How would you know that?" She asked.

"I️ was there. You two were to into fighting you didn't even notice me. And plus, your twins told me you guys been fighting a lot lately".

"We need to start locking doors" she mumbled. "As for Julissa and Leilani. I️ try and not right infront of them so usually I send them to their rooms. But I️ can see they listen anyway".

"Yeah they do. But you don't them thinking that's how relationships work. Because when they get older that's the type of men they will find. The argumentative type".

She got quiet as if she was thinking of something. The nail lady was doing her nails as jasmine was just staring into space.

"Cyn, the way we were raised... was it wrong?" She didn't look at me She was still staring into space.

"Everyone is raised differently. We were raised by people who went through struggles. They did the best they could. And we came out better than they expected".

"I️ feel like people who don't get it make it seem as if we were raised wrong".

"Prima... we were raised by strong older people. We never had that young parent. We had older beings who went through a lot and taught us what it was like to be criticized. We fought because we were survivors. Coming from Nothing we survived having no food, lights getting shut off, no hot water sometimes, gun shots outside while we were outside running to get somewhere to hide".

"You know those memories are some of my best memories. Because you have stories for days. Like remember when your mom left your dad. And how upset you were and we ran away for like a day. And we ended up in jersey. With no money we survived and made it back home and got our ass handed to us".

We both laughed knowing how funny that story was to us and only at 13 we did some crazy stuff.

"Don't let anyone make you feel like the way your grandma raised you was wrong. She taught you and I️ How to survive. How to take care of ourselves if anything happened".

"True. I️ guess some people won't get it" She said.

"Jasmine it's called privilege. Some people were born right into it and some others just have it. We don't have it nor will we ever have it. Our children will never have it even for the fact they're mixed. It's the way the world works and It sucks".

"I️ have a crazy idea and I️ think it'll help JR and Landon understand us more. What about we take a trip back to the Bronx so we can show them where and how we grew up. Your dad still has his apartment right?".

I️ nodded "wait up hold my dad isn't a fan of Landon so idk how that'll work".

"If Landon took you to his parents home then I️ don't see why you can do the same. At least for me Well grandma passed away so I️ don't really have anyone for JR to meet".

"Unless we go to your parents gravesite. You haven't been there in so long. And it'll be good for your children too".

"The last time I️ was there I️ went with grandma. For some reason going there just makes me nervous. It's like going to visit a stranger. I️ never knew them or remember them".

"Oh wait I️ think my dad has a picture album with old family members from when my mom and him were together. More than likely there's gotta be picture in there of your parents".

"Cyn that's one of the best ideas I️ heard all day". Playfully tapping myself on the shoulder for the good idea.

Maybe if we do this it'll shed some type of light on who we are and where we came from. And it would help JR understand where jasmine is coming from. Instead of playing dumb and not understanding.

As for Landon I️ hope my dad doesn't kill him. He took away the one thing my dad cherished which is me.

Now the only problem right now is actually getting them to agree to go... Landon won't be so hard to convince but JR might be.

** I️ really didn't want to put anything about white privilege in here. I️ was trying not to do it from the last chapter actually. But eh, why not... 🤔

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