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Landon POV

After seeing the news I️ was appalled. Now this woman definitely won't leave me alone now. Mentally just cursing at myself thinking that this meeting would've went okay. Now she's in the hospital probably milking her injuries.

The door bell rang I️ walked to the door and opened it to see a furious JR with his two daughters "hey can you guys watch them for a bit while I️ handle jasmine".

I️ nodded "sure, come on in" they skipped inside and ran over to the couch.

"Where's titi?" Julissa asked.

"She's upstairs" they both looked at each other and made there way to where Cyn was. I️ can only imagine the craziness going on at JR's house right now.

Following the girls upstairs I️ see Cyn holding Cameron when she noticed that Julissa and Leilani was here. "My babies! What are you doing here?".

"Mommy and daddy are fighting" Julissa said

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"Mommy and daddy are fighting" Julissa said. She was always the talkative one. If you wanted to know anything she was the one to ask. Leilani talks too but she's more on the shy side.

"Fighting? Are you sure you aren't imagining that?" I️ asked.

She shook her head "Nope mommy and daddy are fighting. It was loud too. So daddy brought us over here so we wouldn't be there when mommy hits me".

The fuck goes on at that house?.

"You know damn well your mommy doesn't hit you daddy".

"Mommy is crazy. When she gets mad at daddy she hits him and he doesn't hit her back".

"And you both are there seeing this?" I asked.

They nodded "well no they send us to our room but we watch from the stairs".

Not good.

"Wait? Where's your brother?" I️ asked cause I️ don't get why ship them here and not bring the other one.

"Oh he's at grandmas house. We didn't want to go so she just took him" Julissa said. Does this girl not know anything?.

"Wow okay. Well you girls I️ guess can play win Cameron until either your mom or dad say you have to go back home" they both smiled and climbed on the bed and started to play with Cameron.



Sneaking out of the room I️ see Landon downstairs. "Hey baby. Are they okay?".

I️ nodded "yeah but jasmine and JR need to chill with the arguing infront of them. They just told me basically everything".

"Are you sure they aren't making up stories? You know how children can be".

"No they said some things I️ know jasmine for. Actually just watch them I'm going over there. After what I️ seen yesterday... JR might be in a dangerous place". Landon nodded and went back to his work.

Walking up to their door I️ heard yelling. Lord can we just make this easy today?. I️ opened the door slowly to see jasmine yelling "I️ had to hit her she was disrespecting me!".

"Ever heard of just ignoring people and moving on?" JR yelled back.

I️ walked inside and no one noticed me. I️ stood there just watching this unfold.

"You would want me to brush everything under the rug wouldn't you?. I'm done with you and everyone else who wants to be little me!".

"Jasmine you sound stupid! I️ wasn't belittling you. I️ was making a point and you took it the wrong way as usual".

"So when you said "you people" I️ should've just brush that under the rug too right? Fuck feeling any sense of offense".

JR nodded "exactly".

She laughed a little "you know what you'll never get it".

"Get what?. To act like a crazy person and fight everyone I️ see who might be a threat to me".

"No, we grew up differently. You grew up in the all American white picket fence Apple pie two parent home. Why would you understand where I'm coming from? You will never get it. When our children witness or experience what I'm trying to explain to you I wonder if you'll get it then. Or tell them to brush it under the rug and move on with life".

"I️ don't see how where we grew up has anything to do with this argument of you beating this woman up".

"When someone looks at you like a piece of trash under their foot. Because you are labeled a hood rat or because of the color of my skin. Not even getting to know the person I️ am you immediately just label me by the way I️ look. Or the way I️ dress or talk. Does anyone label you?".

He shook his head "Nope never".

"Exactly my point. This woman sat there and called us hood demons. And basically said how we were trash and she didn't get how two gorgeous white men found us black woman from the hood attractive. She said you should've been with someone in your league. You know of having money and not having us the charity cases with you. And you want me to suck up my pride and just be okay with that?".

"I️ didn't know that's what she said. But you also know she's trying to get a rise out of you both right".

Jasmine started stuttering so I️ knew the tears were coming. "Doesn't matter. You don't sit there and make someone feel less than nothing. I️ only fight when I feel I️ have to. And she was getting too loose with her mouth. I️ already dealt with your comments and then hers. It's amazing to me that you white people can feel entitled to say whatever you want not caring about someone's feelings".

She started crying and walked away. JR stood there like he didn't get what the hell just happened. For the first time in years I️ feel as if this is changing their relationship for the worse.

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