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Dolly by xXSnowy327Xx
Dollyby xXSnowy327Xx
BxMxM Papa and Daddy are looking for the perfect guy or girl to be there Dolly. Dolly's job is to just get dressed up and look cute just like a doll that Dolly is. Dolly...
  • kidnapped
  • ethan
  • daddy
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The Dollmaker's Son | lrh ✔️ by loudluke
The Dollmaker's Son | lrh ✔️by ✧m
The dollmaker's son is a little weird. But I guess you would be too, if you had stitches where your mouth's supposed to be. ✖️ kinda dark!luke {lophie short story} ©loud...
  • 5sos
  • creepy
  • 5sosfanfic
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His Little Dolls by hislittledolls
His Little Dollsby hislittledolls
Jenna Halls is what you would call the schools nerd. She was just a normal girl, never really happy with herself and never ever finding a guy. That is until a guy finds...
  • torture
  • dolls
  • kidnapped
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Perfect by chanceisawriter
Perfectby Northcoast
Chloe Provan wakes up in a white padded room with no memory as of to how she's arrived here. Chains bind her to the wall, and from the looks of it, there's no way out. S...
  • woman
  • kidnapped
  • wattpadbooksarerealbookstoo
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Charlotte Is Cold  by felonizedalso
Charlotte Is Cold by felonizedalso
"The mother to her daughter said, 'These blankets round you fold; For it is a dreadful night, you know, You'll catch your death of cold.' 'Oh, no! Oh, no!' the darl...
  • dolls
  • paranormal
  • frozencharlotte
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INSIDE by Creep1R2
INSIDEby Narezza
A girl called Venom goes exploring in doll island, and returns, bringing back something evil.......
  • readplease
  • thriller
  • evil
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A Collection of Home Made Poems by obsessionistgalore
A Collection of Home Made Poemsby obsessionistgalore
It is exactly what it says on the tin. A collection of poems that I have written.
  • sad
  • love
  • hate
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The Present by larryfstylinson4life
The Presentby larryfstylinson4life
Nya was a fat(yes I know my descriptions are either dark,creepy,sad,mean,or fucked up that is just how my mind works and my life isn't all rainbows and butterfly's and n...
  • dolls
  • one
  • bullying
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The doll by PrincePoppiesPolska
The dollby Klaudiusz W.
another creepypasta of mine. hope u enjoy and it would help if you give me any ideas on how to improve or progress the story.
  • creepy
  • shortstory
  • dolls
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The Buyer's Guide to MLP Toys by clicheclick
The Buyer's Guide to MLP Toysby Memes and Fanfics
Just a random guide to the MLP merch that is available. This will be updated every time something new comes out.
  • pony
  • little
  • toys
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The Story Of Us by WrinisterMarty
The Story Of Usby WrinisterMarty
I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us. ~ Taylor Swift Long time ago, dolls and humans lived in harmony together. Dolls happily served humans bec...
  • fantasy
  • nvlstsjuneawards
  • sytycw15
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The Dollhouse by dsdaras
The Dollhouseby Dara Schweitzer
Life in the dollhouse is simple. Stay in place and do what the doll keeper asks. But one girl stuck In the perfect world wants out. But the keeper will do anything to ke...
  • fairytale
  • friendship
  • magic
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Catch me if you can by x_DeAdInSiDe_x
Catch me if you canby Chloe
*** still thinking of a description***
  • peculiar
  • action
  • teen
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Randomness!! by kflash1516
Randomness!!by Robintheacrobat
  • mlp
  • everafterhigh
  • youngjustice
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The Doll by TheseAreWords
The Dollby J. Addison Lutz
In 1912, Alice decided to explore her attic on a cold winter's eve. She loved the things kept upstairs, the old clothes and boxed photographs and memories from the past...
  • horror
  • poem
  • drama
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The doll by PixelatedToxicWaste
The dollby Ęÿęłęšš Jęñ
I had gotten a package in the mail around midnight one day. I never really cared about it until one day I opened the box and discovered that there was more than just a d...
  • ghosts
  • paranormal
  • horror
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My doll,foxy by chicacutiepizza
My doll,foxyby chicacutiepizza
It was a little calm evening in my room until foxy my doll moved. It was scary his hook pointed at me! He was a banged up doll so yheh that's that. The next day he was...
  • yush
  • dolls
  • foxy
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