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Landon POV

Lately Cyn has been very not like herself. She's been very quiet and not talking to me much. All she does is give me this look anytime I'm around her. She was acting strange but for no reason.

Yes, my business is busy at the moment. I don't understand why she can't get that. I'm not cheating at all I love Cyn with everything.

"What was that with Cyn coming in here going crazy?" jR asked as he walked into my office.

"Listen she's crazy. She thinks I'm cheating on her with my personal assistant". JR couldn't stop laughing at the accusations. "It's not even funny".

"It is though. She almost went off until it was silent and she walked out smiling. Don't have to tell me I know what you both did".

"I had to shut her up. That was the only way" Landon smiled.

Just as we were about to talk some more my personal assistant walked in. "Yes?".

"Just reminding you that you have a meeting in 20 mins" she said. I nodded "thank you". She smiled and walked out of my office.

"So that's the woman Cyn is going crazy over?" jR asked.

I nodded "Yup. She's the reason why Cyn hasn't spoken to me in weeks".

"I don't really see why... but I guess women are different than men. But I guess just give her some extra attention and she'll be fine".

"That's what you think. She's more work than you think". Cyn was stressing me out and she didn't even know it.

"Well good luck man. Jasmine is the same way. But I tamed that ass" JR said.

Shaking my head and smiling "too much information".



Sitting outside of jasmines house. Nevermind it's 12am. I told her to be outside and she's not out here. The hell is she doing?. Honking the horn like a mad woman. She comes out hushing me as she runs to the car.

"Bitch? Are you trying to get me caught sneaking out the house?!".

"You was taking too long. I said be outside and instead you was in the house".

"It was hard enough sneaking out when you have kids who won't leave you alone" jasmine checked herself in the mirror.

"Why aren't the kids in bed?" I asked.

"Because my kids are spoiled due to their father letting them do whatever they want".

"They need a belt. Just like how we were raised. Fear of the belt".

"Do you have a plan on how we are going to do this?" Jasmine asked.

"Nope we just go with the flow". Jasmine shook her head "that'll lead us to get caught and god forbid JR finds out I'm helping you I'll be on house arrest for the next three years".

"Relax Prima. We good trust me when I say we won't get caught". Jasmine just glanced at me as if she didn't believe me. Pulling up to the office building I immediately spot Landon's car. "Good he's still here".

"Shit he better be. I didn't sneak out of my house for nothing" Jasmine sneered.

"Come on let's go" we both got out the car and discreetly made our way inside. We decided to take the stairs so that way no one would know that someone was coming on the elevator.

"Damn Cyn. You just skipping up these stairs. I need a break" jasmine took a seat on the stairs and tried to catch her breath.

"No time for resting come on. You shouldn't be tired.
You have three kids you run after".

"Exactly so that makes me extra lazy" she got up and continued going up the stairs. Reaching Landon's floor we slowly went to hide behind the secretary's desk which was right across from his office which was open. We could hear the conversation going on inside.

"Shh... let's Listen first" Jasmine suggested. We sat there just eavesdropping.

"Landon can I ask you something?" The personal assistant asked. "Sure go ahead".

"Who was that woman who came here going crazy?" She asked.

"That's my fiancé. The mother of my child". Nothing was said for a good five minutes. "Wow".

"Wow what?" Landon asked.

"Well no offense but I didn't see you as the type of guy who go after black women. I thought you would go after your own kind".

Jasmine was holding me down. Because I sure would've bust through those doors and gave her a tongue lashing in English and Spanish.

"I don't necessarily have a preference. But when I met her the first time I was hooked. She memorized me".

Melting in the hide out spot. Jasmine had to fan me down.

"That's so sweet Landon. She better be grateful to have someone like you. Any girl would love to have someone who's so caring and sweet".

Landon didn't respond. He was quiet. As if he was thinking of something.

"Landon?" The personal assistant said.

"Yes?" He looked up to only see she took a seat on the corner of his desk. Letting her skirt ride up. Jasmine and I both were watching this.

"If he touches her I'm killing him here!" Getting into position.

"What are you doing?" Landon asked her.

"Testing the waters, silly! You can't tell me you didn't realize I like you" she crossed her legs making the skirt ride all the way up her thigh. "Let me bring you back on the white side".

Landon shook his head. "You need to leave, now". Rejected she got up making her way out the door. Landon made sure she left walking behind her. She stopped mid way and turned around "too bad we couldn't experiment. You look like a good time" she ran her finger up and down his chest. Landon didn't seem tempted at all. "Leave" is all he got out. She huffed and walked out. He closed his office door and went back to work.

The assistant was mumbling to herself as she got her things. I got out of jasmines grasp and ran toward this hoe.

"So you think it's funny to try and take my man?" I stood close to her... fuck personal space.

"What? Excuse me?" She seemed startled.

"You heard me you hoe. I knew you wanted my man. I could see the hoeness radiating off of you".

"You're crazy. I don't see what Landon sees in you" she smirked.

Jasmine walked up to us and smiled "how does it feel?".

"Excuse me? Do I know you?" The assistant asked.

"Nope and you won't know me either. Unless you try to take my husband then well you'll get to know my fist".

"You two are hood bitches. Now get out of my damn way and stop wasting my time".

"Oh shit Jasmine I'm confused...  she's the hoe here and then she has the nerve to call us hood bitches".

"Cause you both are. Hood rat bitches" she repeated herself again. Cyn turned to jasmine and turned back to the young lady and punched her dead in the face. That hit caused the young lady to fall backwards.

"Fuck with my man again or anybody's man I will come for you again. Or if I find out you do some dumb shit I will find you. I don't like you! I never did something about you rubbed me the wrong way".

Jasmine laughed "and if I find out you even made a pass at my husband I'm just going to kill you. Once a hoe always a hoe".

Trying to leave the scene we quickly ran out the door but bumped into a hard chest. The bump brought me and jasmine to the ground once we looked up we realized we fucked up....

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