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Landon POV

This was going to be hard to get Cyn to actually say she was sorry. Why couldn't it be something much simpler to do?. I asked both girls to meet me upstairs in my den. Cameron was over at jasmines house playing with her kids. While we meet here and discuss how this will pan out.

Both ladies walked in and took a seat infront of me. Jasmine didn't look amused today. And well Cyn she looks like she always does.

"What's up? Why did you call a so called meeting?" Cyn asked.

"Well I have to ask you two to do me a huge favor. But I'm trying to find the right way to ask before you say no" I nervously laugh.

Cyn raised her brow "what kind of favor are you talking about?".

"Wouldn't you like to know..." quickly mumbling.

"Why am I here then? Not for nothing I don't really trust JR watching our children. So can we make this quick?" Jasmine said.

Taking a seat behind my desk and rubbing my sweating hands together. "Well you do know about my used to be assistant pressing charges right?".

Both nodded "used to be? So she quit?" Cyn asked.

"Not the point right now. But yes. Anyway so JR and I came up with a way for her to drop the charges and it involves both of you".

"Nope I'm not doing anything that relates to that women who tried to take you away from me" Cyn said as she crossed her legs.

"You didn't even hear what I even had to say and there you go assuming" I tried my best to move the tension around.

"I'm not stupid. Do I look stupid? Let me know" Cyn asked.

Putting my head down and feeling this was not going to work. A big waste of time.

"Cyn can you just let him talk so we can say no together and I can go home" jasmine said.

"Thank you, Jasmine. Like I was saying. The plan was for you both to apologize to her—".


"I rather go to jail. Fuck being pretty" jasmine said.

"You both didn't let me finish!" Slamming my hands on the table. I knew this would be a bad idea.

"Dios mío eres tan estúpido !. Jesús toma la maldita rued" Cyn quickly said with her hands flying around.

Jasmine nodded and laughed.

"What did she say?" I asked jasmine.

"She said how stupid you are! And Jesus needs to come take the wheel" she started laughing again.

At this moment I wanted to kill JR for coming up with this ridiculous idea. I told him this wouldn't work.

"Are we done here?" Jasmine asked.

"No we aren't done here. I need you girls to apologize but make it as a sincere as you can" pleading with them both.

Cyn turned to jasmine "Prima we going to jail".

Face palming myself. This right here is going to give me a headache. "You wouldn't have to go jail if you just do what I'm asking you to do!".

"I don't even know why you asked. Did you really think we would just jump up and agree and go right down to your office and kiss this women's feet?" Cyn asked.

"No! Listen I'm not saying you have to mean the apology but try to make it as real as you can".

"No" they both said in unison.

"Cyn didn't I help you with jasmine and JR?. At least you can do is help me" trying reverse psychology.

"You helped to an extent and I did the majority of the work. So don't even go there!".

Damn. This must be karma for all the wrong doings I did on my other wife.

"I'll pay you both $500 to say your sorry" I had no other choice.

"Make it $1,000 And we have a deal" jasmine said.

"$500 And That's my final offer" cannot believe jasmine is trying to negotiate with me.

"No is my final answer and I'm done" Cyn said. She got up and walked out the room. Jasmine shook her head with a smile.


"Did JR really think it would be so simple for me to say hey I'm sorry for threatening you but I meant what I said to that women?".

I nodded "I told him it was a bad idea".

"I'm going home to beat him up for this one. Usually he has good ideas but this one... no!. And you should know better that Cyn wouldn't agree with this".

I hate the fact she's right. Knowing how Cyn is I should've just told JR to do this on his own.

"True... Damn now I have to find another way to get this woman to drop the charges".

"Well as you go back to the drawing board I'm going home to your child and my children who are probably driving JR crazy but he deserves it" jasmine said with a smile.

"I'll come pick up Cameron in an hour. I have to make it out to Cyn cause I know she'll be mad for a while".

Jasmine nodded "I understand" she walked out my den leaving me there alone. JR will have to do this because I tried.

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