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** I️ must say I️ didn't think I️ would've written so many chapters... but the ideas keep coming so I️ keep writing**


Let me tell you I️ was enjoying being back home. I️ somewhat missed this. Grandmas house was filled with memories of our childhood but I️ had to go visit my dad. Which I know this will be some visit.

"Prima do me a huge favor?" I️ asked.

"What?" She turned to look at me.

"Come with me to see my dad. I️ don't want to go alone" I️ said.

"Oh man I️ don't want to go. Anytime I️ go there he has to say something about me". She's right he has this thing with jasmine that he thinks she should've had kids with someone of her own kind.

"Please?!. If you do this whatever you need I'll help" I️ pouted. She rolled her eyes "fine, Fine. When do we leave?".

"We can go now" happy as ever I️ went to get Cameron dressed and told the girls to get dressed and help their brother.

Once we were done we left the house. "Where are we going now?" Julissa questioned.

"Little girl I️ already told you to mind your business and have fun" jasmine scolded her.

Julissa didn't say anything else she just moped along to my dads house. Even though my dad's house is walking distance I️ was nervous as hell. I️ haven't seen him since I️ left.

Looking up at the apartment door I️ was nervous. Shaking a bit before pressing the doorbell. A tall dark man came to the door "Quien es?". (Who is it?)

"Cyn Papi!" I️ yelled. I️ heard the many locks unlock he opened the door "Mira Quien es!" He smiled. (Look Who it is!)

"Yeah it's me. Long time no see. You don't even call me to check up on me" I️ said walking inside. Jasmine smiled and walked in behind me. He shook his head when he saw the children.

"Cual es mi nieto?" He asked pointing at the children. (Where is my grandson?)

"Cameron is right there he's mine" I️ said. He looked at jasmine and the other kids. "Aye jasmine how many kids?".

"Three.. just three.. only three" she said. He nodded "Uh Huh".

"How have you been Papi since you don't call nobody" he glanced at me before sitting down. "You tied up with that gringo you can't call me?".

"I️ thought you was mad at me. You had a few choice words for me the last time".

"Si, because that gringo I️ had to make sure he wasn't trying to be with you because you was different. You're a person not an experiment".

"Trust me when I️ say he loves me" he sucked his teeth. Looking around he asked "where is he?".

"We had an issue with him and her boo not understanding people racially disrespecting us so we left to teach them a lesson".

"Stupido!. Do you think they will ever understand? No they won't. White people think they are invisible and entitled to everything. They don't know about survival".

"I️ know... but I️ figured if we do this maybe it might make them open their eyes".

"No it won't do anything. They find you and tell you both what you want to hear. And then you go back with them. Jasmine didn't I️ tell you this the first time when you left your gringo. I️ told you you will always have problems because he chooses not to understand you".

Jasmine nodded "you did tell me that. How true that came to be. Craziness".

"And you gave him another baby. He has you trapped now".

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