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Landon POV

This office is buzzing with what happened to my ex personal secretary. Last thing I️ needed going around the office. Maybe I️ should ban Cyn from coming over here she seems to stir up trouble every time.

"Sorry to interrupt but this just came for you" My PA handed me a Manila envelope.

Why did I️ have the sense I️ knew what this was. Opening it I️ see it's a lawsuit for assault and battery on the grounds of racial profiling. She can't be serious?. Rubbing my temple of the stress Cyn has
just caused me.

JR walked into my office looking stressed out as well. "I️ see you know what she mailed us".

He nodded "Yeah now she's suing both of us because of those two and on top of that jasmine and I️ are having issues".

"What kind of issues?" I️ asked.

"She's claiming how privileged I️ am because I️ don't understand why she laid her hands on your ex PA".

"Did she tell you what happen?" He nodded "she basically just belittled jasmine. She figured since jasmine is from where she is that she's hood and that she doesn't get how we are attracted to them since they aren't in our league. Referring to money".

"She said all this?. She's the one who was racially wrong. I️ feel bad for jasmine. No one should ever treat someone like that".

"Maybe I️ choose not to understand or maybe I️ just don't care. But what's done is done and now she's suing us".

"You better understand or I️ can promise you jasmine won't stick around. Remember all three of your kids are not white skinned". JR just looked at me and didn't say anything else.


Later on the evening I️ went on home and saw Cyn on the couch just changing the channels. "Hey baby" she smiled at me and walked over to me.

"So Listen before you react" she said. I️ hope she didn't do anything crazy today. "Jasmine and I️ came up with a wonderful idea. We wanted to bring you guys along with us when we go back to the Bronx. We want to show you guys where we grew. Maybe it'll help you both to understand us a little better".

"The Bronx?. I️ don't know" Not for nothing I️ really wasn't interested in going with them.

"Oh come on, I️ went with you to meet your family. Don't you want to meet my papa?".

"Cyn no offense but your dad wants to kill me for taking you away from him. So I️ rather not".

"So you are going to let me take Cameron and go alone to New York because your too much of a pussy to come with me?. You know I️ told jasmine JR would be more of a hassle to get to go. But I️ see you two are the same" she walked away from me upset.

"Cyn come on please don't do this. Why do we have to go back there? I️ get you. I️ know you. And I️ love you. I️ don't need to go to where your from to get that".

I️ heard sniffles and knew I️ fucked up. Walking over to her as she laid on the bed with her back to me. "Please don't cry. I️ didn't mean to upset you. I️ just feel it'll be a waste to go all the way to New York just for you to show me where you lived or where you played which is probably in the same vicinity".

She turned around "what are you trying to say I️ didn't go to the park and play? That because I'm from where I️ from I️ could only play in the street?!".

"No that's not what I️ was saying at all. I️ don't know where you played. I️ don't really know much of low income neighborhoods".

"Landon please leave me alone. I'm trying to help you understand and you have no interest. But don't you dare come to me and want me to accompany you anywhere. I'm not going. I️ don't understand the rich world of white men".

Mentally rolling my eyes cause she is overreacting. There's nothing I️ could say right now that could fix this.

"Actually I️ find it funny you didn't hesitate to come to my house in New York after your wife left you. But you have a problem going now. Hmm.. I️ wonder why? Probably because you trapped me and gave me no other option but to move in with you".

"Let's not do this!. Please can we not do this!" I️ said. Tonight wasn't the night I wanted to discuss the past. I️ have other things I️ have to worry about.

"Whatever Landon! Just leave me alone" she yelled.

"Cyn you know what thanks to you and jasmine this woman is suing both me and JR. So right now I'm not looking into going to New York. I'm more focusing on trying to settle with this idiot!" I️ yelled back.

"If she wasn't so thirsty for you or so hateful against my skin color she would've gotten maybe an apology. You both would never get it! That's the problem".

"No the problem is maybe You two need just see that you were wrong in this situation to begin with and should've just apologized earlier".

"You know what Landon. Maybe she was right. Maybe it'll be better if you go with your own kind so that way you won't have problems you can't handle" she turned back around and got quiet.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I️ asked. She didn't say anything back. "Cyn?". Again nothing. I️ sighed and walked out the room. This was too much bullshit for one day.

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