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Usually in the mornings before I get up to get ready for work I like to watch Cyn sleep. No I'm not creepy. But I think she looks so beautiful and I can't believe she's mine. After all the hard work of trying to catch her I finally did. Definitely different from what I'm used to and I like different.

"Why are you staring at me?" She asked.

"Because I'm amazed I'm with such a beautiful woman" she blushed and hurried her face into my chest. "Stop! You're making me all pink and you can't see it".

"Especially that dark skin..." I ran my hand along her arm going down to her stomach "I love how smooth your skin feels".

"It's called moisturizer" she joked. Pushing her hair out of her face and just watching her facial features. "What?!".

"Nothing I'm just lucky to have you and Cameron" placing a kiss on her forehead and holding her hand.

"Aww que Lindo" She screeched playfully. Getting up out the bed and going into the bathroom. I heard her footsteps going to Cameron's room. After a long shower I got dressed and went downstairs to see Cyn dancing to this song again. I think it's called supermodel. Every time she cooks I always get a show to go with it.

Cameron was sitting in his booster seat just laughing at his mom. "Mommy is crazy" I whispered to him. He giggled and went into eating his breakfast. As she fixed me a plate my phone rings.


"Landon you need to get down to the office you have a meeting in about 30 mins" my personal assistant reminded me.

"Oh damn. Okay I'll be there and thank you" looking up at Cyn who was watching me.

"You're welcome and I have your coffee ready as well" she said happily.

"Okay thank you again" I ended the call.

"Again? She always calls you when you should be here eating with us" Cyn pouted.

"Please don't start this" I warned.

"I'm just saying. Sometimes it'll be nice for you to say oh no postpone it for another time. So you could be here eating with us". She was mad at the point she was slamming things. I got up and made my way out the house.


Sitting here alone as usual. I hated eating by myself. Cameron was already asleep. And I'm here eating dinner on my own once again. My thoughts were starting to create stories in my head on why I'm here alone eating.

Checking the time on my phone to see it's 8 and he's still not home. Searching for jasmines number I pressed it and waited for her to answer.

"Hello?. You both need to go to sleep and stop playing!" She yelled.

"This is why I only have one" I joked.

"For now... what's up?". That's one thing I'm happy is that I have jasmine so close. I can't imagine being here with no family. Especially since I'm home along a lot now.

"Is JR home yet?" I asked.

"Girl he's been home. But he's sleep now, why?" She asked.

"Just asking" I lied.

"Oh so Landon isn't home yet and you thought you was going to be slick".

"Well shit... he's not home... wait he's never home anymore and I'm tired of hearing he's busy when JR is home already".

"He probably is busy, Cyn. Just relax".

"Busy under his personal assistant. I know that hoe is trying to get to him. My instincts don't lie. I swear to god if he's cheating I will murder him and her and bury them in the backyard. I'll have my own version of pet cemetery".

Jasmine laughed "girl you're crazy. I think you need air".

"I'm dead ass serious. There's no reason at all for him to be cheating. We sex it up about five times a week or more. And I do everything for him. So there's no need for it".

"Didn't need to know your sex sexual. But I say your just thinking too much into this".

"Jasmine did you not forget the type of male Landon was when I first met him and he was married".

"Cyn, I know what you're trying to say. But trust me I don't think he's cheating. Just chill..."

"Maybe your right. But thanks for talking to me" I smiled into the phone.

"No problem. Now let me get these troublemakers to sleep before they wake up the other two" she hung up the phone.

Hmm... maybe jasmine was right. I'm reading too much into this. Maybe I'll surprise him with lunch at work tomorrow and have jasmine watch Cameron for me.

Looking over to the time and it was already 9:30. No point of staying up when he won't be home no time soon. Turning off all the lights I made my way upstairs and got into bed.

I'm going to try and go to sleep but I highly doubt I'll be able to.

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