Chapter 12: Untitled

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-Alesana's POV-

~6 months later~

"ALAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Oliver shouted, running into my room. Oh, Oliver has his own place now and I still live with Matt. "Yes Oliver?" I asked him. "Let's go do something." He said cutely. I looked at him as he flopped himself onto my bed. "What would you like to do Oliver?" I asked. "Hmmm...well...I have a week before I go on tour... OH! Let's go to the park!" Oliver said excitedly. " do realize that it's freezing tits outside...right?" I told him. He looked at the ceiling and thought for a moment. "Uhhh...wanna lay in bed and do nothing?" He asked.

"We have to do something...." I mumbled. "We can watch movies and cuddle..." Oliver started to poke my thigh. "But..." I said quietly. "You wanna go play in the snow....don't you...." Oliver questioned. I looked at him with a big smile on my face. "Maybe.." I said sheepishly. "Get your little fine ass into some warm clothes then I'll take you to my place and we can play in the snow." He chuckled. "YAYYY!!!" I shouted, hopping from my bed and running to my closet. I through on a pair of warm pants then an Underarmour long sleeve shirt, a Bring Me The Horizon crew neck, then I grabbed my fluffy jacket. "Okayyyy!" I hollered.

"How do you change so fast?" Oliver asked as he turned back around, wrapping his arms around my waist. "I'm special." I told him, kissing his nose. "Very special." He laughed.

"OFFENSE TAKEN!!!" I shouted, smacking his chest. "What?" Oliver asked sweetly. I shrunk down a bit. "Don't do that voice. It's hard to stay mad when you do that voice. It also makes me melt inside..." I told him. Oliver chuckled at me and picked me up walking over to my desk. Oliver sat me down and caressed my cheeks, kissing me softly. "Well then I'll just have to do that voice more often." Oliver said once he pulled away, resting his forehead on mine.

"No." I said, kissing him again, but shortly pulling away afterwards. "Now, get your scrawny ass in your coat while I put on boots so we can go play in the snow!" I said excitedly. Oliver let a lose smile form on his face as he helped me off my desk then put his coat on. I walked back over to my drawers and pulled out two pairs of socks slipping them on my feet then walking to my closet and grabbing my Misfits boots.

"Are you ready now?" Oliver asked. I nodded. We began to walk out of my home, "WAIT! OLIVER! Can I stay at your house tonight???" I asked. Oliver nodded. "K, I'll be right back..I gotta grab my clothes and a couple of other things." I ran into my room and grabbed one of my overnight bags then filled it with pjs and clothes for tomorrow along with toiletries and my sketchbook/pencils. Hehe. I walked back to Oliver and we walked down the stairs of the apartment complex and to his home.

"SO. MUCH. FUCKING. SNOW!" I shouted once I stepped out of the car. "TOOK. FOREVER. TO. GET. HERE!" Oliver shouted. I looked back at him and hugged him. "But heyyy it was worth ittttt!!!" I said, kissing his nose. Oliver smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist. "C'mon lets go put your things inside then we'll come back out and build a snowman or something." He chuckled.

"YAYY!!!" We went inside and we put my stuff in his room then walked back outside to play in the snow.

"Oliver!! Come hereeee!!!!" I shouted to him as I pulled my phone out. Oliver came over and I put snow in his hair. "Take a picture with me?" I asked and he nodded. I pulled up my camera and as soon as I was about to take the picture, Oliver turned my head and kissed me while more snow fluttered into our hair. I blushed deeply and pulled my phone closer to my body as I got lost into the kiss.

After a few minutes, Oliver pulled away and smiled. I smiled also as he leaned his forehead against mine. "I love you, Ala." Oliver said. "I love you too, Oliver." Oliver and I stayed together on the snow covered ground for a while, sharing kisses and taking pictures. ass felt like it was about to fall off.

"OLIIIII!!!! My bum is cold...and....I'm cold....and love meeee!!!" I said as he threw a snowball at me from across the yard. He walked over to me and picked me up, carrying me inside. "Let's get warm then. I'm cold too." Oliver kissed my cold, red nose and brought me to his room. "Here you go love." He said and sat me on the bed. "I'll be back, I'm gonna go grab something to drink. I'm just gonna guess that you want hot chocolate...sooo..." Oliver said as he walked out of the bedroom. I shook my head at him then walked to his closet grabbing one of his sweat shirts, then grabbing a pair of his boxers from his drawers.

His clothes are my favorite....

Oliver came back into his room and looked me up and down. "Every time." He chuckled as he sat the mugs on the side table and walked over to me. "Every time what?" I asked cutely. "Always in my clothes." He said softly, pressing his lips onto mine. "Just like from the start." I said quietly. "From the start." He picked me up once again and sat me on the bed, climbing in next to me. "Here." Oliver said, handing me my mug. I took a sip then sat it back down, cuddling into Oliver.

We watched a couple of movies and soon Oliver had fallen asleep. I wanna draw. I got out of Oliver's grip and grabbed my phone then my sketch book, making my way over to the seat that's in his window??? You guys understand what I mean by that right??? I dunno what that shit is called. Anyway.

I pulled up the first picture that Oliver and I took together in the snow today-the one where the sneaky bastard decided to randomly kiss me-and began to sketch it out.

Soon I had the sketch of our bodies then started filling in the details. Next, I drew the background and all of the snow that was falling down. After I was finished I took a look at the drawing and was truly amazed. To color...or not to color...hmm...we'll do black and white color. I shaded in all the right places in all the right tones and brushed away all of the eraser shavings(is that the right word for it??)just as Oliver had awoken. He sat up and looked over at me then got up completely and walked over. "Alesana, why are you up at like...3am love?" He asked when he checked the time on my phone. "I'll show you in the morning, Oliver. Go back to bed. I'll be back in like two seconds." I told him as soon as I signed the picture. Oliver shook his head and grabbed my sketch book. "Is this a drawing or the actual picture???" He asked, now wide awake. "Drawing.." I said, looking up at him. "Holy fuck, Ala. Please. Do something with this god damn talent. But please...let me keep this." Oliver said, looking over the picture. I chuckled at him. "Of course. Now...I'm dying of sleep deprivation. Let's go back to bed." Oliver chuckled and sat my sketch book down then picked me up and carried my to bed, putting my phone back on charge.

"Goodnight, Alesana. I love you."

"I love you too, Oliver."

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