[18] Roses

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Anne's P.O.V

Derrick was driving continuously, he stopped the nearby a motel, he did the check-in process, my palms were sweaty and adrenaline was pumping through my blood. 

As soon as we entered the room, Derrick pulled me into a tight hug, the warmth of his body trying to decrease my stress level.

"Roses, roses" the voice whispers in my ear startling me out from Derricks embrace.

"Red roses,"

 "Now turning into black ones."

"She is here," I say to Derrick.

"Oh my god! she followed us," I said covering my mouth with my hands trying to gulp down the fact, that there was no way it was going to leave me alone.

"Anne, calm down," Derrick says trying to soothe me, but it was of no use.

"We need to leave from here... please take me away from here," I said as my hands started to pain, something irritates my hand only to look at long scar appearing as the blood started to flow.

The panic strikes me, as I start to lose my calm and the black dots appears in front of me.

Derrick's P.O.V

It was morning already,  we were in the motel which was far away from Lakewood. 

Anne was asleep after her trauma last night, I wanted to take her away from these. What was increasing my guilt was that I was knowing about the story of the house, but still I wasn't able to tell Anne about it.

I could hear the tickling of the clock, the time passing by seconds, minutes and hours I was continuously looking at it when I hear Anne's shriek, it was haunting her in her sleep.

I tried to wake Anne up when she suddenly pushed me away running outside the room, everything happened so fast that it took time for me to get it registered inside my head.

I run outside the room unable to find Anne, I quickly march outside the corridors to find the empty hallways.


"This was bad, I lost her" 

I hear a chuckle making me stop in my tracks, looking around me to find no one.

"Anne?" I hear the chuckle once again these time it was more clear and was coming above me.

I turn my head up to look at the terrifying side of Anne creepily crawling above the ceiling. Her neck twisting in circles as another chuckle escapes her mouth.

It was no more Anne, but the girl who sacrificed her life for evil powers

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It was no more Anne, but the girl who sacrificed her life for evil powers.

"Leave her," I shouted though knowing it was not going to be of any help.

I heard breaking of glass and a loud gasp, it was the cleaner looking at Anne in shock.

 Anne pounced on him making him fall on his back and before he could scream she covered his mouth with her hands, her mouth pouncing on his neck as she bites on his flesh, covering her mouth in blood as she turns to look towards me.

The cleaner was whimpering in pain, crying softly as if pleading towards Anne to show some mercy but she just twisted his neck killing him.

I wanted to save Anne but run away from the ghost haunting her. Before she could try to kill me I was going to run from the other side of the corridors.

"Derrick, help me," I heard Anne crying my name out making me still.

She was looking at the dead body and her blood covered hands, studying what sin she just did.

"It was not you," I said trying to make her understand, that it was not her fault.

"I killed him," a sob escapes from her.

"No, you didn't, she killed him," I said going closer to her.

"Make this stop, Please!" she was begging me making my heart break looking at her state.

It was impossible for her to go back to her normal self. I made her stand up taking her back to the room. We couldn't exit the hotel until someones see the cleaner, we were lucky that the place was not having the cameras around the corridors.

I packed our stuff, Anne had cleaned herself, she was quiet starring in an empty space.


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