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Landon POV

Maybe I was a little insensitive to Cyn about going to New York. I️ feel guilty for even making my wife cry. All these years I've known Cyn I've never seen her cry until a couple nights ago. I️ never want to do that again. Before coming home I picked up a bouquet of roses just to apologize for everything. Like they say family first.

Walking inside it seemed a little too quiet for this time of night. Glancing at my watch I️ see it 9:15. Hmm.. maybe she's upstairs. Slowly walking up the steps I️ see all the lights are off. Maybe she's asleep?... being as quiet as I️ can walking into our bedroom. She wasn't here... where the hell is she?.

Quickly taking out my phone and pressing her name

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Quickly taking out my phone and pressing her name. But nothing rang instead it said the phone was no longer in service. Fuck??!!!!. Walking fast to go to JR house cause I'm starting to panic.

"She left me!" I️ yelled while I️ walked into JR's home. "She left me with Cameron!".

"She didn't leave you She's probably out with jasmine, relax" JR reassured me.

"No She left me. Her phone is off she's must've changed her number. I️ don't know what to do" I️ paced up and down trying to think.

"Landon I need you to calm down, Okay. Let me call jasmine and see what's going on" I️ nodded and watched JR call jasmine but his facial expression didn't help. "So?".

"Her phone is off as well. Oh my god she left me again. With all three of our kids" JR grabbed his hair and paced around like I️ did before.

"I️ can't believe Cyn left me. She is my everything. I️ can't go on without her and Cameron".
Calling her again but again her phone was off. Come Cyn why did you leave?.

JR sat next to me with a stuck look on his face. I️ guess he couldn't believe that jasmine left him, again.

"They have to be together

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"They have to be together. I️ don't see Cyn leaving alone. Her and jasmine are together. But where?".

JR looked at me and smiled "I️ think they went back to New York. Where else would they go?".

"Oh man now we have to go to New York. Not that I️ don't have many things to do at the moment" I️ said.

"Well Landon either you want Cyn and Cameron back or would you rather be alone so you can focus on the lawsuit?". Damn he's right.

"I️ want my family back. Dammit I️ guess we are going to New York tonight. And how will we find them once we get there?"I️ asked JR since he seems to be the one with the bright ideas.

"That I haven't gotten to yet. But once we get to New York we can go to where Cyn used to live and check it there first. Other than that I️ don't know. Maybe if we paid attention to them this wouldn't have happened".

"No kidding. I️ blame myself for all of this. If I️ just tackled my ex PA when she hit on me the first time this wouldn't even happening".

"I just hope we find them before someone else does. I️ don't need no other guy looking or touching what's mine. And jasmine is easy to talk to".

"Don't even scare me. Last thing I️ need to do is beat up another guy who comes onto my wife. She's mine".

If it was up to me I️ would've booked a flight tonight and been in New York hours ago. And looking for my wife and child. Cyn is smart when it comes to surviving so I️ know she's in good hands. Dammit she couldn't have done this another way.

"Landon you need to stop over thinking before you go crazy" JR said.

"You seem to calm about this, why?" I️ asked.

"Because well jasmine did this before but this time I️ feel like they're are trying to teach us a lesson. So I️ know they're together so I'm not as worried as I️ would be otherwise".

He was right about that. Whenever I️ find Cyn she's in big trouble. She won't be able to walk for weeks after I️ punish her.

"You know what let's not waist time. I️ would Wait until tomorrow to go to New York but just the thought of seeing someone even try and make a move on my wife is making me furious. So go home and pack and meet me back here in 20 mins". I️ nodded and raced back home just grabbing anything to put into a duffel bag. Maybe I️ should bring my hat. Isn't that was most New Yorkers wear?. I'm trying to fit in so I'm not on a robbers target list. No suits just tees and jeans.

On the plane all I was thinking was my wife and my son. I️ missed them. I️ guess it's true you don't know what you got until it's gone. Hopefully we can find them quickly and bring them back home without any trouble. Yeah right, knowing these two it's going to be a long ways home.

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